Encouraging a Clean Office

office cleanliness

A clean office offers a more productive working environment with happier employees. As an experienced office cleaning Manchester company, we know a thing or two about why an office has to remain in its very best cleanliness and organised state. Whether you run a small office or a larger one, there are some strategies you can put into play to help maintain the healthiest of environments for your staff. Here are some tips to help you maintain your office cleanliness.


One of the most positive impacts you can provide on your office’s cleanliness is encouraging your employees to look after their working spaces. Every employee should value their areas and keep them tidy.

Remind them constantly that clutter and disorganised workspace can significantly impact the productivity of not just them – but other employees working around them. Desks filled with discarded and useless papers, books and food can quickly become problematic. Use gentle reminders about what they should be doing when cleaning out clutter and provide them with cleaning wipes on their desk so that they can wipe them down when they require it.

Keep Bins Empty

Your office bins will fill up very fast over a few days. If they do not get emptied at the end of a working day, they will start to smell and leave a very negative impression on your employees.

As a part of your commercial cleaning Manchester contract, ensure that your bins are covered for a daily cycle of cleaning and emptying every day. Place group bins around the office so that employees are never far away from a place to discard trash from their dinner breaks, as it encourages tidiness and ensure someone is responsible for emptying them.

Make Use of Storage Room

A big part of a clean working environment is ensuring it is organised. The best way to implement this is by ensuring the effectiveness of your storage space and filing areas.

It helps to make your working office more productive and ensures that, when it comes to office cleaning, it is easier for a cleaning company Stockport to access the area. A quick wipe-around to eliminate built-up dust is alot easier when the office is tidy and well-ordered.

Bathroom Cleaning

Washroom cleaning should be one of the most crucial areas of attention around your office. It needs cleaning once a day.

When washrooms are skipped on a cleaning rota, people will notice straightaway – and your employees will not be happy about it. Cleaning and disinfecting the toilets, sinks, floor, and fixtures is essential – and will require professional cleaning chemicals over off-the-shelf products.

We know that seems like a lot of hard work. That’s because it is! Keeping your office tidy and clean is no simple task, which is why it is more effective to hire a professional cleaning company. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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