Floor Cleaning: An Essential for Successful Businesses

One of the main areas that get overlooked for cleaning in commercial premises is flooring. Commercial floor cleaning is as essential as opening a window to let air into your office or stocking up on toiletries – essential aspects in overall office cleaning Manchester.

Neglecting your floor can have far-reaching consequences, whether office tiles or carpet. Here are four reasons you need a professional cleaning company Stockport to maintain your flooring cleanliness.

Business Image

First impressions on those who walk through your doors for the first time say everything they need to know about your company. The state of your floor can either make or break a potential deal.

When new customers walk through your office, any dirty, stained or unkempt flooring creates a negative perception of your business, showing that you are neglectful and lack attention to detail. If your flooring is cleaned by a professional company – as a part of your commercial cleaning Manchester contract – they will see a vision of professionalism and care. That presents your company as a good investment for anyone who walks through the door.


Safety should always be your priority, as slippery or dirty floors can be hazardous for employees and customers.

Injuries from any trips, slips or falls can result in potential legal situations for negligence and liability issues for your business. Regular floor cleaning will ensure that any spills, debris and dust are promptly removed to reduce the risk of accidents – providing a much safer and sanitary environment for your staff.

Protecting Your Flooring Investment

Investing in high-quality commercial flooring is a costly investment, but one that is essential to provide the durability and aesthetics that a commercial property requires.

Regular cleaning of that flooring is an investment in protecting that valuable asset. Dirt, abrasive particles and grime will gradually wear at the surface of your flooring, showcasing scratches and permanent damage. With a regular cleaning schedule implemented, the lifespan of this flooring is extended and costly repairs or replacements are avoided.

Healthy Working

Businesses are a haven of activity, with a minimum of 100 people coming in and out within a day. That means each person is treading in germs, dirt, and allergens from outside and making your flooring a breeding ground for bacteria.

That means that your employees are at risk to their health, resulting in sick days or allergies that prevent them from productiveness to the business. Regular flooring and washroom cleaning removes the contaminants and provides a healthier indoor environment, reducing the chances of illness spread.

Do you want to elevate your business image with a professional cleaning company Stockport? Contact Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Encouraging a Clean Office

A clean office offers a more productive working environment with happier employees. As an experienced office cleaning Manchester company, we know a thing or two about why an office has to remain in its very best cleanliness and organised state. Whether you run a small office or a larger one, there are some strategies you can put into play to help maintain the healthiest of environments for your staff. Here are some tips to help you maintain your office cleanliness.


One of the most positive impacts you can provide on your office’s cleanliness is encouraging your employees to look after their working spaces. Every employee should value their areas and keep them tidy.

Remind them constantly that clutter and disorganised workspace can significantly impact the productivity of not just them – but other employees working around them. Desks filled with discarded and useless papers, books and food can quickly become problematic. Use gentle reminders about what they should be doing when cleaning out clutter and provide them with cleaning wipes on their desk so that they can wipe them down when they require it.

Keep Bins Empty

Your office bins will fill up very fast over a few days. If they do not get emptied at the end of a working day, they will start to smell and leave a very negative impression on your employees.

As a part of your commercial cleaning Manchester contract, ensure that your bins are covered for a daily cycle of cleaning and emptying every day. Place group bins around the office so that employees are never far away from a place to discard trash from their dinner breaks, as it encourages tidiness and ensure someone is responsible for emptying them.

Make Use of Storage Room

A big part of a clean working environment is ensuring it is organised. The best way to implement this is by ensuring the effectiveness of your storage space and filing areas.

It helps to make your working office more productive and ensures that, when it comes to office cleaning, it is easier for a cleaning company Stockport to access the area. A quick wipe-around to eliminate built-up dust is alot easier when the office is tidy and well-ordered.

Bathroom Cleaning

Washroom cleaning should be one of the most crucial areas of attention around your office. It needs cleaning once a day.

When washrooms are skipped on a cleaning rota, people will notice straightaway – and your employees will not be happy about it. Cleaning and disinfecting the toilets, sinks, floor, and fixtures is essential – and will require professional cleaning chemicals over off-the-shelf products.

