Keeping Your Desks Clean: Helpful Tips for Doing Your Part

Desk cleaning

Employing a commercial cleaning Manchester company to keep your office clean and orderly is a true benefit that helps to make your business look professional and organised. However, there are still ways that you can help in maintaining the cleanest environment on a day-to-day basis. Having your employees take on board some personal care tips for desk cleaning will help to maintain a clean attitude towards your place of work.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we do everything possible to ensure your work premises are spotlessly clean, including offering up some helpful tips.

No Desk Snacking

Snacking is unavoidable when you work at a desk. It is too much of a temptation to resist for most. However, that is how you end up with those permanent crumbs between your keys on your keyboard.

Whilst many business owners instil a strict ban on munching at the desk, you can help to resist the temptation by explaining to your employees that it is not the most hygienic option, especially with the many germs that grow on a desk over a day. It may seem a lot for your employees to give up, but just having them not do it for two weeks will help establish it as a rule.

Move It When You Notice It

One of the bug bearers is when various unused and unneeded papers clutter up our trays and desk space. The worst thing is we know it is there, yet we still leave it there.

Having employees clear any useless papers into the bins at the end of every shift, ready for the cleaning company Stockport to empty them at the end of the day, is something that every business can benefit from. Leaving papers on your desk will result in the cleaning company putting them in a neat pile in your tray when cleaning, meaning you will have to sift through them the next day. Take into consideration what papers serve a purpose and which is waste at the end of each working day – it will save a lot of rummaging time the next morning.

Place Items in Drawers

A simple step is putting all of the loose items like pens, pencils and bits and bobs into your desk drawers at the end of the day. That will greatly help to make your desk look uncluttered and ready for the next morning.

Whilst working through the day, placing all personal possessions like your mobile phone, keys and wallet/purses into your drawers will help keep you and your staff from distraction. It is extremely easy to become distracted when your mobile phone is getting alerts every few minutes, leading to procrastination.

The little tips that can prevent your office from becoming a rubbish tip. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for desk cleaning and office cleaning Manchester.

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