How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

commercial carpet cleaning

Your commercial carpet cleaning depends on various factors playing against it. How many people work in the office, how many visitors you have and what type of work your company does all weigh into how often it requires professional cleaning.

True, whilst every office has a contractual clean by a cleaning company Stockport on a daily or weekly basis, some carpets may require a deep clean more than others. If you run an office in a sawmill or manufacturing plant, the dust and dirt that gets trampled into the office is in higher volumes and requires much more attention to stay clean.

Knowing When Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

There are a few ways to tell if your office carpet needs cleaning. If you have not cleaned it within 6 months then it requires a deep clean straight off the bat and then a regular cleaning schedule in place following.

You may notice a lingering smell of dampness or that staff members in the office have allergies and begin feeling ill. There are also noticeable signs such as stains, visible marks and dullness to the colour. All of these signs point to your carpet needing an urgent cleaning.

How Often Should Cleaning Be Done?

To maintain the health of your carpet and a healthy work environment, it is recommended that you have your carpet hoovered no less than once a week by a commercial cleaning Manchester specialist.

Your carpet will also require an industrial shampoo service once every 6 to 12 months, more frequently if your carpet is of a lighter colour and sees heavy foot traffic. For a deep clean of your office carpet, it is recommended that you add a deep clean at least once a year if not quarterly.

You will need to stay consistent with your carpet cleaning as the more regularly they are cleaner, the easier it is to maintain their good condition and lifespan.

Can You Overclean Your Carpets?

Although some say otherwise, you cannot overclean your office carpets. It is more damaging to your carpets to not have them cleaned, with the build-up of dirt over time getting worse and more difficult to clean.

Some carpets can end up damaged beyond repair if not cleaned regularly and it is not hard to do and interrupt your workflow. Hiring a professional cleaner for deeper cleaning of your carpet, these professionals come with industrial cleaning equipment and chemicals to shampoo and condition your carpets. This is recommended for lighter-coloured carpets, or carpets in rooms with heavier footfall.

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