Cleaning Food Preparation Businesses During a Heatwave

Throughout the UK, the huge increase in daily temperatures during the 2022 heatwave has put tremendous pressure on keeping the workplace clean and safe.

For businesses that work in food production and preparation, it becomes even more of a necessity. Ovens in bakeries and machines in food processing plants can be one of two things in cleaning – time-consuming or dangerous.

Leaving your ovens and machines with even the smallest amount of food left within the nooks and crannies and result in germs, bacteria, flies and maggots that can affect your operations.

When They Need Cleaning

Ovens and machines need to cool down and be fully turned off before any cleaning’s undertaken on them. Doing this throughout the day can halt productivity and waste valuable time.

That is not to say that they cannot be cleaned whilst they are still hot, but if it is not done with the correct safety equipment to do so, you can suffer severe burns and injuries. These ovens and machines need to be operational and meet the highest level of hygiene standards every single day, which means they need high levels of professional cleaning more regularly than any other area.

Having them cleaned to this level improves efficiency and productivity and protects the costs and downtime of your equipment and its lifespan.

Cleaning Down Sides

Businesses that prepare food, such as takeaways or sandwich makers, have to consider a lot of additional factors when cleaning the premises.

Leftover food needs to be disposed of and worktops, sinks and ovens need additional consideration when it comes to deep cleaning to ensure that bacteria and flies don’t take over the space.

Crumbs and fat from foods can drop into cracks in tiles or carpets and begin to fester, which left unattended can begin to cause germ buildup in hot weather. Having a professional cleaning company Stockport pays close attention to the deep cleaning required to ensure that food does not become contaminated by left behind stains or food waste build-up.

Dust Elimination

Many staff members will handle cleaning around machines or ovens and disposing of leftover foods, but cleaning high-up areas above the ovens and on top of shelves is an area that they will always overlook.

These areas can have grease build-up, dead flies and a dust cover that can fall onto foods and result in complaints and contamination of the entire day’s stock.

Giving extra consideration to cleaning during the heatwave to your kitchens, processing plants and ovens ensures that your stock stays fresh and desirable. For keeping the workplace clean and safe, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for commercial cleaning Manchester

Call Centres at The Cleaning Forefront

When you look at every kind of business that utilises office space to maximum capacity, the work of call centres is one of the biggest clients that require regular office cleaning Manchester. The reasons for call centre cleaning is pretty simple – they have the most people occupying the space, sometimes crammed desk to desk and that means a lot of requirements for keeping individual areas clean.

Call centres are not just telemarketing businesses, tech helpdesks and customer service lines – they can also be first responders and emergency call centres. All of these people have to man phones and take record numbers of calls a day or make them – and that means their surroundings are vital to the job.

Timing is Everything

The one thing that is always of consideration for call centres is that they can work around the clock, clocking in as many as three separate shifts a day. A day shift, evening shift and what is known as the graveyard shift (through the night until the morning) means that not only do they require their workspaces to be cleaned almost every day, but more than one individual will occupy the space at any one time without much break in between.

The need to fully cleanse the keyboards, handsets and seats between each staff shift can be hard, and finding the right time for cleaning can be harder with so many shifts happening throughout the week.

The best way to fully cleanse the office space is to conduct a clean over the weekend when everyone stops working.

Weekend Cleaning

Special contracts with a commercial cleaning Manchester company can ensure that no disruption to the staff during their busy target hitting week occurs by doing the work on a Saturday or Sunday, preparing the office for the week ahead.

This would include full deep carpet cleansing to eliminate the germs and bacteria forming from the amount of foot traffic every week. In some call centre scenarios that work in patterns of 3 shifts a day, there can be upwards of 90 staff members using all of the facilities, including the kitchens and the toilets.

With all of these people requiring the washroom at least once a day, that is a lot of people to clean up after and requires specialist washroom cleaning to fully disinfect the area for the week ahead. This also means that bins will get more full over the week and will need emptying on a more daily basis.

