When Do I Need an Office Deep Clean?

Business owners are always surprised at how much work goes into a professional office deep clean. Whilst regular office cleaning Manchester can be pretty basic in terms of cleaning strategy, a deep clean operation goes much further into the process to tackle a multitude of areas that a regular clean does not handle.

How Often Do You Require a Deep Clean?

Every commercial cleaning Manchester service would not be complete without an initial deep clean to get you started. Following that, it is not a requirement to have one every week.

With the onset of new hybrid working conditions for many businesses, you may not require a deep clean every other month either, but it is important to have one occasionally to ensure all the places that regular cleaning does not cover get to have attention at certain intervals. Once every four to six months is a good schedule for an office deep clean, depending on the number of people you have working there and how many visitors you have.

What it Entails

An office deep clean is a sizable job that requires more than one person to undertake. The good news is that a commercial cleaning Manchester company can undertake it as part of their service.

The day before a scheduled deep clean, get your office staff to clear their desks of clutter and clear the floor area of any bags or folders. It is also a good time to clear out any excess junk that has been building up over time. This sets the tone for the levels of commitment to cleaning to come.

Moveable office furniture should be gathered into the middle of the office space so that all edges and corners of the office are open. These areas build up to bigger amounts of dust, which is identifiable when you see the difference between regularly cleaned areas and those that have not had the attention.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning team will be sure to make the office well ventilated and begin work on a dry dusting of all surfaces. This will incorporate cleaning of light fixtures, high shelving and tall furniture and down to desks, cabinets and blinds.

Following this, the team will wet dust and disinfect surfaces and windows, and all areas that get the maximum amount of germs – such as phones, keyboards and door handles. Specialist industrial vacuums will then tackle the floors to deep clean carpets and remove deeper levels of dirt and bacteria.

An office deep clean provides an incredible aura of freshness that your employees can feel. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Different Types of Contract Cleaning


Everyone knows the difference between domestic and office cleaning – but do you know that commercial cleaning is something different?

Whilst you may think that cleaning is simply cleaning, it is important to understand what specific types of cleaning are available from a cleaning company Stockport when evaluating your business cleaning needs.

Typically there are three main types of cleaning with the first two being easily separated into domestic and office cleaning Manchester. The third type – commercial cleaning Manchester – is where the line blurs from the office environment side.

Commercial Cleaning Explained

Commercial cleaning is an all-encompassing term for cleaning any kind of business premises from retail to retirement homes.

The difference is that, unlike an office environment, commercial cleaning is more versatile and can involve a lot of specialist equipment and services, such as floor buffering and industrial cleaning requirements. As you can imagine, places of work can vary – factories, hospitals, nightclubs – so they each need a different level of speciality cleaning to go with it. This includes specialist knowledge and training for many different types of environments.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is among the most popular commercial cleaning services because every business has an office interior somewhere on site.

Whilst it may seem like a pretty basic routine task to keep the office in order, it takes a lot to keep it maintained to a healthy and hygienic standard every day. From delicate electronics, daily utilized kitchen spaces, toilets, staircases and different surfaces all-around – an office is the one space where constant activity and a multitude of visitors pass through every day. This creates an environment that requires the very best in cleanliness.

Foot traffic alone will create havoc with your office carpet that requires industrial vacuums to keep them fresh and looking welcoming. A cleaning contractor will help bring them back to life by keeping the look of them refreshed and smelling great.

Scheduling Work

The biggest drawback about having someone in the office take care of the cleaning is that it disrupts workload. However, the best thing about hiring a cleaning company Stockport is that you can set the schedule of when the office requires cleaning, meaning it can be done after hours or over weekends when the business is not open. It also means you are saving money on your bottom line by not disrupting working hours or hiring an employee specifically for the task.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for domestic and office cleaning services.

