Effective Office Cleaning: The Facts You May Not Know

types of commercial cleaning services

Your office space will always be better and save time when well managed. That is the main reason why busy office managers employ types of commercial cleaning services instead of taking on the work themselves.

Time management is the best way to focus on the essential things within your schedule. For something to work out well, you need to know that specific areas within your office are getting professional cleaning to promote a healthy workplace.

By hiring a contractor for office cleaning Manchester, you not only manage to keep your office neat and clean, but you will ensure that the hidden threats are fully taken care of.

Some Hidden Facts

Before anything else, you should know that if you ignore the cleanliness of your office even by a little bit, you are inviting a range of threats that will affect your employees. These same threats will create burdens on you by hitting your productivity levels.

Water is a necessity but, when poured from an uncleaned dispenser, it becomes a threat. That threat is present on your hands whenever you touch the buttons of the dispenser. Water dispensers can make your employees sick just from having the buttons filled with germs and bacteria from ignoring their need for disinfecting. Around 25% of water dispensers transfer threatening illnesses just through ignorance of when they should be cleaned.

Whilst most employees choose to eat their lunches at their desks, it can also be one of the biggest residences for bacteria growth. Every time hands are placed on a desk, you are making contact with a contaminated surface. Whilst these germs spread, so too are diseases which will make your employees ill or seriously hamper their productivity. On average, an office desk is proven to be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

More Than a Quick Wipe

Simply wiping over your desk surfaces with a wet wipe or wet cloth is not enough to fully clean the germs and bacteria hidden on the surface.

These surfaces require expert levels of disinfecting with high-quality cleaning products, such as the ones used by a cleaning company Stockport. Bacteria count can increase by 31% each day on surfaces that are not effectively cleaned with industrial-grade chemicals. As well as your desks, your office phones will contaminate your hands and help to spread the diseases.

Office telephones contain almost 25000 germs per square inch. When you look at your telephones and do the math, the amount of potential harbouring germs is staggering.

If you cannot dedicate time out of your schedule to office cleanliness and washroom cleaning, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services to schedule a service and make your office the healthiest environment against germs and bacteria.

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