Cleaning and Sanitizing: The Main Differences in Office Cleaning

disinfecting and sanitising

Following the public concern over harmful germs and viruses that have been a part of our lives in the 2020s, disinfecting and sanitising have become vital in our health and environment.

In areas of high traffic, such as our offices and schools, maintaining safety through thorough cleaning will always remain high. While it is clear that we need this higher level of cleaning, the distinction between disinfecting and sanitising is blurred for many people. With the help of some pointers, the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services will break down the use of both in commercial cleaning Manchester. It may also help you domestically too!


Cleaning is focused on removing those items that we can see and feel in the dirt, dust, debris, and liquids on surfaces. It also focuses on things we cannot see, such as germs.

It is essential to clean first to make the most of disinfecting and sanitising products. Cleaning includes sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, and wiping all floors and hard surfaces using a mixture of soap and detergents. Cleaning is not an act to kill germs, only to remove them from surfaces.


Disinfecting is eradicating as much as 100% bacteria and viruses around your office. Disinfecting products typically quote a 99.9% success rate for removing all germs from surfaces such as desks, worktops, and kitchen counters.

Disinfectants often contain harsh chemical mixes that include acids, alcohol, and chlorine to kill germs and viruses that get transported to surfaces from employee touchpoints. Without disinfecting surfaces, the possibility of employees becoming sick is much higher.


Sanitising is the act of reducing the presence of bacteria without harsh chemicals that you would use in disinfecting. Sanitising will kill most germs, but not to the level that disinfecting does, and it does not clear away dirt as cleaning does.

For that reason, you are required to sanitize your hands after a good clean with soap, but you are unlikely to disinfect them. Everyone has become more aware of sanitising since the pandemic of 2020, and it still plays a big hand in office culture today.

Knowing When Each is Required

In contracted commercial cleaning Manchester, most indoor spaces are cleaned each day to reduce the presence of an unclean environment. Depending on the number of people who use the space, washroom cleaning is done daily to reduce the buildup of germs and odours and disinfected to ensure all germs are depleted to the highest standard.

Spaces that experience high traffic require regular and consistent hygiene regimes to ensure a safe office environment that promotes well-being. At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we provide full office cleaning Stockport services that include cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising all areas to exceptional quality.

Contact our friendly team today to ensure your premises stay clean.

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