5 Office Hotspots for Germs

germs and bacteria

Our office is more of a second home, with us spending almost 50% of our working week cooped up inside them. It is a place for meeting people, having team meetings and working together to achieve the goals set out each week. The more time spent inside your office, the more exposure everyone will have towards germs and bacteria in that space. At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we know where your germs are hiding.

Working Healthy

To keep a healthy work environment, you should understand where germs are festering in your office. Knowing the most common areas where these germs are accumulating can help you to take necessary precautions to keep everything neat.

Working with a specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester will provide you with expertise and experience in making your office a safe and healthy place to work within, and we commonly find the biggest germ and bacteria buildup in these office space areas.

Sitting in Germs

Your office keyboards and mouses are the most frequently touched items, making them the hotbed for various germs and bacteria picked up from everywhere else during a working day. These two items take on the role of breeding grounds for viruses, resulting in multiple people catching it if the computer is shared by other staff members or shifts.

Regular cleaning is crucial for these items to prevent illness from running rampant throughout your workforce. The desks and work surfaces are naturally the next progression, where we spend most of our working day. As a result of that time, they accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria – especially when we eat at our desks. Thorough cleaning of these areas is essential for keeping the workplace free from viruses.

Where One Goes, All Goes

The office kitchen and canteen are places where your workforce gathers to eat, drink and socialise. As a result, these high-traffic areas are also high-traffic for germs running wild.

Kitchens and canteens also contain food, passing germs and bacteria into our bodies if not thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Toilet and washroom cleaning is also crucial, as germs and bacteria accumulate from unsanitised restroom areas. Specialist chemical cleaning by a cleaning company Stockport helps to stop the spread of illness and maintain a healthy work environment in these areas.

Common areas like conference rooms and reception areas are hotspots for germs and bacteria buildup. These areas also bring in outside visitors who can pick up unhealthy bugs or viruses from these uncleaned areas, bringing a bad reputation to your office’s cleanliness.

Now that you know where your germs are running wild, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services to provide regular cleaning and disinfecting with office cleaning Manchester services.

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