Flu-Proofing your Workplace

In all work environments, maintaining high levels of cleanliness is vital to keeping everything running smoothly. This is especially important during the cooling months leading to winter – known as the cold and flu season.

When it comes to your office environment, it usually only takes one person feeling iffy to begin the process of spreading microbes from person to person. One person’s flu suddenly becomes the office’s flu. Then your seasonal workload starts to suffer as your staff take time off to recuperate.

With productivity suffering as a result, there are steps to take to make sure that flu does not completely ransack your office with the changing season.

Let Your Sick Employees Hybrid Work if Possible

The best way to decrease productivity is by employing measures that became fully realised during the global pandemic – the working-from-home model.

This makes sure that the employee’s illness is contained within their homes and not a threat to your vital working spaces. Whilst these employees are recuperating at home, they can still handle their workload from their own space. Not having these sick employees able to infect other employees in tight working spaces is the best way to solve a problem before it starts.


A lot of the time an employee has been in the workplace before becoming fully sick. This means that some gestating germs may be present in their workspace and communal areas.

Disinfecting the shared areas daily is a simple way to start, with wiping down door handles, machinery and the kitchen being the prime areas. Naturally, most full-time staff members are never happy to undertake these tasks when they are employed to work on the company’s bottom line. No one likes being approached and they especially don’t like reminder notes that it is their turn to do a clean-up when it is evenly tasked out.

Hire Professional Cleaners

This leads to hiring a cleaning company Stockport to help prevent the spread of flu, keep your office clean and hygienic and not disrupt the workforce from their task for the company.

In truth, when it comes to cleaning the workplace, no one will do it better than a professional commercial cleaning Manchester company. This team cleans areas that get overlooked every day and minimises the risk of a single staff member starting an entire office epidemic of flu. Either at the end of every shift or over a weekend, a cleaning company can use every type of specialist cleaning chemical to make sure your premises are fully protected from germs, bacteria and microbes.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for office cleaning Manchester that won’t make you suffer from the seasonal flu.

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