Germ Areas You Touch Every Working Day

Whilst it is common knowledge that a toilet seat is filled to the max with germs, not many people consider that a single phone handset (including a mobile phone) potentially houses up to 10 times the amount of bacteria!

The horrifying reality is that we are surrounded in the workplace by germ-harbouring items that get touched repeatedly every day.

Recognising Germs

Enclosed spaces, such as offices and care homes, have a larger risk when it comes to germ transmission. Without the correct cleaning measures in place, sickness among employees can reach all-time highs.

Whilst most germs will not harm you thanks to your immune system, certain germs can be hard to shake ill effects – even leading to infections or diseases. When your business suffers multiple sick days (especially in the hotter months), it has a detrimental effect on business. Currently, the yearly cost of sick day absence circles £30 billion.

If you are wanting to minimise the sickness of your staff members, you need to consider a professional cleaning company Stockport for your business.

Most Prominent Items

No matter if you work in an office, at a reception desk or within another commercial setting, you will likely work with computer keyboards. Keyboards harbour dangerous germs and bacteria with average keyboards having up to 3.5 million bacteria every square inch.

If your keyboards accumulate dust and dirt that quickly builds up, you need to pay more attention to keeping them clean. With the average human carrying over 3000 bacteria, it is no surprise that door handles gather large amounts of germs from people not regularly washing their hands. Door handles are a commonly neglected area for cleaning, but can result in the most serious illnesses spreading.

A wiping down of these areas as a part of your commercial cleaning Manchester contract is essential, with door handles and light switches in high-traffic spots given particular attention.


Despite increased mobile phone use, every office has multiple landline phones scattered around the building. As one of the most utilised devices in the office, the direct transfer of germs from the handset to the face makes for easy illness from uncleaned germs.

To avoid this transfer, it is vital to have the handsets disinfected as a fundamental part of your cleaning schedule. A professional office cleaning Stockport company will have the proper chemicals to conduct a thorough cleaning and not miss any germ-infested areas.

A clean work environment only puts your company in the highest possible light and keeps your staff healthy. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to prevent harmful bacteria from affecting your business.

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