Summer Cleaning Hacks

summer cleaning services

With the hot weather in season and humidity levels seeing a record high for the UK climate, your workplace may begin to produce unpleasant odours due to the increased heat, so summer cleaning services are essential!

If so, your commercial cleaning Manchester requirements may need more attention than usual. If you have a cleaning contract that permits a once-over each week, it may be time to increase that to double, with individual workspaces requiring a daily minimal clean.

Let us tell you how you can help to keep your workplace fresh in the face of rising humidity.

Desk Areas

The desks you and your staff occupy everyday are a central part of your working day. All the equipment and items surrounding your desk will get a build-up of germs throughout the week that need attention.

If you eat your lunch at your desk, you will be surprised by how many germs and bacteria can harbour from your food debris. Giving your desk a daily wipe-over with antibacterial wipes and sprays at midday and the end of each day and disposing of wrappers, rubbish and drinks bottles will help to keep your desks clean and sanitary.

Kitchen Area

A company kitchen is where multiple foods are stored, prepared and heated in a microwave. If the lid on the food is not present, splatters from the food can hit the microwave ceiling and door.

Employees are not known to clean up a microwave mess after it happens, but leaving wipes and a spray next to your microwave may give the message they need to. A dirty microwave can make everyone sick if not attended to – and no one will think to do it before they put their food in.

Wipe down all countertops with a paper towel or pre-moistened antibacterial wipe, cleaning up any germs built up from food being put down spills during the day. Ensure all discarded fast-food cups and containers are disposed of in the kitchen bin and ready for emptying at the end of the working day.

Also, encourage any floor spills by your staff to be cleaned up immediately so that slipping hazards are avoided.


Personal hygiene is something everyone should know, but when it comes to washroom cleaning in the workplace, it is a job no one wants to follow.

However, when not properly cleaned and sanitised, these rooms are a detriment to the health of your employees. They also play havoc with staff morale and sick day leave. Ensure your toilets are well-equipped so employees can follow personal hygiene practices, with running water, toilet tissue, hand soaps and equipment all in order.

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