Setting Your Calendar for a Declutter

clutter free environment

Now that offices are back in full swing for the new business year, maintaining a clutter free environment is essential to keeping your productivity levels high and providing a safe working environment for your employees.

When your workplace is cluttered, it quickly hampers efficiency and adds unnecessary stress to your daily routine. On top of outsourcing an office cleaning Manchester company, there are some simple and effective steps you can take to keep your office clutter-free and highlight a creative, focused, and positive environment to work in.

Here are some strategies to help you reclaim your workspace from clutter.

Set Clear Goals

Before delving into a declutter, you need to establish the goals that you want to achieve. Are you looking to improve efficiency, better organize your office, or create a more pleasing aesthetic?

With a clear vision of how the office should be organised, it will ultimately guide your decisions and help keep you motivated to complete the process. It helps to create a checklist, where you will undoubtedly find that many tasks overlap and can be done simultaneously.

Optimise Your Storage

With a new year, you can invest in new and smarter storage solutions to keep things organised and accessible.

Shelving units, cabinets, and drawer units can help maximise vertical and horizontal space, with storage bins and labels to categorise items, making it simple to stow away and locate what you need and easy to discard what is no longer required.

Eliminate Documents

Paper is one of the biggest clutters around an office, with many business owners not switching to a digital option for filing crucial documents.

By digitizing your documents and records, you reduce the physical clutter and find your documents much quicker. It also frees up a lot of space around your office, eliminating the need for bulky filing cabinets. That helps to reduce the amount of cleaning required around the office.

Look at Minimal Design

Many business owners embrace a more minimal design philosophy when arranging their office, keeping only essential items on desks and surfaces.

With minimal decoration, your office not only looks clean, but it provides better focus on tasks without surrounding distractions. It also helps when conducting an office deep clean, with less equipment to move around the space to access carpets or flooring.

Regular Cleaning Schedule

Decluttering is not a one-time task – it requires a monthly clear-out to keep your office in top condition.

Setting a regular cleaning schedule, with one deep clean every quarter with a commercial cleaning Manchester company, will help to keep your office at its most productive and healthy. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a clutter free environment.

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