Reducing Work-Related Depression with Better Office Cleanliness

Pristine work environments are proven to positively impact several challenges associated with work-related stress, including attendance, motivation, and productivity.

Ever since the global pandemic threw our working lives into turmoil, the stress levels for the average employee have proven to be on the rise, with everything from fear of losing their job to the cleanliness of the working environment. Post-COVID work-related stress levels carry significant social and economic burdens.

The Weight of Work-Related Depression

Workplace stress and depression cost UK businesses a sizable amount of productivity in 2023. Stress and associated mental health challenges also deeply affect the number of annual deaths in the UK throughout the year, as well as fatigue, burnout and absenteeism.

Workplace depression can be pinpointed to target hitting, unhappiness with progression or struggles against the cost of living. One of the biggest aspects falls on workplace cleanliness – or lack thereof.

Benefits of a Clean Working Environment

The role of office cleaning Manchester in supporting mental health and depression cannot be understated. Workplace stress takes a tremendous toll on the UK workforce.

Reducing its influence can significantly improve several critical employee metrics, including mood and morale, concentration and cognitive functions and attendance – as well as physical and mental health and job satisfaction. One of the fuels for positive environments is having a pristine and healthy office space to work in.

A low-quality, poorly cleaned workplace environment is the most commonly cited source of workplace depression. Daily enhanced commercial cleaning Manchester reduces workplace stress by increasing office hygiene levels, reducing germs and bacteria that cause illness and eliminating the source of foul odours.

Working with a cleaning company Stockport also improves your office air quality and removes all clutter that affects performance levels in your business.

Additional Areas

As well as cleaning your office floors, carpets and around your employee desks, a cleaning company will provide additional health benefits in other areas.

When it comes to washroom cleaning, employees must be provided with the very best to ensure they are being cared for. That is more than just mopping the floors and cleaning the sinks – it involves cleaning door handles, light switches and hand dryers so they do not pick up excess germs.

A cleaning company will also provide window cleaners in Stockport, ensuring that the best amount of natural light is reaching your employees and not fighting through smeared or dusty windows.

Work-related depression is devastating the UK workforce in every industry. Eliminating workplace stressors is key to fighting the problem, meaning the implementation of strict and reliable cleaning programs.

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