Combatting Cold and Flu in the Office

cold and flu season

The countdown to closing doors for the Christmas holidays is pretty precarious. The reason being is that it is deep in the heart of the cold and flu season. This means that employees are actively trying to dodge the germs that could see them ill over the festivities – and businesses suffering from staff who have to take time off.

One thing you need to understand about the presence of cold and flu around your office is that repeated bad hygiene steps around the office play a bigger role. Employees forget to wash their hands or avoid close contact with others, resulting in a larger spread of cold and flu germs.

What is the best way to minimise viral infections in the workplace?

Hygiene Policy

The best way to avoid cold and flu germs around the office is to implement a good hygiene policy that is clear for all employees to follow. This would be hand sanitisers supplied to each staff member, as well as a box of tissues and antiseptic wipes at their desk.

Every employee should know how to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing, as well as to wash their hands with warm water on every trip to the washroom. When these employees touch door handles or worktops, they will be spreading germs easy to pick up by unsuspecting others. Help to avoid this by limiting sharing of tools and cutlery, as well as hardware such as a computer mouse, phones and stationary, the spread will be greatly reduced.

Clean and Disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched areas is something you should have done every day by your commercial cleaning Manchester company. Having all keyboards, door handles, kettles and light switches thoroughly disinfected every day will keep the growth of dangerous germs at bay.

By hiring a cleaning company Stockport, you can keep your environment reduced by germs and keep your staff healthier. The limitations on cold and flu germs to be able to harvest within the workplace will have a positive effect on your staff and their Christmas workload. The highest standards of cleaning are most likely to be achieved by specialists in office cleaning Manchester.

Keep Sick Employees Away

Thanks to more relaxed rules around hybrid working, many businesses can have employees with colds and flu still working if they are able without having them occupy the office.

These employees can choose to conduct certain tasks from home whilst they recover, eliminating reliance on sick pay and not losing any much-needed wages. This helps the office cleaning levels as ill workers will not be continuously infecting certain communal areas and spreading sickness to others.

For your office cleaning needs during cold and flu season, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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