Office Cleaning Programs – Three Steps To Success

On the surface, keeping the office clean, tidy and hygienic sounds like a pretty easy job. In reality however, it rarely is. The reason being that with so many duties to attend to and individuals to involve, it can be tricky to even know where to start.… [read more]

Office Allergies – How to Minimise the Misery This Spring

Spring is an amazing season – unless you happen to be one of the millions of people up and down the UK affected by seasonal allergies. From sniffles to sneezes to skin rashes and more, the annual allergy season is one that so many would most probably rather do away with altogether.… [read more]

Hidden Germs and Bacteria: The Office Areas You’re Probably Neglecting

It’s not that office cleanliness goes overlooked, but it’s more a case of certain quite important duties being somewhat put on the back-burner. While most large businesses these days have their own cleaning contractors to come in and get the job done on their behalf, others opt for the DIY alternative. Which can certainly work, but rarely tends to be quite as comprehensive as allowing the professionals to do what they do best.… [read more]

Preparing For the Big Office Spring Clean – Essential Survival Tips

Everyone loves the feeling of completing a thorough spring clean. But at the same time, actually going about the job in the first place has a tendency to fill most with dread. This is just as true around the office as it is the home, with things having built up for months on end to find themselves in quite a state.… [read more]

Office Kitchen Cleaning Tips

If it’s true to say that the communal kitchen in your work place tends to be a subject of abject chaos and controversy…well, let’s just say you are far from in the minority! In fact, it is pretty much standard to find that shared workplace kitchens are not only the source of a great many disputes, but spend quite a lot of time in the kind of condition that is anything but inspiring.… [read more]

Bed Bugs in the Office?

It’s enough to make your skin crawl, though is at the same time a growing problem across a great many offices and workplaces across the United Kingdom. The problem with bedbugs is that while their official handle may suggest differently, it is perfectly possible for them to turn up pretty much anywhere. Not only this, but they are absolutely tiny in size and can be accidentally picked up and carried absolutely anywhere in your clothes, shoes and accessories.… [read more]

Essential Considerations When Selecting an Office Cleaning Company

You’d be forgiven for thinking that every office cleaning company up and running right now was essentially offering exactly the same services. But no, in fact it’s actually quite to the contrary as when it comes to competence, experience, specialism and the quality of the service provided, the difference between competing brands really can be night and day.… [read more]

It’s True – Office Cleaning Really Does Reduce Sick Leave!

It is probably safe to say that there is very little the average employer hates more than sick leave. It really isn’t as if people are in the habit of getting sick on purpose and most absolutely despise the prospect of missing work due to illness. Nevertheless, research has shown that absence due to sickness is costly on a quite spectacular level.… [read more]

Can a Clean Office Really Improve Profitability?

Here’s a question – is it really possible for the cleanliness of an office to in any way affect its overall profitability? There’s no disputing the fact that a clean office represents a more attractive working environment than a dirty office, but when it comes to actual profitability…does cleanliness really play a role?… [read more]

Office Cleaning Health and Safety Tips

There are tens of thousands of offices and workplaces up and down the United Kingdom where members of the workforce play an active role in general cleaning and sanitation duties. Which in many instances can be a great way of keeping the place clean in between the professional cleaning, but at the same time is something that should always be approached with health and safety in mind.… [read more]