A Reason to Hire a Cleaning Company

For most of us, we like to present our business in the best possible way by looking tidy, smart, and professional. The first impression is the most significant influence on a client wanting to work with us. Is there a benefit in hiring a cleaning company?

If you look around your work environment – from the office to a factory floor and the toilets and kitchen area – do you feel that it represents the level of cleanliness you feel comfortable with? It could be dusty in the corners, with a few high up cobwebs and the odd empty box clogging up a walkway. Maybe it is time to hire a cleaning company Stockport.

Here are a few reasons why…


An organisation in our working life is very important to be able to keep everything running as it should, and working with a contract for office cleaning Stockport will include a working schedule.

By having a schedule tailored to your needs, you will know who will be entering your building and the time it is due, providing continuity even if the regular person cleaning is on holiday. Another agent from the same company will be on hand to stick to the schedule without having to miss a week or two.

Higher Attention

Most companies feel that a quick wipe of a desk and vacuum of the carpet is enough, but a real commercial cleaning Manchester service puts pride into their work.

Comprising a staff that are highly trained and qualified to undertake extensive levels of cleaning, a professional cleaning company leaves nothing out of their routine. They also utilise the very best in industrial cleaning products and tools to make sure your workplace is left in the highest quality.


A lot of business owners don’t like to think of the expense when it comes to taking on a cleaning contract, assuming it will be too high to pay out.

When you sit down and work out the specifics of your requirements for cleaning, you discover that the costs are quite reasonable – as well as a business expense that can be claimed against. Another benefit is that should anything be broken or damaged as a result of the cleaning, then the costs of fixing or replacing come from the cleaning contractor.

The big item of consideration is that a cleaner comes with all of the equipment and cleaning chemicals, which your company will not be storing around the office and taking up valuable space.

There are many positives to hiring a cleaning company. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

We all know of the values of domestic cleaning and office cleaning services – but have you heard of an commercial cleaning service and do you know the difference between office and commercial cleaning?

When looking for a company to clean your business premises, it is important to know which type of contract they offer and which is the most suitable for your particular business. The most common type is office cleaning, and with the lines becoming blurred on what types of cleaning there are for a workplace – there are enough differences between office and commercial contracts.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a specialist type of commercial cleaning contract that focuses on the workplace office, and whilst a pretty basic type of cleaning – spaces can be pretty complex.

With these rooms having various amounts of delicate electronics and electrical outlets – as well as servers and computers – cleaning around these items requires a lot of care to not damage them. Office cleaning also incorporates office kitchens, toilets, stairwells, lifts and various surfaces around the vicinity.

Naturally, all of these areas are used by many different employees daily, making it challenging to keep clean without disruption. High volumes of foot traffic also have a worn effect on your company office carpet, making them tired and dirty almost regularly.

Office cleaning has a special focus on bringing those carpets back to life so that they don’t need to be replaced – and making them smell fresh and pleasant.

Commercial Cleaning

Where the difference between office cleaning and commercial cleaning comes in is that commercial cleaning is a catch-all phrase for cleaning any kind of business environment from retail to retirement homes.

Commercial cleaning contracts tend to be much more versatile and come with the use of a lot more specialised equipment – such as buffers and industrial cleaning tools – and tends to be highly specialised by sector.

Various areas such as factories, data centres and businesses within the medical profession have different needs than nightclubs or bars. With most commercial cleaning Manchester businesses, they will have specialised experience to apply for each type of business – or some will focus mainly on these sectors.

Commercial cleaning has higher trained standards for their cleaners, sometimes working around more hazardous areas such as chemicals or manufacturing plants.

The Right Contract

Even with a large portion of workers doing hybrid or home working, the need to have your office premises cleaned regularly comes down to what areas are most used daily – such as kitchens and toilets – and the type of business you run.

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How to Eradicate Those Office Smells

The sense of smell is probably not the most popular in a majority of instances, but it is one of the most powerful that we possess. And when it comes to the workplace, many wonder how to make an office smell nice.

