Time for an Office Deep Clean

deep cleaning

Now that the warmer weather is starting to appear, employees will make plans for holiday getaways and look to spend more time away from the office. That becomes the ideal time to have your office, factory, or warehouse deep cleaned. With more staff taking holiday leave, deep cleaning will cause even less disruption to the staff and operations. The team at Absolutely Gleaming Solutions is preparing for a wave of deep cleaning work this spring, and your company should be among them.

The Unknown Menace

As the weather starts to warm up, there is more likely to be stains and residue from the back end of the winter weather – with dampness from the rainy weather across surfaces and floors.

With the return of the warmer climate, more insects will be born and will be attracted to the mould, stains, and other aspects of your office that require a swift and deep clean. With warmer weather comes more windows opening – leading to insects and allergens. It is time to have your carpets freshened and those dead bugs cleared from your overhead lighting, making your office spring fresh.

What Comes With a Deep Clean?

Offices and other workspaces can be transformed into a sparkling area both inside and out with a deep clean. As well as office cleaning Manchester, our team also includes window cleaners in Stockport to ensure all areas of the work environment are cleaned effectively.

Desks are known to harbour more germs than toilets do, which is why they require the most attention around desks and computers. If you run a factory or warehouse, a deep clean will include your commercial floor and equipment. Deep cleaning includes regular cleaning of workplace areas that happen daily – including reception areas and washroom cleaning – as well as focusing on cleaning all windows on both sides to give maximum visibility.

Deep cleaning includes attention paid to your cladding, deep carpet stains, gutters, and upholstery. It can also include clearing rubbish and debris from your parking areas and proactively checking for signs of common pests.

Out of Hours Deep Cleaning

We understand that offices can operate at high volumes of activity that don’t want any disruption. Deep cleaning is ideally suited to out-of-hours patterns either before or after your staff do their work.

In having an office deep clean occasionally alongside your regular commercial cleaning Manchester with a cleaning company Stockport, you can be ahead of combatting the various hygiene challenges that the change in season brings to your office.

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