Hiring an Office Cleaner in the Northwest

Hiring an Office Cleaner

Not many business owners are interested in cleaning their own offices. Who wants to have those additional hours at the end of every day to do the most tedious cleaning chores when all they want to do is go home?

There is a reason why commercial cleaning Manchester is big business throughout the Northwest. Hiring an office cleaner means that your attention is more focused on the tasks you should be doing to grow your business. But how do you find a good cleaning company Stockport with so many operating in the area?

It Takes Time

Our first advice is that if you want to find an ideal partner for your cleaning requirements, it will take time to research each one. Confidence and professionalism should be your guide when looking at reviews and feedback online.

You may get recommendations from friends and other businesses on the cleaning service they provide, but be sure to enquire about the services they provide, as your business may require a different level of cleaning than others. You will see plenty of advertising on LinkedIn, networking forums, and Facebook community groups. Once you have collected a shortlist of cleaners that provide confidence, look into their websites and social media profiles further.

What to Expect and What to Ask

Before hiring a cleaning company Stockport, there are some questions you should ask of them. The first is what they include in their cleaning contract packages and if they provide a customised cleaning plan for your business.

Most cleaning companies would base the cleaning plan on a walkthrough of your office space and a full assessment of the cleaning needs. A contractor will offer daily office cleaning tasks for dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washroom cleaning, and waste removal as standard. Other less frequent tasks will be the deep cleaning of carpets which can include on a seasonal basis.

You also need to consider if the cleaner will be in charge of cleaning your office kitchen area, and if they or your employees will be responsible for discarding any leftover or expired foods.

Specialised Training

You will want to know that the people who clean in your office have the training to do it effectively, so it should be asked what level of training they have had – especially around chemicals and equipment.

A qualified cleaning company will have extensive knowledge of surface cleaning for wood, glass, and upholstery, and how to clean around electronics. When hiring an office cleaner, they typically bring all the necessary equipment and cleaning products when they arrive and shouldn’t expect you to provide them.

For professional, friendly, and flexible cleaning services around your office space, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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