Typical Office Cleaning Roles

If you are currently in the market for a commercial cleaning Manchester agency to handle your office cleanliness, you may want to ask what the main areas of cleaning are. After all, many different parts of your office require attention and you want to know exactly what is covered. Ideally, you want someone who can reduce the number of cleaning contracts you have in the company down to one. The role of dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the desk and worktop areas are an expected part of the process – but a cleaning company can do a lot more in terms of office sanitary requirements as well as the role of window cleaners in Stockport.

The more time you have to focus on the core work areas of your business and the ability to have everything under one works contract, the better.

Extra Roles

The dusting of the desks, window sills, picture frames and computer monitors are the things you would expect from a cleaning company, as well as the vacuuming of carpets and mopping of floors. These are the areas that most people visualise when they have a cleaning agent in mind.

In truth, these are the simple tasks that a cleaning company undertake for a client. The hidden cleaning tasks that don’t get considered include the disinfecting of doorknobs, keyboards and computer mouses that get used every single day by a multitude of people with multiple amounts of germs.

Added to that is the removal of all office, kitchen and washroom bins – including sanitary bins – which are major office sanitary requirements. Though these areas are not immediately thought of when considering an agent for office cleaning Manchester, they can all fall under the umbrella term of a cleaning company Stockport.

The Hidden Appreciation

There are plenty of hidden advantages to having an outsourced cleaning contract, and it all falls into how much your staff feel appreciated.

When your staff comes to work each day, they are greeted not just by a clean and sparkling office – but a pleasant smell also from office to kitchen to bathrooms. No one likes seeing dust and dirt as soon as they get through the door and are eager to get to work. By sitting in clean and organised desk space, it is like a fresh day for fresh results, providing no distractions and providing a fresh layer of productivity to begin the week.

If you are the type of individual who likes working in a clean environment instead of working to keep it clean, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Cleaning Business Washrooms

More than any other room within your business premises, your washroom cleanliness is going to say more about you as a company than any other. In today’s world, one bit of bad news on the internet about your business is hard to clean off, and having a visitor spread some news about the state of your business washroom is enough to kill the appeal of your business.

Every nook and cranny of your commercial premises deserve the very best of attention, but the washrooms used by staff and visitors is the one that will be heavily critiqued. It is therefore important that you hire a professional cleaning company Stockport to handle this vital area before things start to get out of hand.

Reputation Speaks Loud

A washroom is an area that requires much more than a quick mop and emptying of bins. This is a room that requires specialist cleaning products, bleaches and industrial cleaning tools to eliminate the many germs and bacteria that build daily.

You would not use carpet cleaning liquid on a sink after all, so it pays to have an expert know exactly what to use. Washrooms usually have floor tiling which will see a lot of muddy, dirty and staining foot traffic trampling in germs that will spread like wildfire around your office. This requires a good, thorough daily clean with high germ-killing chemicals.

Impressions count so make sure that every customer is welcomed to a fresh smelling and clean visual upon visiting your restroom.

Germ and Bacteria Care

Every business needs sanitised washrooms to keep away from all harmful germs and bacteria which can begin to form all manner of health problems.

The washroom of a business is the prime breeding ground for harmful bacteria to gestate. Urinals and toilet bowls are not the most glorious things in the world to look upon, especially if they are not regularly maintained to a high standard. Using a specialist in washroom cleaning who comes equipped with biological cleaning products equipped to eliminate all germs and bacteria that is festering under the units helps to reduce blockages and bad odours and leave the condition of the washroom looking as good as new regularly.

Regular Servicing

As well as the cleaning of the room, you are ensured that all waste paper and sanitary baskets are fully emptied and disposed of, as well as thorough cleaning of sink basins, door handles and mirrors within the room.

Although classed as a restroom, your business cannot afford to rest on the cleaning of this particular area of your property. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for the best in commercial cleaning Manchester and to take care of your washroom cleanliness.

Commercial Window Cleaning

As we have covered in the past, a clean workplace is all about ensuring your business is productive, healthy and successful on a day to day basis. However, it is not just the carpets, floors and fittings and furniture that require a fair bit of attention to detail in cleaning. What many people may not know is that a cleaning company Stockport will also cover other areas that you may believe you need a separate contract for. This also includes commercial window cleaning services- meaning you can also include this in your overall cleaning package.

