Businesses Requiring Professional Cleaning: Care Homes

care home cleaning

Whenever you visit a care home for your elderly relatives, you will always want to be greeted by a calm, cosy and – above all else – clean environment. Whilst the importance of care home cleaning may seem evident, it can sometimes be very far from the truth.

With assisted living facilities, the need for premises to be in high levels of sterilization, safety and hygiene for residents, staff and visitors is at an all-time high – especially after the pandemic period when germs became a life hazard.

Different Considerations of Cleaning

Looking after the elderly in care homes takes a different kind of cleaning, disinfection and support. It takes added levels of sensitivity, care and understanding.

It has become imperative for all care homes to ensure a complete program towards both cleaning and disinfecting to meet the highest levels of safety and hygiene. Older people require the level of care that staff members provide and want to live out their later years in good health.

As people get older, their immune systems weaken – which results in many smaller germs and bacteria becoming major health concerns. To keep these elderly people safe, a care home must develop a thorough cleaning regimen to ensure safety and well-being – as well as not being disruptive to the lives of the occupants of the home.

Environmental Cleaning

Environmental cleaning is centred around the removal of dirt and bacteria from surfaces such as tables and common areas. It ensures that the living environment for the occupants is both clean and hygienic, also accommodating the visitor’s and employees’ needs.

Environmental cleaning is essential for these types of businesses as it protects the elderly people who have to live within the building, many of them susceptible to sickness and infection, from any minor illness that can become quite severe.

By using a professional cleaning company Stockport, you have a guarantee that your residents remain safe and healthy whilst receiving the highest levels of cleaning over many areas.

Areas a Cleaning Company Handle

A cleaning company cannot clean up your residents, but there are major areas that we focus on that provide a better living environment.

A specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester will thoroughly clean the windows and curtains, door handles and light switches to protect those using them from picking up unwanted germs.

The residents will also have cleaned chairs, wardrobes, tables and bed and bed railings. The areas of the building that receives the most traffic require the most attention – so meeting/dinner halls, washroom cleaning and hallways will be cleaned in hours when they are not in use by the residents – to avoid any accidents, slips or falls.

If you run a care home, you need to work with a professional cleaning company Stockport. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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