How Often Should You Disinfect the Workplace?

disinfecting an office

It is safe to assume that following the global pandemic, you have both seen and been more aware of overall cleanliness. From sanitizing your hands to being more mindful of door handles and toilet seats. More concern from staff members about shared areas and items has risen since everyone came back to work, which begs the question of exactly how often should you be disinfecting an office. On top of that, what are the best practices to make sure everyone is safe from possible contaminated areas?

The Sources

What causes contamination within the workplace? Well, 3 main causes bring their share of contamination to workplace surfaces – people, animals and the environment.

We all understand how viruses can spread from person to person. Whenever the person touches so much as a door handle or light switch, they leave behind their germs for anyone else touching the surface to become infected. The environment can carry its fair share of germs through clothing, shoes and equipment that is brought in from outside.

In today’s business world, it is not unusual for animals to occupy the office – heck! Most offices have their mascot of sorts. These furry friends can also track any germs from outside themselves. Germs and viruses spread through contact with contaminated surfaces and even airborne particles.

How Often?

How often you disinfect your workplace relies on a few factors of consideration. The type of business you run plays into it. If you were a restaurant or somewhere that serves the public in large numbers every day, you will need to be cleaned a lot more than something like an office building.

You also have to consider the number of people occupying the workspace. If you have a revolving door of employees in and out all day, it will need it a lot more than an office with a few employees only.

The more active the area is, the more disinfecting an office is required. This can result in some areas requiring multiple cleans through a single day, with others only needing it once a week. Your cleaning schedule will require tailoring to how all of this factors in.

Best Practice

Your worktops and workstation require products that are effective against the types of viruses, bacteria and germs you are trying to control.

These products are typically a part of a cleaning company Stockport, a specialist contractor that uses every avenue of cleaning services to keep germs out of the way of your workforce.

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