Your windows are a very important part of the overall presentation of your business. Having them cleaned as part of your commercial cleaning Manchester contract truly benefits your business.


A clean office interior is essential to preserving the productivity of your staff as well as their health. They instantly feel much better being in a cleaner and well-maintained environment, which in turn makes them feel up to more productive levels of professionalism at work.

Cleanliness is also pertinent towards staff members with allergies or asthma, where they will have reactions to dust or other debris circulating the air. Direct sunlight also has a major factor on employee mental health – and having clean windows with no residue, mould or dirt on them provides the required amount of light to help them feel more energised at work.


Window cleaning itself is a very time-consuming task. No employee wants to add it to their already stacked workload as an extra job so you can save some money.

Hiring a commercial window cleaner on a separate contract can also be a waste of money – especially if your cleaning service offers it among their services. For your employees to not be distracted by a job that is not a part of their regular duties and to save money on separate contracts, your regular cleaning company Stockport will do it without fuss or added expense.

Building Maintenance

Maintaining your property is crucial, especially if you are leasing the office space you operate in.

A commercial window cleaner is an individual who can make sure your windows are always cleaned up to par with whatever your lease requirements are, as well as being a person most likely to notice any evidence of disrepair – this enables them to notify you so you can act of repairing the problem before it becomes costly.

There are plenty of benefits to having your cleaning company handle your window cleaning as part of their service. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for commercial window cleaning services and window cleaners in stockport.

Boosting Workplace Productivity Through Cleaning

Hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace not only impacts your health but also your mood and your overall personality on the show to clients. The same applies to your employees because whether they realise it or not – their surroundings impact their feelings, reactions and their productivity.

Regular office cleaning provides a huge boost where you need it the most for productivity in the workplace. Engaging with a professional cleaning company Stockport is always the best way to ensure that your office space is cleaned reliably, timely and as efficient as possible.

Better Health

The environment has a direct impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing. Even the most common colds we contract come from contact with furniture or other items that have not been cleaned properly, and that is just the mildest of germs and bacteria that can manifest.

This is especially true in places of shared space such as offices, where you can be exposed to billions of germs and bacteria that can easily spread around the office and lead to sick days and low morale.

When your workplace is not cleaned regularly, it becomes the breeding ground for germs and bacteria which can be harmful to your health and spreadable within minutes. Regular office cleaning is, therefore, a very important part of everyday office life, allowing for fewer sick days and better levels of productivity.

Reduced Stress

The quality of air within your office gets poorer and dust begins to accumulate without regular office cleaning.

Not only that but an office that is not regularly cleaned results in it being less organised as a result. Mounting clutter will soon start to cause stress for many employees, which then starts to affect your productivity levels.

Dusty computers and uncleaned washrooms can quickly turn revolting and put anyone off wanting to spend any time in the office – and it is these negative emotional responses that are detrimental to mood and productivity.

Regular office cleaning, therefore, creates a less stressful environment for employees to be in a better frame of mind and get more work tasks done by being comfortable in their surroundings.

Cultural Improvement

Having a clean office on a regular cycle shows your employees that you are invested in their well-being. This motivates your employees to do their best because the best has been provided for them.

If you are looking to boost productivity and morale through hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for regular and reliable service in office cleaning Manchester.

Commercial Cleaning

What is commercial cleaning services? When you read the term ‘commercial cleaning’, it relates to specialised cleaning undertaken by a professional cleaning company Stockport. This term covers a range of sectors including everything from hoovering your office interior, washroom cleaning to disposing of hazardous waste.

When you utilise an outsourced commercial cleaning Manchester company, you are doing so to protect your business visual impression not just to clients, but also to your workforce.

The Importance

It is understandable why so many people feel uncomfortable within spaces that are not fully in tune with proper cleaning measures.

