Questions You Need to Ask of Commercial Cleaning Specialists

commercial cleaning specialists

When talking with commercial cleaning specialists for a contract for your office environment, there are some additional things you should be asking to be sure they are the right fit for your business.

Knowing their expertise and availability is one thing, but underlying factors need answers to ensure the quality of service stays consistent and you are not left with gaps.

Customer Reviews

In the online age, good word of mouth can come from a variety of sources. Online reviews display whether you are good to work with or show a red flag. It is therefore worth looking at the customer reviews on search results and even looking at the client testimonials on their website.

Online reviews such as Google and Yelp can be a minefield, as absolutely anyone can post a critique – even if they have not used the company and just hold a personal grudge against a worker or the owner. Testimonials are a true telling voice as they come from the client who is satisfied to give a glowing report on their services.

Amount of Staff

Whilst it does not take a huge staff to run a reputable company, you do need to know that there is cover available whenever their staff goes on holiday or takes sick time.

The last thing you want is for your regularly scheduled cleaning regime disrupted by a shortage of workers on their end. Having enough cover for these occurrences is not your problem, but theirs – so it pays to ensure that they have this situation in hand whenever it should occur. Consistency is key when working in partnership on your washroom cleaning Stockport.

Staff Retention

As well as enquiring about their staff cover, it is important to ask what their staff retention levels are like.

The main reason is needing to ensure your schedule has the same workers who come to understand the specific needs of the routine. If it is always new faces every other month it may be a case of missing essential areas out of inexperience, and may also mean that the company has a hard time keeping hold of employees – or laying them off for reasons you don’t know about.

Knowing they have a stable and trusted workforce that handles the contracts and will be available for your business needs is worth asking about.

These small questions reveal big answers, but they are important things to know about your cleaning company Stockport. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today – commercial cleaning specialists.

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