Workplace Kitchens and the Ill Effects

office kitchen cleaning

Office kitchen cleaning is extremely important. Grimy kitchens rank as one of the biggest dangers to employee health within the workplace, along with filthy toilets, slippery floors and ripped carpets.

Across the country in every kind of workplace environment, employees are escalating reports about the health hazards of their work in the kitchen area. When employees mention their concerns to the management team and nothing is acted upon, it creates a greater sense of disdain for working for the company.

Some employees may even see their health, both mentally and physically, deteriorate from such an environment, which can lead to a lot more trouble than employees taking sick days. Unhygienic kitchens with slippery floors can lead to workplace injury too, ranging from small cuts to broken bones.

Good Hygiene

Good hygiene makes good business sense when you consider all of the factors. Poor hygiene in the kitchen can lead to food poisoning, harmful germs, viruses and bacteria buildup can affect everyone – even the most healthy.

Bacteria spread from people to food by a simple touch, and sick days are a real problem as a result. Nobody actively wants to catch an illness during their employment, and many can be avoided by following good hygiene standards. Displaying adequate signs that all employees can see reminding them to wash their hands and to clean up after themselves is a good start, as well as providing hand cleansers at kitchen sinks so that employees can fully clean their hands after use.

Letting employees know that they are responsible for disposing of any leftover foods or stuff stored in the fridge or cupboards that could go sour or stale is also recommended. Keeping your workplace kitchen germ-free can help stop sickness in its tracks can start with your employees first.

Additional Measures

There are many ways to stop unhygienic kitchens from making your staff unwell and requiring sick days to recover. This can come in the form of adequate lighting to encourage clean habits and ensure worktops are clear of unnecessary items to maintain excellent standards.

Whilst encouraging everyone to clean up after themselves is advisable, there will be some jobs that employees will not go out of their way to do. One area is making sure that the bins in the area are effectively emptied and disposed of for collection. A regular employee will not want to do this and will leave it until it is overflowing. Another area is the kitchen sink which builds up a lot of residue and grime.

A commercial cleaning Manchester company will ensure that all work surfaces and touchpoints are fully cleaned as a part of their cleaning contract, and that includes taking out the rubbish at the end of every shift.

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