Maintaining a Clean Work Environment

maintaining a clean work environment

Now that the new year is fully in swing, companies need to consider what it takes to maintaining a clean work environment for the year ahead following their forest office deep clean.

There was a time when we thought we would never again get to step back into the office to work, and with hybrid working now being the most preferred method, extra vigilance around workplace cleaning and hygiene has seen many businesses updating their cleaning policies and contracts with commercial cleaning Manchester companies.

With that fact in mind, some parts of your office require a constant state of cleanliness within your office cleaning Manchester.

The Main Focus

Touchpoints are items with a main focus on cleanliness, which are any that get used, handled or touched at various points throughout the day. These touchpoints will build up more bacteria than other areas around your workplace and as such must have a thorough cleaning and disinfecting than any other.

This involves the removal of all dirt and germs on the surfaces and objects to ensure that the spread of infection is reduced and the areas are visibly clean. As part of your cleaning contract with your contracted specialists, make sure that a frequent disinfection routine is in place for all of the identified touchpoints when updating your cleaning policy.

This should be in place between your seasonal deep clean to eliminate widespread bacteria and germ spreading between staff members.

Seasonal Deep Clean

If you have not yet established a regular deep cleaning schedule for your office. Deep cleaning is something that every office needs to get rid of aspects that can have a long-term buildup such as dust and grime in spots that don’t get full attention on a regular clean-up.

With a regularly scheduled deep clean over an evening or weekend as little as every 2-3 months, you do your part to keep germs and viruses at bay and not put the health of your workforce at risk when you need them to be working healthily, giving them the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene in their professional environment.

Employee Workstations

With your staff all back in the office, you should remind all of them to do their part in keeping all desks, work surfaces and floors as clean as possible. This can be encouraging them to remove all personal waste and clutter into bin bags ready to be taken to the skip or removed by the cleaning company.

At the end of a working day, an employee just wants to begin the trek home and not bother with anything additional – but having them be responsible for cleaning up their dishes in the kitchen and not leaving them for someone else to take care of will do its part for keeping full morale and responsibility high.

For the new year ahead, update your cleaning policy with your cleaning company Stockport and to pride in maintaining a clean work environment.

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