What Landlords Gain From a Commercial Cleaning Partner

Landlords have a lot on their minds when it comes to their various properties, with the overall look and cleanliness of these homes being the biggest draw in attracting and retaining tenants, preserving the value and ensuring satisfaction.

For landlords who own a number of properties, it can be a hassle to have them all cleaned regularly. That is where a commercial cleaning Manchester company can be a tag team partner.

Professionalism Sells

When teaming with a professional cleaning company Stockport, you feel assured that their reputation for hard work, punctuality, quality and competitive pricing is playing the big hand in making your property appealing.

A professional cleaning service is trained to handle all aspects of cleaning, ensuring that your rental properties are spotless and ready for new tenants – before and following any previous tenancy. Absolutely Gleaming Services are highly experienced in working with residential and commercial sectors, bringing vacuuming, stain removal, deep cleaning and other everyday cleaning chores into the contract where applicable.

Enhanced Satisfaction

A clean and well-maintained property contributes to healthy and positive living experience for tenants. Having the apartments in pristine condition provides increased satisfaction and retention of your best tenants.

Throughout Manchester and Stockport, rental properties are at an all-time high in terms of demand, requiring the very best in care and attention to detail in cleanliness to secure good, honest tenants for the long haul. A local cleaning company Stockport will be familiar with the specific needs and requirements of rental property in the area, ensuring that the highest standards are met to retain their contract with you.

Customisable Contracts

Naturally, every property is as different as the people who occupy them – some requiring deeper levels of cleanliness and attention than others.

For residential blocks with shared facilities, the need for more regular cleaning of communal spaces such as kitchens and communal toilets is much higher than those situated inside the apartments. Whilst some apartments may be empty, some will have other residents still utilising them, meaning the constant need for cleaning on a regular cycle is essential.

Absolutely Gleaming Services can cater its cleaning contracts to specialise in certain types of cleaning regularly and deep cleans every quarter. Additional cleaning – such as light fixtures, door handles and appliances – can be factored into a cleaning rota as well as washroom cleaning and any need for window cleaners in Stockport.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we can work with you to make your cleaning schedule amenable whenever new tenants are due to explore your property. Contact our friendly team today for a commercial cleaning partnership.

Cleaning Guide for Offices with Pets

Nothing is more special than having an office pet, such as a cat or dog, around you at work. It is always nice to know you have a furry friend by your side on even the most stressful day in the workplace.

Whilst they will take a cosy bed corner or select an office box to chill out in, having an office mascot does add an extra consideration towards cleaning chores. Here are some ideas to help keep your office smelling and looking fresh if you have an office pet.

Moulting Season

Every season, a new coat for your animals will start to take effect, meaning that old coats of fur will be everywhere. Your carpets and office sofas will soon begin to see huge clumps of hair and fur that can be hard to brush off.

The best way to prevent that hair from accumulating around your office is to brush your pet regularly with a wire brush designed to capture hair. If you leave your carpets with large amounts of this hair for a while, you will require seasonal deep cleaning to ensure that it does not lead to powerful allergens – especially if one of your clients or customers has an allergy to cat hair.

Use Feeding Mats

It is not uncommon to leave your pet’s food and water bowls in the kitchen area, but they are not the cleanest eaters you will have in your office.

The best way to ensure that food stains do not get into the flooring is to place plastic feeding mats underneath their bowls. That will help to catch all crumbs, water spills and jelly and meat spills that can affect your flooring. If the food gets into an office carpet, you will need a professional cleaning company Stockport to ensure no germ buildups.

Litter Trays

One of the foulest odours is when a pet’s litter tray is left unattended, resulting in a smell that can overtake your office. It is advisable that these trays not be left in a spot with direct office sunlight as – on hot days – that smell can get unbearable.

A specialist in office cleaning Manchester can help to eliminate that smell with a weekly clean, but you should buy odour-reducing cat litter and ensure that messes are cleaned and disposed of as soon as they happen.

Having an office pet is a big responsibility that increases the need for a cleaner workspace. Special attention needs to be put in for vacuuming and sweeping around all areas to make it healthy for you and them.

