Unwelcome Facts About Your Workplace Desk

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There is no comfort in the workplace than having your own desk to work from. No one likes to share their space with someone – they want to be in control of how it is organised and how clean it stays. However, would you still feel comfortable if we told you that your office desk contains 400 times more germs than your office toilet seat? Chances are every time you place that sandwich or even that snack on your break down on your desk, you have picked up multiple germs that will next be transported to your mouth.

It is a fact that the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services highlights to many businesses requiring office cleaning Manchester.

The Bacteria Issue

The truth is that humans are the most common source of bacteria and, compared to women, men have up to four times the number of bacteria around their desks, phones, computers, keyboards, drawers, and personal items.

One factor can be that men tend to have bigger desks with more surface space. The other is that men have lower levels of personal grooming before coming to work. Most bacteria within an office come from the human element, with the computer mouse and keyboard the most common areas. Each keystroke on the keyboard deposits and picks up multiple microorganisms invisible to the naked eye, including gut bacteria.

As far as your desk is concerned, you may as well be eating food off of your toilet seat. The microbial flora of phones is heightened whenever we bring them close to our mouth or ear – but would you feel comfortable learning that the average office phone contains ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats?

Paper and Cups

Even though most documents are digital today, we will still come in contact with different forms of paper around the office, whether to take notes or to read a paper during your break.

Germs from an ill employee who has touched various documents around the office can still spread their germs even with them not around throughout the week. If you work in a business with manuals or files, chances are you pick up other people’s germs very easily. After all, who wipes down these items before and after use? Equally concerning is the use of office coffee mugs that don’t get cleaned by the staff after use. How often have you walked by the office kitchen sink and seen a cup deposited in the sink with no cleaning?

Germs around your office desks and items are real and can be very serious if you suffer from allergies or certain illnesses. With professional commercial cleaning Manchester, the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services provides the decontamination of your desks expected of a cleaning company Stockport.

Contact our friendly team today to keep your desk, items, and office safe from harmful germs.

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