Animal Alert – Warning Signs of an Unwelcome Infestation

When it comes to genuine nightmares the likes of which no business owner would ever wish to face, pest infestation has to rank up there with the worst of them. Pests of all shapes and sizes can have a devastating effect on pretty much any business, affecting everything from employee health and safety right through to the structural integrity of the building itself.… [read more]

How to Immediately Know if Your Carpets Need Professional Attention

It’s one thing to give your workplace carpets the occasional vacuum, but when does the time come to call in the professionals? After all, professional cleaning represents the kind of added expense most businesses try to avoid as proactively as possible, but where and when should the line be drawn realistically?… [read more]

How to Clean Leather Office Furniture

If you’ve made the decision to invest in quality leather furniture of any kind for use around the office, chances are you’d prefer to keep it in the best possible condition.  After all, these are not the kinds of temporary or throw-away bits and pieces you can afford to neglect – quality leather office furniture does not come cheap.… [read more]

Simple Yet Effective Office Windows Cleaning Tips

The fact that there are always better and more important things to do around the office means that certain domestic duties tend to take a backseat. A perfect example would be office window cleaning, which unless contracted out to the professionals usually ends up being the kind of thing that’s put off and put off again until things become genuinely unsightly.… [read more]

Seasonal Sniffles – How to Prevent an Outbreak with Better Office Hygiene

It’s never a pleasant thought, but research has shown that the average office or workplace in general has the potential to be one of the most germ-ridden and unhygienic settings imaginable. On average, you’re looking at no less than 21,000 germs per square inch – all around you, all day long. Suffice to say, this really doesn’t bode well for anyone during the season of winter colds, flu and sniffles – it’s really little wonder office outbreaks are quite disastrously common.… [read more]

Healthcare Environment Cleaning Tips NOT to Be Overlooked

Working in a medical or healthcare environment presents a variety of unique challenges – one of which being how to keep the place flawlessly clean and hygienic. The simple fact of the matter is that any kind of lapse in cleanliness could have genuinely disastrous consequences and therefore is something that simply cannot be allowed to happen.… [read more]

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning – Essential Tips for Lightening the Load

Bathroom cleaning – undoubtedly one of the most joyless and yet equally unavoidable of all workplace duties. Like it or not, on-site toilets and washrooms really aren’t going to clean themselves. And try as you might, it’s not realistic to expect those using the facilities day in and day out to keep them spotlessly clean and hygienic.… [read more]

Office Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – Protecting Your Investment

When and where the time comes to give the carpets around the office a thorough cleaning, there are basically two options on the cards. You could take the cheaper of the two options and hire out a carpet cleaning machine, or you could give the professionals a call and have them come in and take care of the job on your behalf.… [read more]

The Five Most Surprisingly Unsanitary Spots Around the Office

You wash your hands after going to the bathroom, you try to keep away from visible grime and you use hand-sanitiser before and after lunch – chances are, you think you’ve got personal hygiene covered around the office. Unfortunately, things aren’t always quite as they appear to be as it might just shock you to learn that something you touch dozens, maybe even hundreds of times every day actually has 400-times more germs per square inch than the average toilet seat!… [read more]