Greater Hygiene in the Workplace

good hygiene practices

The focus on good hygiene practices has been at high levels for four years now, with business owners required to adopt different views on personal hygiene around their offices and their supply of cleaning via a commercial cleaning Manchester specialist.

Closer attention to personal hygiene can stop viruses from spreading throughout your workforce. With many employees now understanding the need to sanitize and disinfect their workspace, it pays to keep on top by ensuring your cleaning company Stockport has everything in hand.

Important in the Workplace

With every workplace being different in industry and workforce, it stands to reason that each will also have different cleaning requirements. Many businesses adopt different working approaches, sustaining a mixture of full-time and hybrid working models.

With these two separate types of employee, each must know their responsibility concerning good hygiene practices, especially with so many touch points around the workplace. Door handles, light switches, tables, and desks will need daily disinfecting as part of your cleaning contract. More personal items on desks (phones, headsets, mouses) should have employees giving a quick wipe-down throughout the day to help themselves.

If your employees were supplied with wipes at their desks, it would spur them on to end their shift with a quick wipe-down of their area, which would be especially beneficial if a second shift is coming into work at that station.

Improving on Hygiene

Cleaning a work surface may seem easy, but fully disinfecting it is essential in keeping harmful germs and bacteria from spreading across your business. Not many people understand that once you disinfect an area with required cleaning agents, it needs to be thoroughly wiped away so that no trace of it remains on the surface.

Any leftover disinfectants on surfaces where food is prepared or placed can cause irritations to your staff, and any bacteria contained in the leftover chemicals can make them very ill. As well as hiring a professional office cleaning Manchester company, you can stock a certain amount of cleaning products to instantly clean up any spills or stains, and it is something that you should make all staff aware of its importance to clean up after themselves.

After all, it is a place of business, not a nursery.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, our experts in contract cleaning know how to keep your business premises in the highest regard of cleanliness, and we have worked with every type of business – from local councils to hospital buildings. To discuss your commercial cleaning requirements, contact our friendly team today.

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