Contract Cleaning for Doctor’s Surgeries

Cleaning a doctors surgery

If you run a doctor’s surgery or dental practice, you know that your waiting areas and surgery departments must be at the highest cleanliness levels possible. Cleaning a doctors surgery or dental practice is essential to maintain acceptable hygiene levels and control bacteria. This is done to reduce infection spread risk between patients.

When using a reputable commercial cleaning Manchester service, you can be sure that not only is every corner taken care of, but you can achieve 3 specific benefits.

CDC Accreditation

A contract cleaning company that has a 100% pass rate, which demonstrates that it constantly adheres to stringent guidelines set out by the CDC (Care Quality Commission), will have an in-depth understanding of codes of practice for both dental surgery and doctor’s practice.

The guidelines are very specific and demand fundamental standards of cleanliness. When you employ an office cleaning Manchester company with a 100% pass rate, you have confidence that your surgery is properly cleaned by qualified staff, giving you peace of mind for the price.


With a cleaning company Stockport, you are assured that your surgery is cleaned when it needs to be cleaned.

A cleaning company has their reputation in mind as well as yours and will have systems in place to ensure that the service to your company is always kept pristine, even if a regular cleaner is sick or on holiday. Contract cleaning comes with the benefit to give reinforcement of commitment to their clients, allowing for flexibility and reliability.

Solid Business Sense 

Using contract cleaners for your offices and surgeries is a surprisingly affordable option that spares you the business expenses of cleaning products and equipment. It also avoids specifically hiring an employee to clean or the use of in-house training and weekly cleaning rotas.

The rates of a cleaning company are highly competitive, and when you factor in that they work with the safest and fully certified chemicals and follow all handling guidelines, such as colour-coded cloths and strict cleaning orders, you have a full service that you do not have to worry about when it comes to business finances.

With Absolutely Gleaming Services, you have a cleaning service with experience and knowledge that guarantees your preferred cleaning programme is constantly maintained. Patients will appreciate the clear vision of your practice and your staff will feel comfortable working in a healthy environment.

Cleaning a doctors surgery or dental practice is essential. Contact our team today to discover our excellent service that can be tailored to your requirements.

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