Is Your Current Cleaning Company Making You Sick?

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It is not uncommon for many small to medium companies to shave some expense off of their cleaning requirements by hiring a friend or family member, or a company that drops their prices low to gain your business.

There are simply so many people within the confined space of your office, and many shared surfaces and fixtures, that make the spread of germs and bacteria a certainty. When colds and flu start to shift throughout your office, more and more employees will get sick – unless you have a professional office cleaning Manchester company handling the contract.

Is your current cleaning provider doing everything possible to keep your office environmentally friendly and reduce the spread of germs and viruses?

Where Professionals Lay Focus

Thanks to extensive experience and skill. The Absolutely Gleaming Services team know more about how to reduce germs transmission than any regular Joe with a vacuum cleaner and wipes.

Every minute, an average adult will touch around 25 objects within an office space that can then grow germs, bacteria and virus-inducing symptoms. Desktop surfaces, computer keyboards, mouses and telephones can carry more germs than a toilet seat does. With a commercial cleaning Manchester company, there is the understanding of cleaning for health, through equipment and touch spots, using industrial cleaning chemicals and practices that decrease any spread of germs and disease.

With substandard office cleaning, the real cost comes with how much productivity you will lose each year through the absence and sick days of your staff. Bad cleaning isn’t just costing you your image – it is costing you money.

Touch Points

Touch points are a critical area when cleaning for health. These are areas throughout your building where everyone’s hands and fingers will touch as a requirement. We mean door handles, light switches, taps and handrails.

If these areas are left in unsanitary conditions, they become the perfect areas for the transmission of germs among every member of your staff. If your current office cleaner is unfamiliar with touch points and the attention they require, there will be more and more transmission and illness spreading to higher levels.

Effective cleaning is not about appearances – it is about what we know is there but cannot be seen. At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we consistently clean shared office computers and disinfect areas like office handles, mouses and computer equipment that every employee shares – as well as all touch outlets that every staff member touches without realising.

We know that who cleans your office is just as important as how they clean your office. Absolutely Gleaming Services go above and beyond to customise a plan to individual customer needs – without cutting the corners expected of a cleaning company Stockport.

Contact our friendly team today to get professional office, kitchen and washroom cleaning services that are worth the money you pay.

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