For more information on commercial cleaning Manchester, contact our team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for the highest quality in office cleaning Manchester.

End of Student Tenancy Cleaning

With the end of the university year upon us, many students will be doing a lot of last-minute moves, packing up their belongings and getting ready to move out of university halls and student dwellings. With so much going on, it is easy for them to neglect tenancy cleaning after they leave, figuring it is someone else’s problem. Most will move back home, having their parents there to clean up after them.

When you own student lettings, it can be like walking back into a nightmare. Most students choose to cut their losses and leave the rented accommodation in a less-than-livable state, not even bothered about their deposits.

That is why it becomes crucial to have a specialised commercial cleaning Manchester company to hand.

Cleaning the Mess

As a letting agent, you have better things to do than getting down on your hands and knees to repair the look of your dwellings before advertising availability to next year’s crop of students.

With the help of a cleaning company Stockport, you don’t have to. Most of the messes students create are not confined to one area of the house. If you have multiple students living under one roof, it can be a mixture of some clean students and others who are messy.

Communal areas such as living rooms and kitchens will have a mixture of dirt and dust under furniture and in and around appliances like cookers and microwaves. That will require specialist cleaning equipment and chemicals to remove the year’s built-up grime and bacteria.


Bathrooms are generally shared areas in student lettings, and you know that no student is going to want to clean them for everyone. From hair stuck in the plugholes to dust accumulated in the extractor fan, this room will be rife with hazardous germs that have built up.

Even your lighting in these rooms will accumulate dead flies that students will not want to touch. Thankfully, having thorough washroom cleaning is something that a cleaning company Stockport will provide as part of their contract with you, giving assurance that the room will be sparkling fresh and free from germs for the next tenants.

Seasonal Contracts

Throughout an academic year, students will leave during terms and holidays to be at home with their families. That gives a perfect opportunity for a trusted cleaning contractor to have a thorough clean through the property’s core areas (living areas, kitchens, bathrooms) so that it can be cleaner throughout the year.

If you run student accommodation, now is the best time to work with a specialist in office cleaning Manchester, able to take on the cleaning of your student dwellings before you welcome a fresh new set of tenants in September.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Contract Cleaner

Professional commercial cleaning Manchester is something that every office needs to maintain high levels of cleanliness and a safe working environment. Whilst many professional cleaning contractors operate nationwide, businesses often encounter problems with certain cleaning companies, making choosing the right contractor difficult.

Numerous things need to be focused on when choosing a cleaning company – such as referrals, reputation, professionalism, experience and services offered. Good research before hiring a partner saves you plenty in the long run.

Quality Wins Over Cheapness

If you compromise on the quality of services to go with a budget-friendly option, you are making a big mistake. You can get cost-effecting cleaning, but that will mean that the staff showing up for the job will have inexperience.

In the same breath, selecting a cleaning company with the highest prices is not always worthwhile either. Many companies make high promises but deliver poor quality services, charging them an inflated rate. You closely assess by comparing the experience, services, reviews and overall costs before committing to the contractor.

It is best to meet the cleaning company Stockport to evaluate their professionalism before undergoing any agreement.

Research and Checking

You need a reliable and trusted office cleaning Manchester company for your business. That will require a certain amount of research before making a choice.

If you are paying a high cost, you won’t want any compromise on service levels. In hiring any staff, you need a necessary background check to ensure that the company is satisfactory and that all references and documents check out fine. For security purposes, ensure all references are contacted and all details are correct.

You need a clear understanding of how the cleaning company operates and how they screen their staff. With so many scammers in the cleaning marketplace, you need to ensure they hold the correct licences and certifications of a cleaning company Stockport.

Insurance Check

When hiring the cleaning contractor, thoroughly read the contract’s agreement and terms and conditions. Be sure of everything mentioned within that contract, such as services outlined, costs, payment methods and everything else contained.

It is better to be fully clear about all services included with a commercial cleaning Manchester company – ensuring that it does not disrupt your operations or staff. Make sure that the company you choose is fully insured in the case of an accident or damage to your property. Ask the contractor for their insurance and licences before committing.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for all services toward commercial cleaning, washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport.

