How to Tell if You Need a New Cleaning Contractor

Cleaning Contractor

As a business owner, you will expect everybody within your company to withhold your principles of doing their job. It should be the same with any party you conduct business with, including your commercial cleaning contractor.

While it is crucial to focus on how your business operates, it can be easy to take your eye off how an external contractor maintains the cleanliness of the business premises. If you take five minutes out of your busy day to examine the level of care you are paying for, you may discover signs of a less-than-ideal working environment, with the cleaning standards you are paying for not being met.

There are telltale signs that it is time to move on to a new contractor for office cleaning Manchester.

Lack of Productivity

Has your staff’s work rate levels been less than stellar over the last few weeks? Have you asked them to be honest about a reason why?

One reason could be that the hygiene levels within the office are being neglected, but no one wants to be the person to say so. Shaddy working environments can have damaging long-term psychological effects on floor workers, and every staff member should feel safe and stress-free to do their best work.

Look at the results of a previous evening’s clean and see if the desks have been wiped and dusted, left tidy, and with empty bins. How does your kitchen look and smell when you get to the office? If they are not at the level you are paying for, then your cleaner is failing you and you should start looking into another cleaning company Stockport.

How Is That First Impression?

Sometimes it is hard to separate yourself from your business, but you must see it how other people do.

Too many business owners develop blind spots when it comes to how their business looks, leaving it how it is with a mentality of ‘I must get that sorted’ when it comes to a dusty corner or large smudge on your windows. Why risk your reputation when your cleaning company is paid to clean these issues? If you are paying a company to take care of these issues, maybe it is time to find a contractor that works as hard as you do.

Sick Leave

The average desk has more bacteria than your average toilet seat, which is not an appealing fact when you are eating your sandwich there. If your staff is experiencing more sick days with similar cases, it could be down to improper disinfecting of the desks around your office.

It could also mean your washroom cleaning is not up to the standard it should be. If your cleaning company is not using industrial-strength cleaning products to get rid of the bacteria and germs around these desks, you need a professional cleaning company Stockport straight away.

Are these issues above feeling familiar? It may be time to save your money and efforts with a better cleaning partner. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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