Every place has a smell, and we become nose blind to a lot of them when we continuously smell them. Others we cannot ignore, and that is when a smell becomes overpowering. It is the smell of a bin that needs emptying or from the toilets – and these smells are present in the commercial environment also.

In an office setting, offending smells can be much harder to track down – but proper cleaning can eliminate those offending smells.


From leftover fish in the microwave to forgotten sandwiches in employee drawers, some smells get unbearable and fast. Almost a third of employees admit that they choose to eat at their desks, making the desks, keyboards, chairs and phones full of crumbs and grease.

Greasy and sticky foods devoured at desks can permeate into the fabric or woodwork, and the odours begin to seep into the air. Encouraging good eating and after-eating clean-up practices among your staff reduces clogging up the office with abandoned food and leftovers. Those employees that have sensitive allergies could fall victim to certain odours, so it is best to have everyone think about the team environment.


The office kitchen sink sees pretty much everything thrown into it, and is probably one of the most abused areas of the office – but not the first everyone thinks to clean after them.

You see leftover food, teabags and murky water and it gets left for someone else – and starts to create matter and a bad smell soon follows suit. This leads to sink blockage which also leaves a foul odour. Teaching your staff to simply wash their dishes after use and put tea bags in the bin after use certainly saves a lot of unwanted odours from occupying your office.

Unclogging the sink can be done by pouring boiling water and bicarbonate soda down the plughole. It is a simple way of stopping the problem before it gets out of hand.


Wondering how to make an office smell nice? Your carpets can certainly attract a lot of bad smells in the office and are usually one of the most common areas for it, which is why it is equally as important as your washroom cleaning to get done by a professional.

They can be difficult to pinpoint when it comes to office smells, but years of wet weather, trodden in dirt and spills that are long forgotten about certainly begin to take their toll. Increased footfall also adds to the smell as the year goes on, which is why it is important to have an office deep clean every quarter to freshen them up.

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The Core Expectations of Your Office Cleaning Company

When you’re looking for established cleaning companies in Stockport and agree to their services, there are certain things that you should expect straight away – them being professional, efficient and courteous.

Whilst a lot of office cleaning companies are different, you need to know that the company you hire fulfils your expectations. Here are certain things that you should have from any office cleaning Manchester company.


You may not feel that professionalism is such a big deal when it comes to a cleaning crew, but they need to show up at the designated time you have agreed on and perform the tasks that they agreed to.

If your commercial cleaning company is continually showing up late or missing out on important areas of cleanliness that are expected from the tasks laid out, then you are not getting the best end of the working relationship. This would require you heavily evaluate the working agreement and find a more professional commercial cleaning Manchester company to be in partnership with.


Many office companies set up their cleaning contracts to be done after hours to not upset the working day of their staff. You may feel that the cleaning company would not have to be courteous in this instance.

However, we all know that sometimes employees have to work late or even come back to the office if they have something urgent that needs taking care of. You would expect your cleaning company to be courteous in the same way you would if you had to call them should you have any issues.

If your cleaning company is not courteous within the working environment of your staff, it may pose a problem where a building grudge between the two workforces can lead to a troublesome relationship.


Above anything else, the cleaning company you utilise has to be an efficient one. Having a job half done or not given the right amount of attention required just leaves a sour taste on the working agreement between both parties.

At the end of the day, you have to work in the environment from 9 to 5, so you want it to be clean, dust-free and uplifting. If you come to work every day and notice leftover dirt, grime and dust around your workstation – it means that you are going to be distracted. It also means that your current cleaning crew are not living up to their end of the deal.

For cleaning companies in Stockport, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a professional, courteous and efficient service that feels like a natural partnership.

