All About Those Office Bins

office bins

Do your employees choose to enjoy their lunch hour in the confines of the office instead of heading out? Many employees bring their lunches to prepare in the kitchen area, disposing of any waste in the office bins within the kitchen or close to their desks.

This results in more waste building within your office, creating foul smells when food waste is left in the bins for long periods. Adding to that, the warmth of the office on hot days will cause those smells to worsen. It is essential to keep your bins emptied at the end of each day and stop the smells and the potential for unwelcome vermin and insects.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we always ensure that every bin in an office space is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate odours and food waste.

The Facts Around Office Bins

When you have a full workforce in your office, it stands to reason that your bins will fill much quicker with more food and waste. The leftover food from employees that gets tossed into the bin will attract office flies and potential vermin within the building.

As we hit the warmer weather months, your office’s kitchen and external bins will begin to smell a bit more. Heat speeds up the rotting process and bacteria multiplies at a quicker pace. As the bacteria feed on the decomposing waste, the unpleasant smells they provide invade the breathable air around your office, making for a very uncomfortable environment.

Smelly bins can also be an issue in colder weather when windows open less when the usual airflow for fresh air is not in circulation. Even your office heating on colder days can fuel the foulness around your office. It is a no-win scenario if you do not have them cleaned out.


One solution may be to opt for a smaller office bin. When you have a large kitchen bin, it will undoubtedly sit for longer without being cleaned until it fills. That means that leftover and rotting food will be a part of your office longer than it should.

While having a smaller bin means leaning it out more regularly, the upside is that food has no time to rot due to it emptying much quicker, meaning less smell and less chance of unwanted insects or pests.

Another solution is to have a cleaning company Stockport empty your bins daily, keeping harmful bacteria at bay while cleaning all nooks and crannies around the kitchen where waste can fall into.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, our team has no problem cleaning your waste bins and eliminating rotting waste and foul odours. It is part of what we pride ourselves on in commercial cleaning Manchester. For more information on our office cleaning Manchester, contact the friendly team at Absolutely Gleaming today.

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