Cleaning Guide for Offices with Pets

office pet

Nothing is more special than having an office pet, such as a cat or dog, around you at work. It is always nice to know you have a furry friend by your side on even the most stressful day in the workplace.

Whilst they will take a cosy bed corner or select an office box to chill out in, having an office mascot does add an extra consideration towards cleaning chores. Here are some ideas to help keep your office smelling and looking fresh if you have an office pet.

Moulting Season

Every season, a new coat for your animals will start to take effect, meaning that old coats of fur will be everywhere. Your carpets and office sofas will soon begin to see huge clumps of hair and fur that can be hard to brush off.

The best way to prevent that hair from accumulating around your office is to brush your pet regularly with a wire brush designed to capture hair. If you leave your carpets with large amounts of this hair for a while, you will require seasonal deep cleaning to ensure that it does not lead to powerful allergens – especially if one of your clients or customers has an allergy to cat hair.

Use Feeding Mats

It is not uncommon to leave your pet’s food and water bowls in the kitchen area, but they are not the cleanest eaters you will have in your office.

The best way to ensure that food stains do not get into the flooring is to place plastic feeding mats underneath their bowls. That will help to catch all crumbs, water spills and jelly and meat spills that can affect your flooring. If the food gets into an office carpet, you will need a professional cleaning company Stockport to ensure no germ buildups.

Litter Trays

One of the foulest odours is when a pet’s litter tray is left unattended, resulting in a smell that can overtake your office. It is advisable that these trays not be left in a spot with direct office sunlight as – on hot days – that smell can get unbearable.

A specialist in office cleaning Manchester can help to eliminate that smell with a weekly clean, but you should buy odour-reducing cat litter and ensure that messes are cleaned and disposed of as soon as they happen.

Having an office pet is a big responsibility that increases the need for a cleaner workspace. Special attention needs to be put in for vacuuming and sweeping around all areas to make it healthy for you and them.

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