How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

office carpet

Your office carpet tends to get dirtier in more volumes than at home, so it naturally stands to reason that it will require much more cleaning and care – and on a more regular scale.

How often you have the carpet cleaned depends on its type, environment and the type of cleaning you require. Specialists in office cleaning Manchester provide packages that regularly vacuum, shampoo and deep clean your carpets depending on such factors.

When Cleaning is Needed

There are a few telling signs that your carpet requires a good freshening up. If your carpet has not had a good deep clean in a year, it is time to give it the attention it deserves.

If you or your staff are having allergy problems or are starting to notice a lingering smell, it requires proper shampooing with industrial cleaning chemicals that a commercial cleaning Manchester specialist will have to hand. If your carpet has visible stains, or noticeable markings or is beginning to dull in its appearance, there is an overdue need to give your carpets professional attention. A simple vacuum will not suffice.

How Regularly Should It Be Cleaned?

To maintain your carpets to a higher standard and healthier life, it is recommended that the carpets are hoovered at least once every week. This should increase if your office has a lot of outside foot traffic daily – such as a pub, library or doctor’s office.

Shampooing of the carpets should be done once every 6 to 12 months. That should be increased if you have a light-coloured carpet that experiences more than average foot traffic. Deep cleaning of your carpet should be scheduled for once every year. Consistency must be the key to keeping your carpet clean, as it keeps them in good condition for longer and in no need of replacement.

Can Too Much Cleaning Be Bad?

When not working with a professional cleaning company Stockport, it can be easy to neglect your carpet. It is very damaging to your carpets to not have them cleaned, with the dirt build-up getting worse over time and more difficult to fix.

If the office carpet isn’t cleaned on a regular schedule, the damage can extend to an unrepairable condition. Cleaning can be very straightforward, but the majority of office carpets require industrial cleaning equipment over a regular vacuum. For more intense cleaning needs, a professional cleaning company brings purpose-built machines to shampoo and condition your carpet as part of their cleaning package.

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