Summer Cleaning Hacks

With the hot weather in season and humidity levels seeing a record high for the UK climate, your workplace may begin to produce unpleasant odours due to the increased heat, so summer cleaning services are essential!

If so, your commercial cleaning Manchester requirements may need more attention than usual. If you have a cleaning contract that permits a once-over each week, it may be time to increase that to double, with individual workspaces requiring a daily minimal clean.

Let us tell you how you can help to keep your workplace fresh in the face of rising humidity.

Desk Areas

The desks you and your staff occupy everyday are a central part of your working day. All the equipment and items surrounding your desk will get a build-up of germs throughout the week that need attention.

If you eat your lunch at your desk, you will be surprised by how many germs and bacteria can harbour from your food debris. Giving your desk a daily wipe-over with antibacterial wipes and sprays at midday and the end of each day and disposing of wrappers, rubbish and drinks bottles will help to keep your desks clean and sanitary.

Kitchen Area

A company kitchen is where multiple foods are stored, prepared and heated in a microwave. If the lid on the food is not present, splatters from the food can hit the microwave ceiling and door.

Employees are not known to clean up a microwave mess after it happens, but leaving wipes and a spray next to your microwave may give the message they need to. A dirty microwave can make everyone sick if not attended to – and no one will think to do it before they put their food in.

Wipe down all countertops with a paper towel or pre-moistened antibacterial wipe, cleaning up any germs built up from food being put down spills during the day. Ensure all discarded fast-food cups and containers are disposed of in the kitchen bin and ready for emptying at the end of the working day.

Also, encourage any floor spills by your staff to be cleaned up immediately so that slipping hazards are avoided.


Personal hygiene is something everyone should know, but when it comes to washroom cleaning in the workplace, it is a job no one wants to follow.

However, when not properly cleaned and sanitised, these rooms are a detriment to the health of your employees. They also play havoc with staff morale and sick day leave. Ensure your toilets are well-equipped so employees can follow personal hygiene practices, with running water, toilet tissue, hand soaps and equipment all in order.

The rest of the cleaning you can leave to us at Absolutely Gleaming Services, your number one solution in a cleaning company Stockport. Contact our friendly team today for summer cleaning services.

What Areas Get Missed With Regular Cleaning?

When you have a regular cleaner just doing the odd spot of office cleaning, certain areas of your office are a no-brainer. A quick vacuum of the carpet, wiping around the desks and emptying the bins comes with the job, no matter how professional you are.

However, when you go with a friend or designate one person to come in and do a quick clean, the less visible areas of the office will tend to get overlooked. The reason why is because that person is not a professional cleaning company Stockport per se. These areas will soon leave an unpleasant impression to staff, customers and visitors to your business.

Just because these areas are out of sight does not mean they are out of sense. Here are some of those overlooked spots you can investigate for yourself.

Go Beyond

Certain office equipment will gather a lot of dust and dirt behind them, such as printers and copy machines. If these machines are used frequently, there are plenty of germs and particles to build up on these machines, along with smudges.

A regular cleaner will not think twice about moving the machine to clean underneath – more a quick wipe around the edges. These machines will also collect germs from multiple users that require specialist cleaning chemicals to purify the area.

Your office microwave is another area that gets forgotten about quickly. Whilst a regular cleaner would clean the outside, they very rarely go the distance of cleaning the inside and underneath. That results in building germs and bacteria that can make others ill due to an un-hygienic place to heat food.

Keeping any area that comes in contact with food at the highest priority of cleanliness is at the heart of any professional in commercial cleaning Manchester.

Vertical Surfaces

It may be surprising to discover that vertical spaces such as walls and windows can harbour just as much dirt, dust and bacteria as horizontal spaces. If you were unaware of that, it is a good chance that your regular cleaner also is unaware.

If your walls are textured or wallpapered, they require a wipe-down as much as a desk. You should inspect your office artwork and picture frames for grimy imprints and dust collected around the top and sides, as these are prime areas for dust accumulation.

Professional cleaning companies know that these areas require as much service as a desk and carpet will.

