Why Would I Need Office Window Cleaners When it is Raining?

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As we begin to depart the English summertime and head into the Autumn season, no doubt you will look outside your office window and see rain by the bucket load. The common phrase this time is “Oh well, keeps the windows clean, I guess.”

Wrong Thinking

It is here where the money-conscious business owner may think they can spare the expense of the regular window cleaning aspect of their commercial cleaning Manchester contract. Besides, what office window cleaner would work in such conditions anyway, right?

Wrong! Window cleaners in Stockport are no strangers to adverse weather conditions. If they were not, what use would there be for window cleaning services in the northwest? These professionals work through most weather conditions and are no strangers to unpredictable weather patterns,

What you have to consider is that rain does not clean your windows – it just hits against the existing dirt that is on them. This leaves streaks and smudges that can make your windows look worse – especially if the next day brings sunshine.


Windows are designed to use rainwater and natural sunlight to remove dirt and debris that builds up, but other factors affecting your windows include pollen, bacteria and bird droppings that require specialist cleaning to fully eradicate – not trickle around with scattered showers.

Relying on simple rainfall to eliminate these areas is ineffectual. It will just seem like the window is clean to some degree but will make the dirt look worse in reality.

When the windows are free from any external dirt following a professional cleaning, the rainfall will provide a much cleaner presence on your window, leaving no streaks or outlines. If you avoid having your windows cleaned in wet weather conditions, water stains can build up in the long term and take even more effort to remove.

It is important that your window cleaning is kept in regular cycles so that your windows can be preserved and you reap the maximum benefits and access to daylight that your staff requires.


A few droplets of rain on the horizon or a week weather view forecasting nothing but heavy rainfall is nothing to cancel your office window cleaner over. There is only one true way to keep the glass looking sparklingly clear and that is with the help of window cleaners in Stockport who do not fear the weather, no matter its condition.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for all-year-round cleaning services.

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