End of Student Tenancy Cleaning

Tenancy Cleaning

With the end of the university year upon us, many students will be doing a lot of last-minute moves, packing up their belongings and getting ready to move out of university halls and student dwellings. With so much going on, it is easy for them to neglect tenancy cleaning after they leave, figuring it is someone else’s problem. Most will move back home, having their parents there to clean up after them.

When you own student lettings, it can be like walking back into a nightmare. Most students choose to cut their losses and leave the rented accommodation in a less-than-livable state, not even bothered about their deposits.

That is why it becomes crucial to have a specialised commercial cleaning Manchester company to hand.

Cleaning the Mess

As a letting agent, you have better things to do than getting down on your hands and knees to repair the look of your dwellings before advertising availability to next year’s crop of students.

With the help of a cleaning company Stockport, you don’t have to. Most of the messes students create are not confined to one area of the house. If you have multiple students living under one roof, it can be a mixture of some clean students and others who are messy.

Communal areas such as living rooms and kitchens will have a mixture of dirt and dust under furniture and in and around appliances like cookers and microwaves. That will require specialist cleaning equipment and chemicals to remove the year’s built-up grime and bacteria.


Bathrooms are generally shared areas in student lettings, and you know that no student is going to want to clean them for everyone. From hair stuck in the plugholes to dust accumulated in the extractor fan, this room will be rife with hazardous germs that have built up.

Even your lighting in these rooms will accumulate dead flies that students will not want to touch. Thankfully, having thorough washroom cleaning is something that a cleaning company Stockport will provide as part of their contract with you, giving assurance that the room will be sparkling fresh and free from germs for the next tenants.

Seasonal Contracts

Throughout an academic year, students will leave during terms and holidays to be at home with their families. That gives a perfect opportunity for a trusted cleaning contractor to have a thorough clean through the property’s core areas (living areas, kitchens, bathrooms) so that it can be cleaner throughout the year.

If you run student accommodation, now is the best time to work with a specialist in office cleaning Manchester, able to take on the cleaning of your student dwellings before you welcome a fresh new set of tenants in September.

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