Ceiling tiles, fan blades, curtains and light fixtures are also ignored by a regular cleaner, but all are areas that a specialist in office cleaning Manchester would include as a part of their schedule.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for office and washroom cleaning, flexible contracts and window cleaners in Stockport.

Let’s Save You Some Money!

Sparing the expense is nothing new when you run a business. Following the current financial uncertainty that UK businesses face since Brexit, the pandemic, inflation and the cost of living – it is natural for companies to constantly feel that they need to pull in the reins on company expenditure to weather the storm.

However, some of those areas that you feel you should cut back on also have a money-saving advantage – one such area is in your commercial cleaning Manchester.

First Areas of Saving

Hiring a cleaning company Stockport that knows what they are doing helps you to save money in the long run in a few different areas. If you hire a competent contractor for your office cleaning Manchester to take care of your office space, your business begins to cut unforeseen costs over time that you would otherwise be unaware of.

The first area that saves for you is a reduced frequency of workplace accidents. A lot of office spaces gain greasy flooring, structural damage that has gone unnoticed and kitchen equipment that malfunctions due to it not being kept clean from dirt. In an office environment, these are the main listed items that cause workplace injury or accidents that can get costly if a serious injury occurs on your premises – and if it is through neglect, you could be in for high costs and health and safety issues.

A conscientious cleaning company will eliminate that risk at far less than ignoring it would cost.

Fewer Distractions

Dirty space in your office can lead to all kinds of clutter that cause a major distraction for your workforce. Clutter is conducive to the productivity of your employees and to ensure that they are not distracted by their environment, you will require an efficient cleaning company.

This will help with your employee retention also, as it showcases that you care about their working conditions and invest in their health by having their workstations free from clutter, dust and dirt. Small companies that opt to not hire a professional cleaner as a way to reduce costs often discover that it has the opposite effect. Employees who are tasked with helping with kitchen and washroom cleaning as well as their true role in the company end up taking the time out of their workload to concentrate on tasks that a professional cleaner should do.

If your business is poorly maintained, then your relationship with clients and customers is just as poorly maintained. They will leave you for a more organised provider if you show that you don’t even care about your own business.

If you would like to spare losing more money in the long run, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Businesses Requiring Professional Cleaning: Care Homes

Whenever you visit a care home for your elderly relatives, you will always want to be greeted by a calm, cosy and – above all else – clean environment. Whilst the importance of care home cleaning may seem evident, it can sometimes be very far from the truth.

With assisted living facilities, the need for premises to be in high levels of sterilization, safety and hygiene for residents, staff and visitors is at an all-time high – especially after the pandemic period when germs became a life hazard.

Different Considerations of Cleaning

Looking after the elderly in care homes takes a different kind of cleaning, disinfection and support. It takes added levels of sensitivity, care and understanding.

It has become imperative for all care homes to ensure a complete program towards both cleaning and disinfecting to meet the highest levels of safety and hygiene. Older people require the level of care that staff members provide and want to live out their later years in good health.

As people get older, their immune systems weaken – which results in many smaller germs and bacteria becoming major health concerns. To keep these elderly people safe, a care home must develop a thorough cleaning regimen to ensure safety and well-being – as well as not being disruptive to the lives of the occupants of the home.

Environmental Cleaning

Environmental cleaning is centred around the removal of dirt and bacteria from surfaces such as tables and common areas. It ensures that the living environment for the occupants is both clean and hygienic, also accommodating the visitor’s and employees’ needs.

Environmental cleaning is essential for these types of businesses as it protects the elderly people who have to live within the building, many of them susceptible to sickness and infection, from any minor illness that can become quite severe.

By using a professional cleaning company Stockport, you have a guarantee that your residents remain safe and healthy whilst receiving the highest levels of cleaning over many areas.

Areas a Cleaning Company Handle

A cleaning company cannot clean up your residents, but there are major areas that we focus on that provide a better living environment.

A specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester will thoroughly clean the windows and curtains, door handles and light switches to protect those using them from picking up unwanted germs.

The residents will also have cleaned chairs, wardrobes, tables and bed and bed railings. The areas of the building that receives the most traffic require the most attention – so meeting/dinner halls, washroom cleaning and hallways will be cleaned in hours when they are not in use by the residents – to avoid any accidents, slips or falls.