Desk Items

Typically, for offices that run three shifts, there will be three staff members manning 1 desk throughout the day. With considerations around the post-pandemic period, this means that each desk requires a lot of attention to cleanliness.

Office cleaning contracts ensure that over the weekend a lot of attention goes into fully cleansing the desk and disinfecting all of the equipment on and around it. There is nothing worse than coming in on a Monday morning to discover the last person occupying your desk on Friday night left it a mess.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for call centre cleaning and office cleaning Manchester.

Areas Missed During a Basic Office Clean

“How hard is it to keep an office clean?”

It is a statement that every boss has to administer to his office workforce every once and a while, typically born out of frustration with the state of the area in question.

Whilst a simple office clean-up can restore a simple cleaned-up look, there are plenty of things figuratively brushed under the carpet – maybe even literally in some cases. Just because it is out of sight does not mean they are out of mind. There are plenty of overlooked spots that, if you chose to go and inspect right now, would probably have a nasty surprise or two tucked away.

Office Equipment

Office equipment such as printers and copy machines may not get used every day – and that could be a telling sign of dust buildup when they are not. Underneath these machines will be harbouring enough particles to set off allergies in an entire office, and it is a good bet they have not been moved by employees to quickly clean up.

Your kitchen microwave is also an area that will have its buildup of dust behind and under – as well as pieces of food and crumbs accumulated underneath. When food is left uncleaned it begins to build up disgusting bacteria – this is an item that needs cleaning more and more often.

Walls and Screens

You would be surprised that dust, dirt and grime do not just get under and around the items in your office – they stick to your vertical surfaces also.

If you have textured or wallpapered office walls, you will need to keep them wiped down to get the layer of built-up dust off of your walls. This extends to around any picture frames or window sills which have their build-up.

Inspect the glass of your office artwork and you may even find fingerprints that need to be wiped off, as people’s fingerprints get everywhere – even if they make no sense to be there. All frames around the office need to be kept dust free regularly.


Light switches, plug sockets and ceiling fan blades all will have a larger build-up of dust due to being an afterthought to most. To be honest, when was the last time you saw an employee taking a wipe to a light switch?

If these areas go unnoticed for too long, soon enough the signs begin to show as they look grimy, dusty and unappealing to anyone.

It can be a headache for a regular employee to remember all of these places every week, which is why every office must have a contract in place for office cleaning Manchester.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to keep your warehouse, washroom cleaning. and office clean!

School’s Out

That time of year is upon us again when the children are set free until September and the schools take a break for the summer. Whilst the learning is on hold for holidays and fun, school work is still active – especially when it comes to keeping it clean. This period is typically where the deep cleaning takes place, much like half term. The difference is that there is more time to conduct thorough cleaning in schools and making sure every area is ready for the return of staff and pupils.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Periodic deep cleans help to keep the spotless reputation and keep the environment in a fresh state all year round, with every part of the school seeing different types of attention needed.

Your art classes will have plenty of paints and glues stuck to tables, your woodwork and design classes will have sawdust in every corner and those food technology classes will have plenty of ovens to keep clean – and that’s before you even reach the school canteens and kitchens.

School commercial cleaning Manchester incorporates every kind of cleaning imaginable to make sure it retains its lofty standards of educational needs. The deep cleaning during the holiday months is an essential process far beyond the emptying of bins and mopping the floors.

School Needs

The exact needs of your school are tailored to how many students you have. The equipment within the school and how many staff and pupil bathrooms, classrooms, lunch areas and other areas you have. These can take a lot of time to clean, so it is best to do them during those holiday periods.

If undertaken during the holiday break, it does not matter if you are on a large campus or a small local school, the service can be structured for all of them during quieter periods.

A deep clean takes a series of procedures to ensure that everyone returns to a fresh environment. This includes vacuuming and shampooing all carpets within classrooms and halls and stripping and polishing parquet floors to ensure they look bright and fresh upon arrival. Hard floors are also mopped and all items like chewing gums are removed.

