Upgrading to a Professional Cleaning Contractor

Professional Cleaning Contractor

We get it. Sometimes it is nice to give a hand to those just wanting extra money by letting a regular person clean your office space with a regular vacuum and a spray bottle and cloth. After all, keeping your workplace clean is not the hardest thing to handle, right? In reality, it shouldn’t be, but for most companies who decide to be charitable and give a friend a cleaning job, instead of having a professional cleaning contractor, can be a disaster. There are instances where this person does not show up on time, leaves out important parts in the cleaning to get done quicker or does not show up at all and relies on you to understand their ‘personal issues at home.’

Just one instance of letting this slide will lead to them beginning to coast along and do a lacklustre job as the weeks continue. As a company owner, mediocre service is not something you pride your business on, so it should be time to switch to a cleaning company Stockport.

Making the Switch

Manchester is a city that prides itself on appearance, and businesses have to reflect that also if they want to gain custom. Level of service is not just a tagline to include within your options. It is something that sells you further. The same should go into how your office is maintained and cleaned.

When you hire a professional company in commercial cleaning Manchester, they understand that time is money to their clients. When they say they will be at your premises at an agreed time, they arrive at that appointed time with no excuses. If a regular cleaner is sick or on holiday, they have it covered by another body that knows your business requirements.

They also will do the jobs that a one-off cleaner will avoid or forget about, such as disposing of your rubbish or bin bags, including your staff waste baskets. Your floors are also given extra attention with industrial vacuum cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals. They take on all this additional detail in their cleaning because that is what you pay for.


One of the worst parts of hiring just anyone to do your office cleaning is when you have to chase them if you have questions or concerns. If an employee complains that something is missing from their desk overnight that has value and only your cleaner has had access, this can be troublesome also.

Professional services in office cleaning Manchester comes with a guarantee that all of their cleaning staff have been vetted and trustworthy to work alone in your office. We are also fully insured, so if any damage occurs to your property, you are not left holding the price tag – it is all on us.

It pays to have the same person cleaning the same office as it brings familiarity to the space needs. Absolutely Gleaming Services work with the same agents covering your workplace so that you know who is due to show up and – when they require cover – it is with another trustworthy agent.

It is time to upgrade towards a professional cleaning contractor to keep your office space at its best. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for office, warehouse and window cleaners in Stockport today.

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