Church Cleaning

One place that people may not consider for a deep thorough cleaning by a professional cleaning company Stockport is churches, and many throughout the UK need divine intervention in tackling germs and bacteria. Church cleaning services are extremely important as hundreds of churchgoers may sing, pray and breathe the air within these spaces, the communal areas within the church also require cleaning to cast out the germs and protect the safety of all congregation members.

Hiring a professional cleaning service is the most efficient path to cleanliness, and has many benefits.

Atmospheric Beauty

Churchs are grand in design and many are listed properties – which means they require special care to keep them as intended.

When you hire a commercial cleaning Manchester firm, the first thing you will notice is that the building has a cleaner, healthier environment in general. People who come to church like to be in a place that is a safe atmosphere – and nothing is friendlier than a clean smell and sparkling look.

The professional image of your church will also be enhanced with a hired cleaning service. By having the large windows cleaned, the carpets fresh and vibrant and the seating free from dust, your church’s value is increased in the eyes of the congregation and you don’t look in a state of needed urgent repair and replacement.

Make Your Schedule

A church is open for all kinds of events and you will sometimes have to have an adaptive cleaning schedule. Many for-hire services will want to stick to a routine, but with office cleaning Manchester services you can control the cleaning schedule with a service that works for your availability.

You not only have control over how often the cleaners visit your church but also over a specific checklist of precisely what is to be cleaned on every visit – whether it is a light dusting to a full deep clean.

Using this service, you can tailor your cleaning provisions to suit whatever requirements are in play.

Planning Help

Many occasions take place within a church from weddings to baptism to that regular Sunday service. To better prepare for each occasion, cleaning services are the best way to get things in order.

No matter if it is a baptism or Sunday service, the place can look spotless and ready for its big day, showcasing its cleanliness in photographs and being recommended as a beautiful venue to friends and family members.

If you run a church and require church cleaning services, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Clean Out for Office Move Out

When you are preparing to move out of your current commercial space, many things need to be done in packing and coordinating the move, as well as preparing the premises for the next tenant to move in.

They say that moving is one of the biggest stress-inducing practices you have to do, and that is just shifting from one location to the other. Cleaning the office upon moving out can feel like an overwhelming task, but there are steps to take to ensure it is much easier on your time and effort.

Pack Everything Before the Clean

The last thing you want to do is double your workload with so much stuff going on. Cleaning up before you move is one of the common mistakes.

If you begin cleaning whilst the move is underway you will end up repeating many of the tasks and areas that you have already gone over and the result will be both frustrating and overwhelming. Constant debris and dust from packing materials and additional dust kicked up during your office furniture being moved around means that it would be a smarter move to leave the deep clean until after your office is empty.

This means that you can then simply call in specialists in commercial cleaning Manchester who will be able to do it in one fell swoop.

Stack to One Area

Boxes, equipment and furniture should ideally be moved to your new premises if logistics allow. This is not always possible between a move-in and move-out date, so ensuring that all of these items take up just one area neatly is sometimes the way to go.

Having the items stored in just one dedicated area helps to keep you both organised and streamlined, especially if some employees are working right up until the moment you move out fully. This also helps to prioritise the move and coordinate the logistics as you pack.

Smaller Cleaning Areas

Just because you have not fully moved out yet does not mean that you cannot have a cleaning company Stockport work in some areas.

Dust and spiderwebs can be cleaned from high up areas such as ceilings, windows and high shelving areas before the deeper sweeping, mopping and vacuuming which comes following the move. Dirty windows can also be cleaned as cleaning companies are also window cleaners in Stockport. As the windows will not be joining you on the trip, it makes sense that this area can be cleaned whilst you are still packing up.

Following these small bits of advice help you to not repeat your steps when performing a complicated move to new premises, and prepare your current premises for a full deep clean by a professional service in office cleaning Manchester.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to help you with a seamless and clean move.

Areas Professional Cleaners Never Miss

To most people, keeping an office nice and clean is looked at like a relatively easy task – but so is missing vital areas and spots that are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Certain areas and tasks within the office clean have a bigger overall impact on your business – especially when it comes to the health of your staff. Every nook and cranny has the potential to fester into a bigger problem – including those areas professional commercial office cleaners will never miss.