Hard Clean Areas

Deep cleaning of the school’s kitchens, canteens and washroom cleaning require specialist chemicals to eliminate all festering germs, including behind areas that typically would get missed. Soft furnishings such as lounge couches and curtains also require a certain amount of steam cleaning to keep them fresh and pristine.

Sports halls and corridor floors require specialist buffing cleaning to eliminate germs spread by foot traffic, and also every office and classroom with computers requires keyboards, monitors, desks and other equipment to be thoroughly cleaned and dusted to ensure no spreading of germs.

Whilst school is out, cleaning in schools should be in full effect by a cleaning company Stockport. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

How Office Cleaners Protect You From Germs

Have you given enough thought to where all of your office-based germs hide and how they would be removed? Regular cleaning in certain spots does everything possible to remove dirt, stains and other messes – but the removal of illness-causing pathogens is where the true benefit lies in having a regular cleaning service.


Dust accumulates daily and is visible to the naked eye – as well as to those suffering from allergies.

As the leading cause of air pollution, dust not only causes those allergic reactions but also exacerbates asthma and impacts the respiratory systems. It also impacts your overall productivity within the workplace. When a potential client visits your workplace and sees dust everywhere, it does not set the right impression that your business is one of care.

After all, if a business cannot take care of itself, it is highly unlikely to be taking care of its clients.

Surface Cleandown

When we think of germ removal, we all picture the constant wiping down of surfaces with disinfectant and antiseptic wipes or cleaning sprays.

An office cleaning Manchester company goes even further by using compliant chemicals and cleaning products that ensure all surfaces are fully disinfected and safe. This includes high-reach areas that can typically get ignored by a regular clean-up operation by your staff.

It is especially important in today’s world that all of your high-touch areas such as light switches and door handles get a thorough clean to eliminate contaminative germs that employees can carry from outside.

Carpet Attention

Your office floor sees more daily foot traffic than you care to realise. The people that come into your office are not just the employees, but also delivery people, clients, prospects and other business owners – each carrying their amount of germs on their footwear.

When you think about your carpet, you may not realise all of the dirt, hair, dead skin, insects and germs that harvest over a day. It is not a pleasant thought and – if not attended to – not a pleasant odour after a while.

All of these built-up carpet contaminants contribute to polluting the air also, and regular vacuuming with a commercial cleaning Manchester-based company becomes crucial in removing all of the unwanted items tracked into your carpet.

These are just a few of the regular cleaning service on offer from Absolutely Gleaming Services, ensuring that your business is not just visibly clean, but all of the silent germs are kept at bay as well. Contact our team today for full services in office cleaning Manchester.

Why Office Cleaning is More Important in the Hot Months

It feels like an eternity since we last had hot months, and even back when we did it was still around the main pandemic threat which kept many of us confined and staying away from the office.

Now that 2022 has everyone back to working in the office – whether full-time or hybrid working – we will stand to feel a lot of that heat through our office windows. Whilst we welcome the summer months, it also provides its fair share of flies, germs and bacteria. This makes it the most important season to have a service for office cleaning Manchester on your books.


The summer holidays are the time of year we all remember fondly. Not being in school for what felt like 8 months has filled many a happy memory. But the cleanliness of the schools needs to be maintained even more during the summer months because dust can settle faster with no movement – which means germs can harvest even faster.

During the closing weeks, a deep clean of the entire school ensures that no festering bacteria and germs are starting to build for the return of your staff and students – and due to the students not being around, it can be done a lot more effectively and thoroughly.

A team of commercial cleaning Manchester specialists can take care of every corner, high and low, to ensure that dust and dirt are eradicated before anyone steps back into the classrooms.


The winter months may provide the flu for many members of your workforce, but the summer sure can belt out the hayfever – and that can be much worse.

The good news is that allergies are not contagious, but for those that suffer them, they can be very debilitating. Colleagues can bring in pollen spores just from walking inside and out, which starts to then affect your sensitive workforce when pollen starts to build up around dust.

With that in mind, a cleaning company Stockport can be the best thing to help employees who suffer from allergies to be able to work in a much cleaner environment.


