What Does a Deep Clean Mean?

deep cleaning service

Whilst many businesses settle for simple regular cleaning of their desktops & office space and believe this is enough, the option of a quarterly deep cleaning service is almost always offering a surprise to business owners who don’t know the ins and outs of it.

A regular clean keeps the premises looking sparkling, but deep cleaning gets under that surface to ensure that longer, gestating problems are not going to begin to play havoc with your workplace.

Starting Out With A Deep Cleaning Service

Ideally, when undertaking a new cleaning contract – the deep clean will be the first thing the cleaning contractor will undertake. Starting off this way makes deep cleaning something that is not a monthly operation and things will begin under control.

Instead, they can be conducted at certain intervals and ensure that those areas that don’t get a lot of attention are always under a competent cleaning routine. Once every 4 to 6 months is a regular type of deep clean schedule, although it can vary depending on how many people are occupying that space throughout that timeframe.

Positive Steps

First things first – it is a pretty big undertaking and requires the office space to be empty. As all of your furniture will be moved around to access small areas, no workforce will be able to competently do their job during this process.

However, there are ways for the staff to make themselves useful before the cleaning commences. They can clear out their desks of clutter and remove all items occupying the floor such as bags and folders and make sure they are put where they should be. This helps them to get rid of any built-up junk and paper around their desk ready for a fresh start.

They can also move their furniture into a more central spot in the office so that the cleaners can access the walls and the little corners that get overlooked on most occasions.

Giving a helping hand before the deep clean is undertaken can be something as simple as cleaning the office dishes and disposing of built-up cardboard boxes that can be put into a skip outside, or at least flat-packed ready to be disposed of.

You don’t want to display laziness to your cleaning contractor by leaving stains and spills unattended within the kitchen space, especially when it comes to washroom cleaning Stockport. A little consideration of cleaning away your messes and not leaving it to the cleaning company helps to make a positive relationship.


Once these areas are taken care of, the cleaning company Stockport can get to work on deep cleaning to create the very best environment for your staff and visitors. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for deep cleaning services.

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