Commercial Floor Care With Office Cleaners

Expansive flooring in commercial properties is subject to higher levels of wear and tear from a mixture of clients, employees, and other workers occupying the building. Although floors should be part and parcel of a commercial cleaning Manchester contract with your cleaning company Stockport, certain months can see particular challenges for this form of flooring.

While cleaning requirements differ with commercial environments, businesses can work to mitigate the worst damaging effects that harsher climate months provide.

Winter Month Harshness

Over the winter, office flooring in commercial properties will have the same wear and tear as the rest of the year combined. The reason that it combines three seasons’ worth of damage is down to the salt and sand that is routinely placed on pavements to combat ice build-up.

Treading in salt, gravel, and sand to your carpets or other flooring is one thing, but stepping in ice, slush, mud, rainwater, and general grime adds to an unpleasant experience for your floors. Impressions say the most about your company, and maintaining a professional appearance means ensuring your flooring has higher cleaning care.

Managing Winter Floor Cleaning

Most of the dirt on people’s feet is concentrated when they first step through the entrance, with the removal of most of the floor’s surface taking place between the first two meters. Placing large, thick mats at your entrances helps to trap most of the water, dirt, and salt to mitigate damage to the floor.

Although more floor washing sounds counterintuitive in adding more water and liquid to an already wet floor, more frequent cleaning dilutes the water collected from sleet and rain, reducing the likelihood of salt and watermarks. A professional office cleaning Manchester company will use specialist tools for cleaning these carpets, absorbing and removing any lying water or liquids.

They will also deep clean where necessary with hot water extraction methods, restoring your commercial flooring to its original condition and look.

Considering Different Flooring

Matting at the front of a warehouse will be mainly functional, whereas matting in office blocks will be placed with aesthetic considerations. Healthcare facilities will have additional requirements like specific hygiene protocols to take into consideration.

In consideration of how each commercial property is used, which industry-specific cleaning requirements are needed and what budget is needed, an experienced commercial cleaning Manchester company will ensure that your flooring is kept at the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Contact our team at Absolutely Gleaming Services to give your commercial flooring the very best in care throughout each season.

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