Why Retail Businesses Need Professional Cleaners

Retail stores have always required a certain amount of cleanliness on their floors even before the pandemic of 2020. Every store has a small clean up from either a staff member or janitor service to give a quick once over. With many people still choosing to wear masks and be conscious after vaccinations have been rolled out, the retail market sees a difference in their customers between the safety conscious and those that choose to forego added safety. Ensuring you have the right retail store cleaning services is extremely important!

Demand is High

Business owners today are required to keep their business premises at a higher level of sanitization, with employees retrained to meet all safety protocols.

Over the last year, demand for a cleaning company Stockport has risen in an effort for retail businesses to meet the strict requirements post-covid. As trained specialists in all aspects of cleaning business premises, the only way to effectively ensure all of your business meets the criteria of acceptance is by having these professionals undertake the job.

Before and After Hours

Having a commercial cleaner clean your sales floor either before your store opens or after it closes is the best way to keep your staff more focused on their customer service and stay productive.

As staff members will only be required to clean up immediate spills from dropped products or threatening wet puddles which a customer can slip on, your professionals can work on more deep cleaning of floors and units, sanitizing tills and service areas as well as washroom cleaning – whether they are public or simply staff facilities.

These areas are the most time-consuming and require specialist cleaning chemicals to effectively clean – chemicals which only specialist cleaners will carry to remove germs, bacteria and grime.

Specially Equipped

Most retail businesses are not equipped to handle more advanced messes in the workplace. With a commercial cleaning service, the tools are part of the trade to handle steam carpet cleaning, proper sanitization disposal and window washing to make your business sparkling.

Disinfectants used by professional cleaners may require special use which cannot be used by the regular employees, but the results of their use will boost employee morale as they will have a safe and clean environment to work within.

Commercial cleaning Manchester is an essential part of being successful in the retail industry, making your staff and customers feel more relaxed about being within your environment. For retail store cleaning services to keep your business in the best condition it can and provide a ‘shop in safety’ image, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Added Areas of Cleaning for a Positive Impression

Giving added care towards workplace cleanliness provides a great first impression and a happier and healthier environment for employees – and during the darker months, there are extra steps that be taken to make it a more pleasant daily place to work.

Autumn is that part of the year where commercial cleaning Manchester takes centre stage in importance to prepare for winter. By working with professional cleaning services, there are more areas of your business that stand to benefit.


Your office windows are not just the inside looking out, they are the outside looking in – and they are the first things your visitors, clients and customers see when approaching your office. Having them well reflective of your business is all the more important during the darker months, as inside lighting will showcase dirt to a much higher degree.

Having window cleaners in Stockport not only helps to control germs and prevent mould growth but also provide a positive impact on your business appearance for clients, as well as giving your employees a bit of added mental health happiness by having a clear and clean window with no dust or smears on the glass.

Dusting and Pollution Free

As we enter the colder and windier months, we tend to close more and more office windows to retain heat. This, in turn, reduces the air ventilation and the dust build-up starts to increase.

Over the winter months, dust and other pollutants accumulate more on desks, computers, chairs and workstations which leads to indoor air quality decreasing and allergies starting to increase within the workforce. Having your air conditioning system cleaned reduces the level of pollutants and protects the indoor air quality to contain a healthy environment.

Carpets and Floors

Carpets and floors are the natural sponges for germs to build a home on and, due to the number of people walking over them in a day, they breed much quicker.

Carpets have building elements of grime, dirt and bacteria and they need the most regular cleaning of any part of your business. Professional office cleaning Manchester provide a fresh start to the season by removing all dust, allergens and everything that sits on your carpet via vacuuming and steaming, cutting down on germ build-up and keeping them fresh.

