What Areas Get Missed With Regular Cleaning?

regular cleaner

When you have a regular cleaner just doing the odd spot of office cleaning, certain areas of your office are a no-brainer. A quick vacuum of the carpet, wiping around the desks and emptying the bins comes with the job, no matter how professional you are.

However, when you go with a friend or designate one person to come in and do a quick clean, the less visible areas of the office will tend to get overlooked. The reason why is because that person is not a professional cleaning company Stockport per se. These areas will soon leave an unpleasant impression to staff, customers and visitors to your business.

Just because these areas are out of sight does not mean they are out of sense. Here are some of those overlooked spots you can investigate for yourself.

Go Beyond

Certain office equipment will gather a lot of dust and dirt behind them, such as printers and copy machines. If these machines are used frequently, there are plenty of germs and particles to build up on these machines, along with smudges.

A regular cleaner will not think twice about moving the machine to clean underneath – more a quick wipe around the edges. These machines will also collect germs from multiple users that require specialist cleaning chemicals to purify the area.

Your office microwave is another area that gets forgotten about quickly. Whilst a regular cleaner would clean the outside, they very rarely go the distance of cleaning the inside and underneath. That results in building germs and bacteria that can make others ill due to an un-hygienic place to heat food.

Keeping any area that comes in contact with food at the highest priority of cleanliness is at the heart of any professional in commercial cleaning Manchester.

Vertical Surfaces

It may be surprising to discover that vertical spaces such as walls and windows can harbour just as much dirt, dust and bacteria as horizontal spaces. If you were unaware of that, it is a good chance that your regular cleaner also is unaware.

If your walls are textured or wallpapered, they require a wipe-down as much as a desk. You should inspect your office artwork and picture frames for grimy imprints and dust collected around the top and sides, as these are prime areas for dust accumulation.

Professional cleaning companies know that these areas require as much service as a desk and carpet will.

Ceiling tiles, fan blades, curtains and light fixtures are also ignored by a regular cleaner, but all are areas that a specialist in office cleaning Manchester would include as a part of their schedule.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for office and washroom cleaning, flexible contracts and window cleaners in Stockport.

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