In the summer, the office and kitchen area bins fill up with everything from discarded wrappers to leftover food such as apple cores and sandwich crusts.

This is your hive for bacteria that start to spread around the office. Old fruit will grow fruit flies and nasty smells will accumulate around the office air. This can quickly get out of hand and these areas will need tending to daily.

A regular office cleaning contract makes sure that your entire office is thoroughly sanitized using the most effective cleaning chemicals to ensure no harbouring foods or waste attracts a nasty surprise.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to make sure your summer cleaning is in hand.

How Long Does it Take to Clean a Commercial Office Space?

No matter if it is a move to a new office environment or assessing your current work office requirements, the wonder of how long it will take to clean the entire area will always be one of those questions that need asking.

It is okay to not know how long it takes to make the place fresh and clean – that is not your main concern when renting or purchasing an office space. You need to concentrate on the business growth, not the dusting and vacuuming. This is where you need an outsourced cleaning company Stockport.

What Needs to Be Done?

The best place to start in trying to figure out how long it will take to clean your office space is figuring out what your requirements are.

This helps in determining the type of contract you want with a company specialising in office cleaning Manchester. Deciding on whether the environment needs cleaning daily, weekly or fortnightly is something that has to have a little thought into it, especially when it comes to the kitchen areas with their bios and fridges.

Other things you need to consider in the post-pandemic era is how often you want items like door handles and railings cleaned, as well as light switches and other shared areas of your office that see a lot of contact from different people. Touch points are an area that sees a lot of germs building up without them being cleaned regularly.

Industry Standard

Your cleaning company considers the industry standard for cleaning your office space to be conducted 3-5 days a week, especially if it is a busy workspace that has a lot of build-up of rubbish and a large number of employees.

How many people work within the space plays a larger factor in how often it needs to be cleaned, as foot traffic on your carpet will require a more in-depth deep clean – especially if they come with muddy footprints or trodden in water that will start to create a smell in quick order without attention to it.

Having a regular office clean contract prevents a build-up of dust, germs and debris within the office which can cause illness to staff – especially those with allergies. A cleaning company Stockport will also factor in washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport – areas that regular employees will not want to touch in any capacity.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a commercial cleaning Manchester contracted suited to your office needs.

Should Hotels Outsource Cleaning Services?

When running a successful hotel, whether it is a large corporate or a small independent, room cleanliness is the most important factor for guests booking a stay.

Deciding on an outsourced cleaning company Stockport is a financial decision that has a significant impact on your guest’s overall experience, which is why it is important to weigh the cost advantages of an outsourced agent with the effect it has on your hotel’s quality of service.


Over half of the hotel guests read online reviews of hotels before making a commitment to one for their stay, and reports of the cleanliness top the searches – more than catering or how the staff are with guests. Before they part with their money, they want to know that the hotel rooms are worth it, being both clean and providing everything they need to make their stay easy.

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, hotels come under even more investigation online and have even deeper scrutiny once the guests arrive as to the environment they will be staying within.

A single bad review on cleanliness can stand out much more prominent among many reviews for great service and professionalism, damaging your hotel’s reputation and leaving many guests looking for a different place to spend their time and money.

Financial Help

With your full-time employees or contractors employees being representatives of your hotel and having a direct impact on your customer satisfaction, outsourced commercial cleaning Manchester agencies provide several financial benefits as well as more specialised services.

One of the biggest advantages a hotel can have with outsourced cleaning agencies is that they can scale costs as needed. When fewer staff members are required in the off-season, the hotel saves on not requiring to pay for extra employees and having fewer overhead costs by not needing them to come in just to clean up.

Specialist Services

As well to the savings, outsourced cleaners also provide a wider range of specialist services, such as deep cleaning that can be done up to 4 times a year and provide very fine cleaning to remove every trace of dirt, dust and contaminated area.

Without having to constantly concentrate and deal with the cleanliness of the hotel on a staff level, a hotel can further dedicate its time and efforts towards growing the business and focusing on more important tasks at hand.

An outsourced cleaning company Stockport will also be able to accommodate new policy changes within hotels, as well as being able to add new areas of cleaning to the contract as time goes on. The other benefit is that holidays do not affect a cleaning company, as they will always have agents able to undertake the task at hand.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for your hotel cleanliness needs.

Saving Business Money with a Contract Cleaning Service

If you are one of those business owners who realise that commercial cleaning Manchester is a business essential but feels it is also an expendable business expense, you would be surprised to learn – in looking a bit deeper – that specialists in office cleaning Manchester tend to save your company a lot of money in the long run. In an age where cutting down business costs is essential, here are some ways that contract cleaning services can help cut costs over time.

Reducing Risks

When a competent cleaning contractor is in charge of cleaning your corporate workspace, your financial situation in the workplace starts to save in various areas.

The biggest benefit is fully reducing the frequency of workplace accidents as a result of insufficient cleaning. Many companies suffer from greasy floors or damage to the structure that has gone unidentified due to no regular cleaning being done in the area. Many kitchen area pieces of equipment tend to fail or break due to not cleaning them out, such as the kitchen microwave – one of the most frequently replaced office kitchen items.

All of these areas can be tended to with a professional cleaning company Stockport.

No Distractions

Focus is the key attribute for successful employees to carry out their daily work in an efficient manner, and one of the biggest distractions they have is dirty or cluttered working areas. They are not conducive to the levels of productivity required for employees to work at their best for your company.

An efficient cleaning company not only gives their workstations the perfect clean but also ensures that all waste paper baskets and any empty cardboard boxes that are hanging around are properly disposed of and out of everyone’s eye line. It is unbelievable the level of attention employees gain when they have nothing around to complain about.

Customer Retention

When clients visit your place of work, you would be surprised just how much the environment plays into their continued relationship with you.

If they witness that your office is grimy and cluttered, it will speak volumes of how much you value your reputation and your staff’s welfare. They will probably feel that you have no care for your business, so why would you give extra care to their business? If the whole area is sparkling clean and clutter-free, the impression on your visitors makes them happy to refer you onto their contracts also.

It is an expense that provides a greater sense of saving money and prevents the loss of potential business. If you are wanting to hire contract cleaning services for office cleaning, washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport – contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Businesses That Need Higher Cleaning

Every business likes to present a healthy, clean atmosphere – some of them require it as a way to conduct their business away from the presentation to customers.

Some industries will lose their business should complaints or unhealthy atmospheres are in place.

Dental Practices

Hygiene is the most significant part of a dentist’s day-to-day working environment, and their surgeries require a heightened level of deep cleaning regularly.

Dentists have had to deal with a backlog of dental appointments following the early start to the 2020s, with millions of appointments required to be booked. With many clients still fearing environments where the virus could be potentially harbouring, a dentist’s office is one where many people will be the most judgmental.

Exceptional levels of cleanliness are not only important for safety reasons but also that of the client’s overall experience of comfort – something you want to be left untarnished for your practice.

Care Homes

The care sector is an area of business that always needs to have health and safety as its core focus, especially when it comes to caring homes for the elderly.

Care homes have stringent measures in place to protect their patients and cleanliness of the environment is seen as the most vital part of the job. Deep cleaning keeps all surfaces, soft furnishings, floors and equipment that come into contact with patients at the highest levels of cleanliness.

From bathrooms to bedrooms to general areas such as lounges, higher concentrated levels of dusting and eliminating stains keeps your patient’s health a top concern.

Car Showroom

No one wants to buy a car that looks like it has been sitting in a dusty room. People demand the place they want to buy something brand new to look sparkling a shiny – just like what they have shown up to buy.

A pristine sparkling showroom floor showcases how appealing your cars are, giving them that brand-new glean that helps to sell the car to potential customers. If your showroom is full of tyre marks and blemishes on your floor, it shows that not a lot of care goes into a presentation – and that does not bode well for your automobiles.

How you photograph and showcase your stock is what gets people through the doors, and ensures they are cleaned by specialists in commercial cleaning Manchester do the very best job.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a cleaning company Stockport suitable for all work environments.