Keep Your Carpets Fresh

Dirty office carpets

Every part of your office requires cleaning with different volumes of attention, but the one that requires constant attention is your office carpets. Due to the repeated foot traffic and spilt messes, these carpets accumulate harsher levels of bacteria at a faster rate. Dirty office carpets are not just a bad impression for anyone visiting – they are detrimental to productivity and mental welfare. Investing in a professional commercial cleaning Manchester company to clean your carpets will help to improve health and safety and maintain the positive image of your company.

Cleaning Carpets

When your office has dirty carpets, you may also notice the air quality in your space is off. Potentially, you have dust mites, pet dander, mould spores, and other irritants being breathed in daily by your staff.

Nothing is more off-putting than a giant dirty stain on your company flooring, resulting in collated dirt, debris, and spills seeping into the carpet fibres very quickly. Our cleaning team can use hot water extraction to help deep clean these carpets and bring them back to how they should appear while prolonging their lifespan for many years.

Always Trust Professionals

Everybody loves to save money in their business, but in-house or rented cleaning machines will not perform at the same level a professional cleaning company Stockport will with industrial-strength cleaning products and equipment.

Licensed cleaners are trained to use the most effective methods and agents for common office stains, taking every precaution around expensive office equipment whilst getting into the nooks and crannies. Our methods and equipment are eco-friendly and trusted chemical use that is industry approved.

Logistics  of Our Service

Absolutely Gleaming Services offer flexible cleaning schedules so that your office working hours are not compromised. Typically, our services are employed for after-hours or weekend cleaning, when the office is unoccupied.

For larger spaces, we divide areas into sections for a faster turnaround. Temporary floor protection also allows starting using your carpets again whilst ensuring the cleaned areas stay clean. Our team understands that a partnership means minimal disruption, and we provide plenty of flexible solutions of hours to suit you and your business needs.

Cleaning Carpets is an Investment in Your Staff

Fresh office carpets represent a significant investment in the well-being of your staff. That investment pays back significantly in your staff being more productive and happy in their environment.

Keeping your carpets fresh on a quarterly deep clean basis with professional office cleaning Manchester companies extends their lifespan and helps to enhance your workplace environment. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a quote on your office cleaning needs.

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