We know that seems like a lot of hard work. That’s because it is! Keeping your office tidy and clean is no simple task, which is why it is more effective to hire a professional cleaning company. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Autumn Cleaning Tips

The autumn season is the part of the year when having a spotless and well-organised office becomes crucial. A combination of falling leaves, increased moisture and mud from constant rainfall causes a lot of trauma for your floors. Here are our Autumn cleaning tips…

It is essential to have a commercial cleaning Manchester contract in place. A clean workplace not only helps your business aesthetic but also boosts the well-being and productivity of your employees. If you want to outrank your competition and keep your office pristine throughout the autumn months, Absolutely Gleaming Services has compiled a comprehensive guide to help you stay healthy.

Seasonal Challenge

The first challenge of the autumn season is an accumulation of leaves and debris around your commercial premises. As leaves begin to fall with the changing season, they begin to track indoors, smushing into your carpets and leaving a foul smell if left unattended.

That leads to a messy and less-than-professional appearance that affects your business reputation. Autumn also increases moisture and humidity levels, providing the perfect conditions for mould growth. Mould not only brings health risks, it also damages your property and the reputation you have built.

Clean Office Impact

Working every day in a clean office environment brings more than a visual appearance; it directly links to increased productivity and employee well-being.

Offices that are free from clutter and promote cleanliness minimise distractions for your teams to focus better on their tasks. Fewer distractions mean higher productivity and efficiency in their work. Regular cleaning reduces allergens, germs and dust mites, providing a healthier environment for everyone. It also directly reduces the amount of sick days taken by your staff.

A clean office is a place that fuels positive impressions for clients, visitors and potential business partners. It reflects your professionalism and attention to detail.


As a part of your contract with a cleaning company Stockport, you should pay particular attention to the following to ensure everything is covered.

Consistency is integral to maintaining a clean office throughout the fall season, and a detailed cleaning schedule that outlines daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks is essential. An office cleaning Manchester company will ensure that all areas and needs are satisfied on consistent cleaning and sanitation, from carpet cleaning to washroom cleaning.

As the autumn season sets in, it is the perfect time to deep clean office carpets and upholstery, eliminating all allergens and dirt affecting the air quality and overall appearance. A professional cleaner revitalises these essential elements and leaves your office fresh each morning.

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Carpet Lifespan: Hiring Contract Cleaners

Your office space is an area of representation requiring the best presentation and hygiene standards. To achieve this, a regular schedule for cleaning and deep cleaning your carpets is essential.

If you run a shop, an office or any other commercial site, several benefits come with a professional cleaning company Stockport. Many businesses will see a professional cleaning company as an unnecessary cost, but, in truth, they will be spending even more money through occasional cleaning.

Here are some reasons why a professional commercial cleaning Manchester company is essential for a healthy carpet lifespan.

Promoting Hygiene

Professional carpet cleaning uses strong products to effectively remove any deep dirt and allergens. Depending on the setting your carpet is in, that can require cleaning on a more regular schedule.

Carpets suffering food stains will typically require a specific solution to guarantee successful removal. A thorough, professional service will help improve your business air quality, improving your employee’ health standards and their happiness within their workplace. Without regular carpet cleaning, deep-seated bacteria will lead to sickness and allergies. There can also be mould growth that can lead to long-term respiratory problems.


A commercial carpet’s long-term lifespan will always vary. However, a professional office cleaning Manchester company will increase the expected lifespan threefold and save your business a lot in refitting costs.

Annual deep cleaning proves to be a lot cheaper in the long term, especially if your business contains a high volume of carpeting throughout. Commercial office spaces and shopfronts endure more foot traffic than a residential property would on average – making them more vulnerable to higher contamination and wear and tear.

Fresh Vibrancy and Colour

As well as the practical benefits, a professional cleaning company can restore your flooring’s natural colour. Some companies will opt to pay out for a full carpet replacement to bring back the vibrancy the office is missing, not realising that a deep clean by a qualified professional can achieve the same result for much less cost.

Brighter carpets help to revitalise your business and provide a more consistent aesthetic. A cleaner look will show employees and visitors that you take pride in your business image and environment. Carpets rarely have a one-size-fits-all all solution; only a professional can determine the right products and approach to revitalising your carpet appearance.