A Vacuum of Tighter Spaces

The edges of carpets are one of those areas that commonly don’t get the proper vacuuming they require. If your office has chords or computer machines/filing cabinets on the ground, and even if you feel you have cleaned every square inch around them, those corners will no doubt be harvesting some serious germs.

A professional cleaner will double-check every area around these difficult spots to ensure no dirt or dust sticks around after a clean, ensuring that these difficult corners do not get neglected. This can even mean the machinery is pulled out and around the edges cleaned via a vacuum hose to eliminate any built-up dirt, grime and crumbs.

Windows and Blinds

Your windows and office blinds are majorly important to providing a clean environment, as well as a healthy one for your workforce.

Most professional cleaning companies also come equipped as window cleaners in Stockport, as well specialist cleaning of blinds which more often than not get forgotten about. If blinds are not regularly dusted off, your employees can become congested and sick from the accumulated pollen in the air.

Having these blinds wiped clean regularly when employees are not in the area greatly reduces the pollen amounts throughout the breathable air.


It is incredibly easy for employees to forget to clean up after themselves, wiping down tables and cleaning any leftover dishes. More often than not, dishes just get left in the sink for someone to tackle at the end of the day.

The removal of older foods from the cupboards and fridge is another often neglected area, as well as cleaning out the microwave after use. The kitchen requires a lot of specialist cleaning, and you can help by going through the fridge on a Friday and tossing out any food that is destined to occupy that space over the weekend – making it easier for a fully effective professional clean to be undertaken.

If you’re looking for commercial office cleaners or for full office cleaning Manchester, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

How Germs Spread Around the Workplace

Now that the majority of employees are back to enjoying the office atmosphere, the top concern for many offices is how germs can easily be spread, leading many to wonder how to prevent spreading germs in the workplace.

Germs spread quickly and easily, and in workplaces, surfaces get touched often and by many people in just one day alone. By understanding how germs spread around your office you can better understand how to reduce the spread of them around your workforce.

What Causes the Spread?

Bacteria, germs and viruses accumulate on surfaces around the office and can be spread by airborne transmission. The biggest areas to harbour such germs are typically carpets, fixtures, doorknobs and handles, office equipment and staff toilets.

An average employee will touch around 300 surfaces within the office every half hour, and just one door within your workplace can accumulate germs for over 50 per cent of your workforce within just 4 hours of a working day.

Every company wants healthy employees and a clean workplace, especially following the awareness of how serious protection from viruses and germs is in today’s society. Even cleaning a keyboard with an antibacterial wipe can provide a 100% reduction in bacteria growth. As an employer, germs in your workplace can be kept at bay with a little special attention being paid.

Carpet Care

Carpets provide a welcoming feel and beautiful finish, but high traffic volumes bring in higher volumes of germs and allergens.

Allergens such as pollen, fungi, chemicals, tars and residues are typically uncovered upon investigation into office carpets and an easy remedy to keeping all of these germs at bay is to have a cleaning company Stockport provide regular care and maintenance.

A daily vacuum and professional deep clean twice a year makes a huge impact against festering germs and bacteria, as well as presenting the intended appearance and cleanliness.

High-Touch Areas

An average desk can have more bacteria festering than an office toilet seat, with upwards of ten million bacteria potentially laid on a workstation desk – 400 times more than your average toilet seat.

Items such as keyboards, handsets and office furniture can therefore become extremely unsanitary as the day goes on, and bacteria will only multiply every day moving forward if not cleaned with high-quality commercial cleaning Manchester products and services.

Cleaning specialists will use the proper sanitary cleaning products to ensure all germs and bacteria are minimised from office workstations regularly, and it is always a good investment to provide sanitizing wipes for each desk so employees can clean their desks throughout the day also.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to ensure all your office germs, viruses and bacteria are professionally handled. The experts on how to prevent spreading germs in the workplace.

