Factory Cleaning to Meet Health and Safety Guidelines

Keeping your factory in a high level of cleanliness is vital – not only for health and safety reasons, but also for protecting the quality of the products that are handled daily.

With an average of 22 workers every year fatally affected by workplace incidents, a further 3,100 suffering forms of injury and 4,100 instances where incidents have kept workers away from work during the last few years, health and safety inspections have become more and more in volume to determine the cleanliness and safety precautions factories now have in place.

Failing to comply with guidelines puts employee health at risk and can severely damage the business financially, operational-wise and reputation-wise. Factories need to meet all health and safety requirements, many of which can be met with correct cleaning methods by a cleaning company Stockport.

Build Up

Dirt and grime will build up on floors and higher levels and begin to seriously impact the safety and productivity of the work being undertaken within your factory. An approach to deep and regular cleaning is what needs to be implemented to meet the inspection standards in this regard.

Whilst it is something you can specifically hire an employee to focus on, hiring a commercial cleaning Manchester company with experience in factory cleaning gains the full expected results – not just a simple clean.

Cleaning the finer details of your company should be part of a monthly cleaning ritual, depending on the products your factory handles and its associated mess. Regular cleaning will handle all of the daily health and safety concerns and meet hygiene requirements as part of a daily cleaning routine.

Sense of Calm

Working with a professional cleaning company ensures that, with the benefit of a dedicated schedule, it can be undertaken with the focus being non-disruption of your operations.

In-house cleaning is not a good use of time and adds considerable health and safety risks, whereas commercial cleaners conduct regular cleaning audits to ensure all standards are maintained. Commercial cleaners incorporate many high-level cleaning areas such as light fittings, factory walls and areas where dust and debris build-up and blow off to the lower areas and contaminate factory spaces

Due to the avengers of high-level cleaning, specially trained contractors must be employed to handle this higher-risk area away from your workforce hours. For this reason, using a qualified professional cleaning company Stockport makes much more sense.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to ensure your factory, warehouse or distribution centre meets all requirements for cleanliness and safety.

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