Regular maintenance of your commercial carpets requires a professional to reduce the care it needs. Practical and aesthetic benefits can improve your carpet’s lifespan and significantly improve employee health and productivity.

Deep cleaning your carpets is essential for hygiene. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Keeping Your Desks Clean: Helpful Tips for Doing Your Part

Employing a commercial cleaning Manchester company to keep your office clean and orderly is a true benefit that helps to make your business look professional and organised. However, there are still ways that you can help in maintaining the cleanest environment on a day-to-day basis. Having your employees take on board some personal care tips for desk cleaning will help to maintain a clean attitude towards your place of work.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we do everything possible to ensure your work premises are spotlessly clean, including offering up some helpful tips.

No Desk Snacking

Snacking is unavoidable when you work at a desk. It is too much of a temptation to resist for most. However, that is how you end up with those permanent crumbs between your keys on your keyboard.

Whilst many business owners instil a strict ban on munching at the desk, you can help to resist the temptation by explaining to your employees that it is not the most hygienic option, especially with the many germs that grow on a desk over a day. It may seem a lot for your employees to give up, but just having them not do it for two weeks will help establish it as a rule.

Move It When You Notice It

One of the bug bearers is when various unused and unneeded papers clutter up our trays and desk space. The worst thing is we know it is there, yet we still leave it there.

Having employees clear any useless papers into the bins at the end of every shift, ready for the cleaning company Stockport to empty them at the end of the day, is something that every business can benefit from. Leaving papers on your desk will result in the cleaning company putting them in a neat pile in your tray when cleaning, meaning you will have to sift through them the next day. Take into consideration what papers serve a purpose and which is waste at the end of each working day – it will save a lot of rummaging time the next morning.

Place Items in Drawers

A simple step is putting all of the loose items like pens, pencils and bits and bobs into your desk drawers at the end of the day. That will greatly help to make your desk look uncluttered and ready for the next morning.

Whilst working through the day, placing all personal possessions like your mobile phone, keys and wallet/purses into your drawers will help keep you and your staff from distraction. It is extremely easy to become distracted when your mobile phone is getting alerts every few minutes, leading to procrastination.

The little tips that can prevent your office from becoming a rubbish tip. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for desk cleaning and office cleaning Manchester.

Effective Office Cleaning: The Facts You May Not Know

Your office space will always be better and save time when well managed. That is the main reason why busy office managers employ types of commercial cleaning services instead of taking on the work themselves.

Time management is the best way to focus on the essential things within your schedule. For something to work out well, you need to know that specific areas within your office are getting professional cleaning to promote a healthy workplace.

By hiring a contractor for office cleaning Manchester, you not only manage to keep your office neat and clean, but you will ensure that the hidden threats are fully taken care of.

Some Hidden Facts

Before anything else, you should know that if you ignore the cleanliness of your office even by a little bit, you are inviting a range of threats that will affect your employees. These same threats will create burdens on you by hitting your productivity levels.

Water is a necessity but, when poured from an uncleaned dispenser, it becomes a threat. That threat is present on your hands whenever you touch the buttons of the dispenser. Water dispensers can make your employees sick just from having the buttons filled with germs and bacteria from ignoring their need for disinfecting. Around 25% of water dispensers transfer threatening illnesses just through ignorance of when they should be cleaned.

Whilst most employees choose to eat their lunches at their desks, it can also be one of the biggest residences for bacteria growth. Every time hands are placed on a desk, you are making contact with a contaminated surface. Whilst these germs spread, so too are diseases which will make your employees ill or seriously hamper their productivity. On average, an office desk is proven to be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

More Than a Quick Wipe

Simply wiping over your desk surfaces with a wet wipe or wet cloth is not enough to fully clean the germs and bacteria hidden on the surface.

These surfaces require expert levels of disinfecting with high-quality cleaning products, such as the ones used by a cleaning company Stockport. Bacteria count can increase by 31% each day on surfaces that are not effectively cleaned with industrial-grade chemicals. As well as your desks, your office phones will contaminate your hands and help to spread the diseases.

Office telephones contain almost 25000 germs per square inch. When you look at your telephones and do the math, the amount of potential harbouring germs is staggering.

If you cannot dedicate time out of your schedule to office cleanliness and washroom cleaning, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services to schedule a service and make your office the healthiest environment against germs and bacteria.