The need to keep your workplace at the forefront of cleanliness that provides a sense of ease for those who visit is at a critical stage post-pandemic. Germs and bacteria are more in the public consciousness than at any time in history, and fear of becoming ill and sick from germs is the most feared aspect of stepping out of their doors.

On top of that, people do not like to be in places that are cluttered or untidy – especially when it comes to employees. This causes a distraction that ultimately affects their productivity and hours of work – which incur additional costs for a business.

Hiring a Professional

When handling the company cleaning less professionally, your business is standing to lose money, time and resources, as well as being inadequate in the tools used to complete the task.

By hiring an outsourced professional in office cleaning Manchester, the team comes equipped with a toolkit and expertise in cleaning multiple types of surfaces and equipment. Hiring professionals not only reduce the spread of germs but also helps to promote employee productivity and provides confidence for your clients.

A professional cleaning team also has the tools to give furniture and flooring a new lease of life and prevent wear and tear, saving much more money on any repairs or additional purchases for replacements.

Areas Covered

Commercial cleaners look after many different aspects of your business workplace and offer many different style packages for their services. They have the expertise in every area of cleaning, from dusting light fittings to cleaning out bins – as well as window cleaning and carpet cleaning.

How frequently you want the service to attend to your business comes down to your requirements and decision, able to make a schedule that works for you without disrupting your workflow or employees.

What is commercial cleaning services? Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Boosting Your Environmental Credentials with Cleaners

Apart from any moral obligation to preserve the planet for the future, more and more consumers are deciding to buy products made by environmentally-friendly companies in a bid to be as eco-friendly as possible.

This has resulted in many business owners favouring business partners with companies that enhance their green credentials rather than detract from them. It is a major shift in control of the current climate to use as many eco-friendly avenues as possible, and that also includes hiring environmentally friendly cleaning companies to ensure your business meets the criteria.

The Incentive to Being Greener

There are many reasons why choosing an environmentally conscious commercial cleaning Manchester service is the smartest move for the future of your business. This can be summed up by how your company is perceived, how it is cared for and the satisfaction it gives clients, partners and employees.

The days of burning away fossil fuels and carbon emissions within a business during day to day operations now raise an eyebrow, but even more so in how the business is cared for and cleaned using products that are suitable for a greener environment.

Boosting Credentials

The biggest benefit to your factory or warehouse is that your environmental credentials can be boosted by using an outsourced cleaning company Stockport, as they use chemicals and equipment that are approved for use.

The rub from using these types of cleaning services is that your corporate image can lay further claim to care for the environment by only having this level of eco-friendliness in its everyday cleaning – ensuring waste is properly disposed of in the process.

Not only that but by working with this type of specialist in office cleaning Manchester, you can reduce your corporate carbon footprint and benefit the environment.

Less Toxic

An outsourced cleaning agent will be equipped with several specialist cleaning products that are environmentally approved for use.

This ensures that all work surfaces are not contaminated with potentially toxic chemicals and carpets will be cleaned with chemicals that do no harm or release any toxic vapours into the air. By keeping your workplace fully sanitised to an ultra-safe degree, you will also greatly reduce any employee sick days from germ infestation.

Occupant Satisfaction

Your employees are the hardest people to satisfy, and many of them will have independently made eco-friendly decisions within their own lives. When they see their employer making equally constructive decisions with how they operate, they feel more assured about where they are working.

Added to that, other businesses will feel at ease with your companies image by bolstering an eco-friendly and clean image, making them feel more assured that your business is one to work alongside.

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly cleaning companies with an eco-friendly service, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Basic Office Cleaning Chores You Would Like to Offload

The business of commercial cleaning Manchester is very profitable – and for good reason. Business owners are realising that their regular employees don’t want to come to work to clean it, they want to do their work in a clean workplace that makes them money.

Business owners also realise that it can be expensive to hire an employee, with all employee benefits, just to handle the cleaning of their business. Regardless, the office needs to remain clean not just for the people working within it, but for anyone who visits looking to do business with you.

