Cleaning Your Offices at Night

One of the biggest concerns for busy offices is scheduling their regular office cleaning around the prime working hours. Many companies feel they must work faster and finish early on a Friday to allow their cleaning contractor to perform their various cleaning tasks, losing out on the last shift hour.

No one can effectively do their work with the sound of vacuum cleaners. Having your office cleaning out of working hours is a more suitable option. Naturally, the benefits of having your office cleaned in the evening go both ways – for customers and cleaning professionals.

It is easier and cheaper to travel, there is plenty of room to do the job, and nobody will be disturbed whilst trying to do their own work.

Energy Price Consideration

With every business in 2023, the rising energy costs are a large concern, with many companies finding their electricity costs more than three times the amount they were a few years ago.

Having your office cleaned in the evening means it will be using off-peak rate energy, making it much cheaper. That certainly adds up, considering that commercial vacuum cleaners have 3,000-watt motors and run for around an hour for a big clean.

No Productivity Loss

Running an office in today’s economy is costly, especially with hybrid working models. Making the most of the space means filling it with enough workers to justify having an office.

Cleaning offices at night allows for a proper office deep clean, tackling tasks that are challenging when workers are present. The ability to professionally clean workstations, computers and touchpoints – including phones and mouse – means that the work is not paused. Instead, workers can return to their desk in the morning knowing that they have the ultimate cleanliness to kickstart their day.

That is not just good for productivity, but also for office hygiene too.

Happier Workers

A clean office is a happy office, and your workforce is greeted with a spotless place to work without having to contend with dirt, dust and distractions.

Not only is this something great for staff members to see each morning, but it also makes it easier for your cleaning company Stockport. Commercial cleaning Manchester contractors prefer to work outside of office hours because there is less traffic on the way to the job, and plenty of parking when they get there which makes the entire process much easier and more comfortable.

If you are looking for out-of-hours professional office cleaning Manchester, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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