How Commercial Cleaning Improves the Healthcare System

The fundamental essence of healthcare facilities is to provide a safe patient experience and ensure their safety. That translates to every area of the healthcare bubble – hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, outpatient centres and more. The rule of thumb for these care facilities is a clean and hygienic medical environment, protecting patients and staff from any potential germs and diseases. With such a strong commitment to safety and wellbeing, regular cleaning schedules are crucial to the patient experience – and specialists in commercial cleaning Manchester are the best partners for it.

A Regular Clean

A concrete cleaning schedule in a healthcare facility is not a simple aesthetic concern – it is a direct safeguard for patient health.

Clean and maintained environments reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and other preventable diseases. Infection control guidelines, set by bodies like the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), emphasise the importance of instigating regular cleaning routines to combat pathogen spread and provide the highest quality safety within healthcare.

Impact on Safety and Experience

A crucial aspect of cleaning a healthcare facility is enhancement of the patient experience.

Patients associate cleanliness and hygiene with the quality of care they are receiving. With a clean and well-maintained facility, you gain confidence from your patients and their families, providing comfort and reassurance that they receive treatment in a safe environment.

That positively impacts the overall perception of your facility and improves patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Does Cleaning Vary on the Facility?

There are separate and specific requirements between healthcare facilities with office cleaning Manchester. Many of the different areas have more unique needs than others.

Hospitals are the most complex healthcare environments and require more rigorous protocols due to the higher volume of different patients and the diverse services they provide. A hospital will have waiting rooms, patient rooms, operating theatres and other common areas with differing hygiene levels and spreads of infection. Clinics and outpatient centres also require diligent cleaning as most patients suffer from chronic illnesses and special care needs.

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities cater to elderly and more vulnerable individuals, requiring special attention to cleanliness and infection control. Everything from resident rooms to communal areas, dining halls and washroom cleaning needs to be heightened to protect those with weakened immune systems.

If you would like to know more about a cleaning company Stockport with expertise in cleaning in the healthcare sector, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Hire Cleaners

Businesses around the Manchester and Stockport area see some of the most prominent waves of visitors and workforces descend upon their offices daily. As a working man’s city – as well as a region that sees considerable rain and lousy weather downpours – the floors in our offices pick up larger varieties of dirt, dust and bacteria buildup. Ensuring a clean and organised office serves a positive reception for those passing through or visiting. With a well-kept working environment, you not only support and promote employee wellness but showcase that you put a lot of effort into your appearance – which spells excellence to every client who walks through your door.

As Manchester and Stockport are thriving business communities, the demand for reliable and effective office cleaning Manchester contractors is always on the increase. Let’s highlight the importance of hiring a cleaning company Stockport for maintaining a clean workplace.

Health and Well-Being

Hiring a commercial cleaning Manchester contractor is crucial when considering your employee well-being. Over time, dust particles, dirt and various allergens can quickly build up within confined working spaces.

Some employees will suffer from respiratory difficulties over time, with others breaking out in allergies and even more members filing for sick leave to deal with the effects of a neglected environment for working. By taking advantage of a professional office cleaning service, you can effectively remove these issues and risks whilst creating healthier working conditions for your workforce and visitors.

The Best First Impression

Whenever visitors and potential clients come to your offices, they will always judge you on the first impression that you give them. They will survey the surroundings and form an instant evaluation of what they see – and a negative one is a hard and long impression to change.

A clean and presentable business setting stands out and gives off an aura of professionalism – which is what every business wants. Relying on a professional cleaning company Stockport to handle all areas – from washroom cleaning to window cleaners in Stockport – ensures a continuous upkeep of your business and excellence on show for any new clients you want to onboard.

Tailoring Your Needs

Every office environment differs from others; meaning that your specific needs will vary from other business sectors. There are plenty of variables in each cleaning contract, such as size, layout and industry-specific demands.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we recognise this and provide tailored cleaning services that cater to each business’s requirements. Whether you require floor cleaning or warehouse cleaning, our team can modify every approach accordingly for the highest level of service.

Investing in a professional cleaning company Stockport is the wisest choice for all businesses in Manchester and Stockport, providing a healthier workplace, positive impressions and customised cleaning solutions in a time and cost-effective setting. Contact our friendly team today.