Those small tasks may seem less of a bother, but to employees trying to concentrate on their tasks they are a huge distraction.


No entrepreneur has time on their schedule to clean an office every single day, and no employee wants the responsibility of doing the task either.

The biggest one is dusting, which can accumulate on desks, windows, keyboards, monitors and everywhere else over 24 hours. Having someone on hand to clean these areas properly, as well as all filing cabinets, chairs, tables and accessories around workstations sure takes the weight off of employees shoulders and leave a sparkle to your office interior.

This is particularly useful in assuring those employees with allergies that their workstations are properly taken care of without the risk of them falling ill by doing it themselves.

Empty Bins

No one comes to an office to be a binman, and it is surprising how much rubbish can build in a single day. With every employee having their bin, the kitchen area and washrooms having their bin emptying needs and no doubt plenty of rubbish from parcel deliveries – you find that it builds fast and begins to get in the way.

No one wants to empty bins in an office on a day-to-day cycle – which is why professionals in office cleaning Manchester are right for the job. Ensuring that all waste is properly disposed of so that your employees can carry on with their tasks provides a healthy work atmosphere.


Every office has a broken-down, pass me down vacuum cleaner hiding in their stock room, but they are not always suitable for cleaning the carpets thoroughly. Most of the time, they just pick up surface dirt – and rarely has a regular employee ever been happy to pick it up and do the task at the end of the day.

When you hire a cleaning company Stockport to handle your office cleanliness, they come equipped with the right equipment for a clean workplace – including industrial vacuum cleaners for deep cleaning of carpets to make them fresher for everyday use.

Office cleaning with a commercial cleaning company is not just about the big jobs, but also the little everyday jobs that are big to people trying to get their work done. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for professional cleaning services tailored to your business.

Covered Under Commercial Cleaning

The kind of commercial cleaning employed by a professional cleaning company Stockport has several beneficial areas of specialism. What is considered commercial cleaning?

From hoovering your office space, maintaining the cleanliness of washrooms and properly disposing of all waste within the premises, a commercial cleaning Manchester company provides all the cleanliness with your business needs for that important first impression and the everyday working environment.

The Importance

Many people are extremely anxious about being in the workplace following the pandemic, and many more are more aware of the need for everything to be properly cleaned, observed and maintained to a high standard.

Keeping the workplace properly cleaned regularly is behind the elimination of germ spreads and bacteria growth and the reduction of sickness from an unhealthy, unsafe work environment.

On top of that, cluttered and untidy work environments are a large distraction for employees which affects productivity and office morale – which starts to affect your business bottom line in big numbers.

The Benefits

Keeping business premises clean is by no means a small task, but it is a huge priority. When done incorrectly, it is costly in time, money and resources – especially when done with the wrong equipment to handle the job correctly.

What is considered commercial cleaning? When you hire a professional company to handle everything from carpets to washroom cleaning, they come with extensive products and equipment to do the job to its highest standard – as well as the extensive expertise in every kind of business environment to thoroughly get the job done the first time.

Hiring a professional form for your cleaning needs not only reduces the spread the germs but also boosts employee productivity and gives reassurance to your customers that you are a company of care.

Meeting Health and Safety

Commercial cleaning isn’t just about making your business look good and smell right, it is also about being compliant with your health and safety commitment.

HVAC cleaning is an area that is a solution to eliminating poor indoor air quality due to dust build-up, especially in ventilation systems. For warehouse and distribution centres, this is a major area of consideration for regular cleaning – to the point where it is a major requirement for your health and safety.

In office settings, there are never enough hours in a day which sees many areas of cleanliness for employees – from emptying their bins to disposing of unused papers – being ignored. Expert cleaners do not miss out on these areas and highly sanitize desks and keyboards to not allow bacteria to fester, meaning that employees have a clean environment each day to concentrate on their tasks at hand.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for all commercial cleaning requirements for your business.