If you run a care home, you need to work with a professional cleaning company Stockport. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

What Are the Advantages of Commercial Cleaners?

Following the era of post-pandemic business operations, business owners must ensure that their doors are always open to the public and that their office space is cleaned to the highest possible standard to make visitors feel safe.

That is where a commercial cleaning Manchester company becomes your biggest ally. If you are curious about how much an office cleaning Stockport partner is, you have come to the right place.

Saving Time

Saving time is a core reason business owners hire an outsourced cleaning company. Having a specialist on hand to handle the various areas that get cluttered and accumulate dust and dirt eliminates the need for any paid employees to get distracted from work.

With a professional team in place for the cleaning aspects, the hard work is done for you with the most time-consuming aspects of daily cleaning in hand. As a business owner, the most you have to do is evaluate the mess and determine the days when the cleaning team needs to come in – the rest is in our more than capable hands.

Affordability and Working Patterns

Commercial cleaning services are very affordable on the whole, with different types of contracts suited to your specific requirements, as well as based on what industry you are in and the levels of cleaning you will require week by week.

The timeframe will play a factor, as you will no doubt not want cleaning conducted whilst your teams are working and causing a distraction. That can mean you need your cleaning done in the evening or over a weekend if you have alternating work shift patterns. Whenever your workforce has gone home, our team can get to work – helping our team focus more on every little area in order and not having to delicately balance around your teams.

Better Reputation

Naturally, when your workplace has a professional clean, it feels more like a professional atmosphere. That enables your workforce to feel valued and safe in their working environment and visitors will feel comfortable that you are a professional outfit who takes pride in their appearance.

That has a very visible boost in your productivity and customer retention also. People do not like dirt and dust, especially if they have allergies – a large portion of the population has reported that they now suffer from following Covid-19 cases as a potential side effect.

Working with a professional cleaning company Stockport is perfect for any type of business that requires a neat and clean image. If you require reputable cleaning services in the Northwest, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Essential Businesses for Outsourced Cleaning: The Gym

When we look at businesses that should 100% outsource their commercial cleaning Manchester, one of the biggest industries that need a professional cleaning company Stockport is the gym industry. Regular gym cleaning promotes cleanliness.

Pushing to the Limit

People go to the gym to work up a sweat, push their physical and mental limits and greatly improve their health. In an ironic twist, a gym can harbour larger amounts of germs and bacteria as a result due to the number of people who frequent them daily. That would mean that a large number of clients can leave your gym with some unpleasant illness and also put in its time.

Gyms come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have areas that see more use than an office or warehouse would in one day. A gym is a place where blood, sweat and tears are commonplace, as well as dirt from those coming in from outdoors. If not cared for properly with the highest level of cleanliness, unpleasant odours soon start to emulate from your machinery and mats.

Who Will Do It?

Some responsibility is delegated to the customers, and you should always provide a fair amount of bacterial wipes, sprays and paper towels in prominent spots with reminders to give the equipment a quick clean-over before and after use.

Some will choose to do this and other customers will be negligent. You cannot expect your customers to become your cleaners, especially when there are more general and communal areas to consider such as the floor and changing rooms. Some gyms are known to put the ownership for cleaning on the instructors and trainers, but they will only sometimes have the time as they will be busy with clients and classes – as well as not having the professional cleaning kits with them to conduct a proper clean.

That is why a professional cleaning company Stockport is essential for gym owners, providing the knowledge, skills and professional cleaning equipment to clean your gym effectively.

Professional Skills

A professional not only brings the right tools for the job but also all of the relative health and safety knowledge around cleaning heavy lifting equipment. With a professional cleaning company, you also eliminate the need to vet or train employees on your cleaning needs. A professional cleaner will also work around the hours that suit you, instead of having an employee conduct cleaning whilst people are still working out.

That saves you on paying out-of-hours work towards regular employees also.

Gym cleaning should be the work of a professional cleaning company, and you can call on the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services to do so. Contact us today to organise the cleaning schedule that takes the weight off of your business.