Last of the Winter Cleaning – February Fresh

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As the forever month of January ends, so too does the bitterly cold winter season within a few weeks. With the mornings showing signs of brighter days incoming – even with the customary bad weather – many businesses are pushing the change by having a deep clean of their office and commercial properties to get things fresh.

It is a good practice to end each season with a deep clean, removing the stagnant air and collected dust and dirt around your office. Whether you run an office, school, village hall, or practice, you can instigate February Fresh.

General Cleaning

Let’s start with the general cleaning that every office cleaning Manchester company would handle. That would include general vacuuming, wiping and dusting all surfaces such as desks and countertops, removing rubbish and disinfecting your kitchen, and conducting washroom cleaning.

These are all the basic requirements of any commercial cleaning Manchester contract. If your commercial property has hard floors, it would also have machine scrubbing and buffing requirements. For carpets, a cleaning company Stockport will use industrial-strength vacuum cleaners to ensure all dirt and debris is removed.

Deep Cleaning

For commercial property that sees higher levels of traffic, such as schools or retail outlets, deep cleaning is a service that is required more often than that of standard office spaces. With increased foot traffic comes even more germs and bacteria growth, especially due to the winter months and miserable February weather.

With a half term coming up, many schools will choose this timeframe to have deep cleans done whilst children and staff are off. With February also being a period when many people move into new properties, landlords and tenants require a deep clean of properties that become available on the market before any new tenants view or move into the property.

Deep cleans are also instigated for newly constructed properties before any businesses move into them, being sure to eliminate all leftover dust and debris following the completion of the construction process.

Window Cleaning

As well as cleaning the interior of your office this February, welcome in the returning daylight by utilizing your cleaning company’s specialism as window cleaners in Stockport.

Eliminating all built-up grime, dirt, and dust around your windows will allow for the most sun and natural daylight to hit your office and provide energy to your office workers. No one likes to work in an office where natural light struggles to reach them, especially when mental health is concerned.

Let’s start February Fresh with a change to your office cleaning Manchester. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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