The Importance of Keeping Your Office Carpets Clean

Office Carpets

Office cleaning is essential if you are running a business, but do you understand why your office carpets need industrial levels of professional cleaning? It’s not all about hiding the crumbs and dirt – there is more going on with your office carpets right under your nose.

If your office cleaning is done once a week, you are allowing greater levels of germs and bacteria to grow and spread around your office. If that office cleaning is performed by an amateur and not professionals at commercial cleaning Manchester, you are at even higher levels of risk.

Germs and Viruses

When germs are present in your office, they will cause illnesses. Your office carpet is essentially a filter, trapping damaging air and containing all kinds of pollutants.

Becoming ill due to a dirty carpet is not something that sounds pleasant. It happens when the carpets get too dirty and stops holding back those pollutants, resulting in everyone breathing in damaged air. A lot of fear over the Norovirus is being felt around offices currently, and that virus can exist in your carpets for around six weeks. The more people walk on that carpet, the more it will become an airborne virus.

The Norovirus is not much different from the symptoms of food poisoning. It would be best for an expert in office cleaning Manchester to get that dirt from your carpet on a regular cycle.

The Asthma Threat

Carpets with air confined within them will undoubtedly trigger asthma attacks towards those who suffer from them. Sadly, it’s not confined to asthma – it can also trigger eczema and rhinitis.

Employee health is paramount when running a business, and health problems not only cause a black mark against your business – but also productivity. As more and more employees take sick leave due to unsafe working conditions linked to cleanliness, you will be stuck with poor bottom lines and a poor reputation. That loss of revenue can be spared by spending a bit more on a professional cleaning company Stockport to handle your regular carpet cleaning.

Foul Air Quality

When office carpets are not cleaned well or regularly, the air quality in and around your office will be of its lowest quality. That is a result of the dirt that is now harbouring within the confines of your carpet fibres.

When carpets are just given a brief once over with a vacuum, there will still be a foul smell around the breathable air. The last thing you want is staff complaining about the hygiene levels or visiting potential clients put off by the smell of your office.

Carpets build up this smell because of moisture trapped within them, with the underlying carpet material encouraging mildew problems. A professional cleaner can instigate a deep clean with industrial cleaning chemicals to stop these foul moisture areas from causing any further trouble.

If you need your office carpets cleaned with haste, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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