Hard surface floors also require commercial cleaning on a more regular basis, as employees will spend much more time inside. Having them professionally cleaned not only injects new life into the floors but also protects them from looking dirty and dull over the short term.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for added care to your workplace cleanliness where it needs it most.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaner

The first impression is always the one that will stick with your business brand – not just in how you greet a client or customer, but also in the surroundings you meet them within. You want that first impression to be one of being smart, professional and tidy. Sometimes it takes a step back and looking around at your current environment to see where it might be going wrong for you. The smallest of items like dust can be the biggest indicator of something not comfortable with your business. Having cobwebs in your corner may be catching the flies, but your customers may be escaping. There are benefits of hiring a professional cleaner in office cleaning Manchester than doing it yourself, especially when it comes to making that first impression count.


We all love working to a certain kind of work schedule that keeps things running smoothly, and working with a party to handle your commercial cleaning Manchester you will have a contract in place which is tailored to your specifics.

Knowing when the work is being undertaken, exactly who is performing the work and a full detail of every area that has been done is something that provides reassurance for your image. When you have a regular employee dedicated to cleaning your workplace, you run the risk of them being gone for holidays or illness with no one left to cover or want to do the job anyway. With a professional cleaner, there is always someone trained to do the job properly on hand to complete the job.

Higher Quality

Many business owners don’t realise at first but cleaning your workplace is much more than vacuuming a carpet and wiping down some desks. Workers in any cleaning company Stockport put their heart into the work they do and don’t leave any area uncleaned.

Having the skills and qualifications to know every area of your business that can harbour germs and bacteria, as well as which chemicals are required to successfully clean them, allows these professionals to exceed all expectations. As cleaning companies work within many different types of businesses – from offices to factories to accommodation premises – they also come with a lot of specialist cleaning apparatus to perform every kind of cleaning required from washroom cleaning to window cleaners in Stockport. These are typical areas a regular cleaner would miss entirely or you would have to hire separate contracts for each.

The benefits of hiring a professional cleaner is ensuring the first impression is a pristine one for your office and work environment. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Places You May Overlook to Clean in Your Office

If you want a true horror story for Halloween, how about the fact that the average office worker’s hands come into contact with 10 million bacteria per day. Out of those 10 million, how many do you think will affect other workers in common areas of the workplace? If your office has a regular once over of cleaning surfaces, it is a safe bet that you will miss ridding the majority of these germs, which can manifest in colds and flu viruses in due course, which isn’t great for workplace hygiene.

Following on from the Covid-19 virus, common touchpoints in the office must be given a higher degree of sanitizing and proper chemical cleaning to ensure the heavy traffic use in the day does not lead to heavier losses of workers due to illness.

Evaluating your Routine

Over the 2020s so far, we all have learned more about heightened cleanliness than we ever thought possible. Even with taking the steps to ensure we are kept safe, it is still easy to overlook some areas in our current cleaning schedule that need even more attention.

Now – with the cold and flu season upon us and variant threats still lurking in the wings – there are places in our offices that contain the hidden risks of germs and bacteria that more often than not get missed. These fall into various devices of shared use in the office such as printers and photocopiers which should be wiped down daily, including all buttons and trays within them.

Also within this area is the office water cooler which can be easily forgotten about whether it is in the office, hallway or kitchen. If you have an office coffee maker or kettle, this will need extensive cleaning also as they will be used by everyone, including all the refilling trays and utensils.

Parts Forgotten But Essential

When you think about every area that could come in contact with the human hand, there will be some that will naturally slip your mind because they are so obvious.

All door handles – not just the bathroom ones – including ones with thumb or fingerprint scanners need the maximum amount of cleanliness. It is not just your staff who use these handles, as you will have visitors and delivery people using them also which makes for a lot of traffic.

Your company conference rooms also need extra levels of cleanliness, and not just in the appearance of carpets and curtains/blinds. All chairs, tables, conferencing equipment, phones and keyboards need extra levels of care, including your remote control for presentations. All these small areas contain more germs than everywhere else.

All windowsills in the office and window handles now need extra cleaning as they will be opened and closed on multiple occasions, and those office fans will need a thorough clean also.


