Hot and Stuffy Office: Time for a Change

hot and stuffy office

Does your staff often complain that they feel drained and uncomfortable in the office? As the warmer months begin, many employees will feel confined in a hot and stuffy office space. As the UK office environments are a little slow on employing air conditioning, they can be even slower in clearing out excess clutter that takes up valuable space.

As well as discarded boxes waiting to be thrown into the trash, musty carpets from the winter need to be deep cleaned in preparation for the warmer months and eliminate the foul odours and stale air they provide.

What Happens When Employees Overheat

Hot, clammy office space is not a joy for anyone; opening a window will only do so much. When working in uncomfortable spaces, we reduce our brain power by around 50% because of the poor air quality. It is a distraction that greatly affects your productivity.

Musty and foul air makes us feel tired, drained, congested, and unappreciated when trying to work. Those with allergies and claustrophobic conditions will not want to be in the workplace, leading to them leaving work because of illness, exhaustion, or headaches from exposure to dry heat.

Dust, Pollen, and Allergens

In the spring and summer seasons, pollen counts are up. That means that many people begin to suffer from allergies. A build-up of dust and other pollens in your ducts will need to be cleared so excessive particles are eliminated.

Various symptoms attributed to the warm and stuffy office climate can make us feel under the weather. Sneezing and sinus congestion can be brought on by particles in the air, and coughing can be the result of dry throat. Allergies will become more apparent due to the airborne allergens, whereas poor hydration can lead to employee headaches. Employees may start to feel constantly thirsty or suffer from sore throats. All of these can be eliminated by hiring a professional cleaning company Stockport to ensure your office is dust and allergen-free.

Deep Clean with Professional Cleaners

At the start of each season, it is essential to have a deep clean of your office interior, eliminating all build-up of dust and allergens, as well as germs and bacteria growing in the smaller corners of your spaces.

A commercial cleaning Manchester specialist will deep clean carpets and flooring to take away any foul odours and stains and ensure that washroom cleaning is conducted to the highest standard. As well as the interiors of your office cleaning, contract cleaning services also act as window cleaners in Stockport, helping natural sunlight access your office.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to help make your office a pleasant, spacious, and allergen-free environment.

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