Cleaning Your Office Equipment

Office equipment cleaning

Office equipment cleaning is a crucial area of commercial cleaning Manchester that takes required care. Equipment and machinery around the office, including printers, photocopiers, telephones, and other electronic devices are an expensive part of the business.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, our team specializes in cleaning these items to ensure they stay in optimal working condition, whilst your place of work remains hygienic and productive.

Here are the best ways to keep your office equipment clean and the benefits associated with it.

Office Desks

A clean desk is essential in maintaining an organized work atmosphere. When we clean office desks, we remove all items, including papers, electronics, and office supplies. That allows for thorough cleaning and prevents such items from getting in the way of the process.

It helps to have a thorough declutter of your office desk before the cleaning commences, discarding items that are no longer needed. A microfiber cloth removes dust from drawers, corners, and areas around cables and wires. A mild cleaning spray gives the desk an additional polish, but using too much will cause excessive moisture to damage the material of your desk.

After this, items can be returned to your desk and present a look that promotes productivity and a positive work atmosphere.

Office Chairs 

Clean office chairs are vital for comfort during long working days and a crucial part of the office cleaning Manchester process. Our team vacuumed the upholstery to remove drums and dust before cleaning the material.

To keep your office chairs smelling fresh, use a spot-cleaning method with a mild detergent and damp cloth to remove stains. However, using too much liquid can cause watermarks and damage the fabric – especially if they require specialist cleaning products.


Cleaning a computer keyboard is a crucial part of maintaining hygiene and ensuring the lifespan of the equipment. Clean keyboards are proven to boost productivity in an office, allowing for smooth and efficient workflow.

All keyboards will be disconnected from any power sources before any cleaning starts, unplugging it from the port and removing batteries to avoid electrical damage. Any loose debris must be cleared to stop it from going beneath your keys and affecting the usefulness of the board. All keys are then cleaned and disinfected to remove stains and bacteria, and fully dried before plugging it back into use.

For more information about the cleaning services and techniques used by our cleaning company Stockport, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today, professionals in office cleaning, washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport.

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