These areas will be forgotten by a regular office cleaner, which makes it important that your business employs a specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester. Not only do they handle carpets, washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport, but they make sure to get all of the areas that would be typically overlooked.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to tackle your workplace hygiene.

Different Types of Cleaning Services

If you are planning on hiring an outsourced commercial cleaning Manchester company, you should understand the different types of cleaning services – standard cleaning and deep cleaning.

There are different types of cleaning required and they are not exactly alike. A professional cleaning company Stockport helps you to understand both kinds of maintenance by providing you with a detailed outline of how they work and the level of cleaning they provide.

Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning within the workplace consists of simple cleaning tasks that can be completed weekly. These services are generally cheaper than a more thorough cleaning, and consists of vacuuming and cleaning around surfaces and washrooms.

Scheduling of this activity can be once or twice a week to at the end of every day, depending on the needs and how many people occupy the environment daily. As an example, a school may need a regular daily cleaner due to the number of people occupying the space throughout the week, or it can be done over a weekend when no students or staff are in attendance.

Depending on the timeframe and schedule, standard cleaning and deep cleaning have very similar levels of cleaning, with deep being a more detailed and extreme level. Standard cleaning focuses more on surface wipe downs – including lighting fixtures, window cleaning and appliances. This also includes washroom cleaning and the removal of any bacteria from moisture build-up.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning applies a more attentive level of cleaning for the business, where a more extensive list of required cleaning for commercial properties is required for the safety of the public, the workforce or pupils.

During a deep clean, everything will tend to be wiped over multiple times and everything that can be touched or grabbed – such as door handles and light switches – is thoroughly sanitized. Whilst this is a more costly contract to have, the attention to detail is much more focused on providing a truly clean work atmosphere.

Deep cleans are usually a set-up for a new season, with businesses instigating a deep clean once every 4 months. Some companies go for a deep clean every 6 months, or if they are preparing for a large business meeting or selling their company or premises. This includes cleaning high up places where a build-up of dust and dirt can hang down from not being able to reach on a regular clean.

The best way to determine which cleaning contract is best for your business is to discuss the different types of cleaning services and your immediate needs with a professional office cleaning Manchester company. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Why Commercial Cleaning is the Way to Go

When you got the keys to your office or commercial property, you had the mindset of it being the pinnacle of professional stature for clients, visitors and your workforce. The importance of using local office cleaning services will help with that first impression. When walking into new business premises, it sets the tone of how you will provide a working relationship or service.

Over time, many companies forget to keep that image up and after a while start to gather a fair amount of dust or unsightly areas of the building that need regular attention. If a business looks untidy and disorganised, then the business looks untidy and disorganised – and that reputation of professionalism is a lot harder to get back the second time around.

Therefore, businesses must work with outsourced commercial cleaning Manchester to keep that impression lasting through professional care. There are some things you need to make sure that your cleaning company has to get the best of service.

Spotless Record

Undeniably you will need a professional cleaning company Stockport that has a proven track record within the commercial industry to ensure you have a reliable contract with them.

Many companies may do offices and washroom cleaning only but do not have expertise in warehouse or factory floor cleaning. Being sure of the qualifications and track record of businesses they currently work with and discover where their strengths lay in the full spectrum of business premises cleaning provides a much better experience and no requirement in hiring a second team to handle other parts of the workplace.


The adage goes ‘give me the tools and I’ll do the job’, but when hiring a specialist in office cleaning Manchester you need to learn very fast that they do have all the tools required to perform the tasks.

The tools, in this case, don’t just relate to what equipment they have in their van to undertake the cleaning, but also their experience, skills and reliability. They have to reflect how your business operates and the budget you have for a cleaning contractor, and no one wants corners cutting on either. Be sure that the company you choose offer real value for your money whilst offering a full range of services for it.


Having a cleaning company that prides itself on going above and beyond is one thing, but one that is professional in appearance and attitude is just as important.