Reviving Your Office Carpets

Keeping your office carpets clean is one of the more challenging aspects of running a welcoming commercial premises. If you have a lot of heavy foot traffic through your office daily, a lot of dirt, dust and grime accumulate deep within your carpet – providing unsightly stains and foul odours – leading to health problems such as allergies and asthma.

Whilst you may feel compelled to clean your carpets by yourself to save on company expenditure, DIY methods are often ineffective and can lead to irreparable damage to your flooring. Therefore, you need to hire a professional office cleaning Manchester company to clean your carpets.

Dirty Carpet Problems

Dirty carpets pose many problems – even more when you handle them yourself with cheap, ineffective cleaning products. Not everyone is familiar with the ideal cleaning solutions and chemicals required and care needed.

To bring carpets back to their ideal look and presentation, professional equipment and speciality cleaning chemicals that are not off-the-shelf solutions are required to remove deep-seated dirt and grime. Professional commercial cleaning Manchester contractors have the experience and equipment to leave your carpets looking and feeling fresh, whilst removing the germ and bacteria-inducing stubborn stains and dirt trampled in all day.

Techniques and Products

To keep your various office carpets clean and well-maintained, our team use techniques and products that are industry-standard and treated to kill festering bacterias with industrial-strength chemicals.

With decades-long experience in all aspects of carpet cleaning, our cleaners can identify the best cleaning methods for your particular form of flooring – whether carpets, vinyl, hardwood or others – to ensure all cleaning operations are 100% effective and safe. When it comes to carpet maintenance, consistency is key. By implementing a regular cleaning routine, you can help prevent excessive buildup of dirt, dust and stains and reduce the amount of disgust your office visitors experience in your flooring appeal.

Poorly cleaned office flooring has more detrimental effect on your business reputation than bad word of mouth. Take proactive action and keep a regular cleaning schedule – even if the carpet looks fine.

Deep Cleaning

Whilst regular cleaning can keep your flooring clean, a deep clean once or twice a year is essential. Deep cleaning such as steam cleaning or hot water extraction can effectively remove deep-seated dirt and stains. Deep cleaning services can be provided by your cleaning company Stockport and can extend the lifespan of your flooring.

If you need professional carpet cleaning services, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today. We have the expertise, equipment and knowledge to ensure your office stays in excellent condition.

Clean Windows: More Important Than You Think

It is easy to underestimate the importance of your windows in your day-to-day working life. They are our only portals to the world that await us outside. The need for natural light and connection to the outside world makes us even more productive.

When these prominent features go neglected – which they are in comparison to sticky floors and rubbish disposal – it begins to harm your staff.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we want to change your perception of why window cleaners in Stockport are essential as part of your office cleaning Manchester.

Glass Integrity

Glass is a porous material. When left unattended, the surface collects large amounts of dust and dirt that affects the transparency, including pigmentation spots, smears and streaks.

Pollutants can affect the glass integrity, especially in city environments where air pollution is more present. These pollutants also lead to your glass becoming more fragile and prone to small cracks, scratches – even breaking. If you want the full lifespan out of your windows, they must be clean as part of a regular cleaning schedule.


Many businesses running an office property fail to appreciate how different clean windows can make their business look. People pay attention to areas such as cleanliness not just on the inside – the first impression comes from how it is presented from the outside.

Would you be comfortable eating at a restaurant if all the windows had dirt and dead bug stains? Window cleanliness drastically affects the way people perceive your company. Ensuring your windows professionally spotless and cared for showcases that you are company transparent with your attention to detail.


Natural light is one of the most crucial factors in people’s well-being. If people work in dark and dull conditions, it has a negative effect on mood, morale and mental health than most business owners recognise.

If natural light sources get blocked by dust, debris and other pollutants, your workers are not getting the required natural light exposure, which can lead to illness, tiredness and depression. For employees affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), their bodies will greatly suffer from a lack of natural light when the autumn and winter months kick in. It is therefore essential as a business owner that you protect the health of your employees by having window cleaners in Stockport as a part of your commercial cleaning Manchester contract.

Contact Professionals

Now that you realise clean windows’ importance, you should include it as equal to your washroom cleaning to keep your business a healthy environment. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.