Essential Workplace Health and Safety Tips for Winter

It’s never acceptable to turn a blind eye to health and safety in the workplace. Nevertheless, the winter months call for even more diligence and awareness than other times of year, given the way in which the likelihood of slips and falls grows as the weather deteriorates.… [read more]

Washing Machine Woes – Preventing Musty, Stale Smells

You can try to ignore it all you like, but the simple fact of the matter is that a stale-smelling washing machine is trying to tell you something. What it’s trying to tell you is that there’s something unpleasant going on behind the scenes. In the vast majority of instances, bad smells tell a tale of excessive bacteria building that’s not exactly doing your fabrics a world of good. And the longer you leave the problem unaddressed, the worse it’s destined to become.… [read more]

Five Tips for Creating an Office Cleaning Checklist

One thing professional cleaners learn when visiting workplaces across the UK is that most struggle when it comes to creating cleaning checklists. Managers and business owners set out with the very best intentions, though end up with inaccurate, incomplete or entirely inappropriate cleaning checklists that just don’t work.… [read more]

Workplace Laundry – Cutting Cleaning Costs

Over time, the costs associated with workplace laundry can add up to a huge headache. For thousands of businesses, taking care of laundry in- house represents a far easier and more cost-effective approach than outsourcing. But at the same time, it also represents a rather hefty on- going expense to cover, not to mention a sizeable investment of time and effort.… [read more]

Workplace Washing Machines – How to Banish Bad Smells

Workplace washing machines have the very real potential to be just about the most unpleasant and downright nasty appliances on the premises. But from uniforms to tablecloths to bedding and so on, thousands of businesses depend on their washing machines.… [read more]

Pre-Inspection Cleans – Why It Pays to Call in the Pros

There’s often nothing more terrifying that the prospect of some kind of internal or external inspection being announced out of the blue. No matter what it is you do and whatever the circumstances, you suddenly find yourself in a position where you need to make your workplace look shinier and more impressive than it did even on the day it was opened. Not that you’re not running a tight ship of course, but let’s be honest – chances are it’s not been kept as it would if you were under constant supervision.… [read more]

Why Your Towels and Fabrics Always Smell After Washing

If you work in any kind of environment where towels are provided for any reason, you may have found yourself struggling to keep them smelling fresh. From guest houses to gyms to spas to office showers, towels play an important role in what you do, but may occasionally let you down.… [read more]

Advice When Mixing DIY Office Cleaning Products

These days, it’s perfectly possible to knock up a whole world of cleaning products from the kinds of everyday bits and pieces you already have lying about the place. From staple cupboard ingredients to condiments to powders to fruits, it’s quite amazing how effective such simple things can be when combined for a specific use.… [read more]