Cleaning companies work ethic prides itself on your company appearance, so be sure that the company you choose are committed to delivering a first-class service to everything they undertake.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for local office cleaning services and professional commercial cleaning Manchester.

Why Office Windows Require Professional Cleaning

No matter if you work in a one-level building or the fourth floor of a building, the day to day running of your business relies heavily on the image inside and out. To keep that image moving forward, as well as the workflow and cogs turning, you need to provide satisfaction in many areas. One of those areas is keeping the view inside and out one of clear vision, and this requires professional window cleaning.

Keeping the workplace in its best condition by giving them a clear outlook and allowing natural light to illuminate the office provides some free benefits.


A company without energised employees is doomed to stay where it is or have constant revolving doors of employees all year round. This can be because the atmosphere is unsuitable for people’s energy and happiness.

People who still have to occupy an office more than being at home can be affected by dirty windows not allowing natural light to hit the room. It is not an area of inspiration when you are looking at dust collecting on the windows. This is why it is important to have window cleaners in Stockport to ensure you have a clean environment and keep up with appearances.

By having your windows done professionally by a cleaning company Stockport, you can create a clean atmosphere and provide a morale boost for the staff. Employees will then feel compelled to keep the cleanliness up and take pride in the work they are doing.


Every workplace can provide a microcosm for germs that can affect many employees health – from an irritating cough to allergies to illness that prevents them from coming to work.

As an office can hold a lot of employees, it would not take much for each to start feeling the effects. By having your windows regularly cleaned, you wash away built-up pollen and dust building up around the frames and sills will be cleaned to stop them coming into the office when the windows are open and affecting your staff wellbeing.


As we said earlier, everything about the look and reputation of your business is in your presentation. An office with dirty windows does not provide a welcome or appealing partnership with any client or business.

Not only will having your windows professionally cleaned provide a benefit to your employees but will also make you stand out to prospective clients that visit. By showcasing pride in your business premises, you are providing a much clearer decision of working with you – as it shows that you are meticulous when it comes to presenting the best for your business.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for all professional window cleaning services and office cleaning Manchester.

What A Commercial Cleaner Bring to Your Business

When weighing up the decision to hire a professional cleaner in commercial cleaning Manchester, you may wonder what they could provide for the business that an in-house cleaner cannot.

A professional cleaner provides consistent levels of hygiene, experience and standards as well as the ability to adapt to your company needs, focusing on the deeper and more attentive level of cleaning than a regular employee would undertake.

Adding to that, there are other benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business.


Time is indeed the biggest part of your business that does not work for you, and your hours of operation, working arrangements and deadlines all are employees of it rather than it for you.

On a regular day, your business will have general management, staff meetings, client meetings and breaks which take up vast portions of the day. The cleaning aspects of the business would usually get pushed back to the very of the day for regular cleaning, with washrooms and kitchens quickly building up grime and dirt as most employees will not want to take care of these areas.

A commercial cleaning company sees these two areas as a priority, which means your employees are dedicating more time to the task they are hired and paid for in hitting targets. As these levels of cleaning can be undertaken at the end of a business day with no employees around, you save on time for employees who say they cannot be on the phone whilst hoovering is going on around them.

Identifying Growth

Whilst your business may be growing, so too can germs and dust around certain areas of your premises that are going uncared for.

Professional cleaners are fully trained and utilise all their knowledge to use the right chemicals and equipment to deep clean your office and stop any harbouring and spreading germs that can begin to affect employee health. Employees are unhappy when seeing dirty surfaces, windows or floors and they are even more unhappy about cleaning them. Using commercial cleaners provides peace of mind that no formulating germs are around them and their health is assured.


No company likes to store a mass amount of specialist cleaning equipment in a cupboard along with all their stationery. Not only are they a distraction, but are a cost to the business also.

Who wants a dirty mop and bucket within the confines of their office? