The (Unpleasant) Truth About Workplace Bathroom Tooth-Brushing

It’s a subject that often comes up around the workplace and never fails to divide opinions. Chances are, several people around your own office use the communal bathrooms around the place to brush their teeth. Maybe upon arrival, perhaps after lunch or just before their departure to wherever. But in any case, brushing your teeth at work is the kind of thing you either don’t see any problem with whatsoever or find absolutely disgusting.… [read more]

Five Reasons to Step Up to Professional Office Cleaners in 2017

The start of the new year always brings to mind thoughts of a twelve-month period where everything around the office will be better. You’ll finally get around to doing all those things you’ve been putting off and you’ll make sure the whole place runs more efficiently and professionally than ever before. And of course, the subject of cleaning the place will no doubt be one that doesn’t escape your attention, either.… [read more]

New Year, New Office Cleaning Company?

With the new year officially here, the time once again arrives to consider how you got things done in 2016 and how things could be improved for 2017. One of which being, the cleaning team you hire to take care of things around the office.… [read more]

Keeping Your Company Cars Clean Throughout the Winter

As the cars your company owns and operates say a lot about your business as a whole, it’s worth keeping them in good condition throughout the winter. Easier said than done? Perhaps, but there’s nothing to say that with a little TLC, you can’t keep your company cars in superb condition throughout the worst of the weather.… [read more]