Office Toilets Requires Professional Cleaning

The office working environment is among the busiest and most occupied places and the most commonly used facilities are the staff toilets. Even though all office employees and visitors go to the toilet regularly over a day, it can be one of those things that they do worry about. The truth is that most people will not hang around the staff toilet for long – and only use it if urgent. The urge for relief is the only purpose that it serves as it is not a conversation area, and the real level of care for the room is reserved for the professional office cleaning services company.

Millions of Bacteria

Unfortunately, taking the toilet for granted means that millions of bacteria living and breeding in it is not a concern. But, whatever is found inside your staff toilets will be carried and spread around the office as well.

Whilst a cleaning company Stockport will handle all of the chemically involved cleanings, some simple steps can be taken by staff and management to reduce the spread of germs around the environment.

Having soap or liquid soap dispensers is an essential part of staff toilets and they should be regularly filled so that staff can wash their hands thoroughly after use. If dispensers are dirty or not in their best condition, they may not work as well as they should be doing – these should be replaced.

Check Facilities

Along with soap dispensers, it is critical to ensure that every toilet has a stable seat to sit upon. By regularly checking the condition of the seats to ensure that the hinges are still intact and not loose. The seats must be well maintained and kept clean, even providing seat covers if possible.

Toilet paper is one of those items that we always seem to run out of and we don’t keep on top of the supply because it’s not something that is thought about until it’s gone. It is a good idea to constantly keep on top of supply, even providing disposable paper towels, cloth towels and hot air blowers in good working order.

Ensure Bins are Used

It may sound a bit overboard, but many employees seem to leave tissues and other stuff destined for the bin just laying around the washroom, including in the sink basin.

Fully informing your staff of the need to respect the washroom and clean up not just themselves, but after themselves as well creates a sense of pride in the workplace and avoids an unhygienic situation overtaking the office.

Keep your bins in order also so that no overflowing rubbish or used toilet paper or towels don’t get out of hand.

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Are Flexible Cleaning Specialists the Better Option?

When you are on the hunt for a professional cleaning company Stockport, you may find that not all of them are the type that will offer a multitude of services for their customers.

Some will offer select services for general cleaning services such as commercial cleaning Manchester, whilst others will also offer services such as window cleaners in Stockport.

Although industry practices will always be followed at all times, cleaning companies with a more flexible approach to office cleaning Manchester allow your contracts to contain all facets needed to ensure your business is left looking and smelling as it should.

Flexible Approach

When hiring a flexible cleaning company Stockport, you are more likely to feel satisfied with the overall quality of work that they undertake – mainly because it will be set to terms that you have drawn up to get the maximum service from them.

The first part is having the cleaning performed when it is convenient for you and your business. Flexible cleaning companies fit their working hours around the customer’s work schedules, to not disturb the employees of the business on the job.

Many businesses suffer a clash between their working hours and the availability of a cleaning service rota, so having a more flexible company handle the cleaning contract means that both parties can undertake a more successful workload without disrupting the other.

Better Contract

A flexible cleaning company understands that not every business has the same budget rate for a cleaning service, and whilst every business is different – so too can be the level of service available.

This can be either a twice-weekly clean for smaller spaces, daily cleaning for large office blocks or something even more specific. This can range from a quarterly deep clean to breaking down tasks into a schedule between daily, weekly or even monthly. A flexible cleaner provides the best service for whatever your budget and needs are.

Trusted Agents

The big area when it comes to working with commercial cleaning companies is one of trust. There could be instances where cleaners are trusted to work in areas where incredibly sensitive information is stored.

In undertaking that, you will want to be assured that every employee of that cleaning company is fully vetted and operating under a complete confidentiality agreement when undertaking cleaning on a client’s site. A flexible cleaner will understand this from working with many different types of industry around areas that contain pivotal information about the business and its employees and clients.

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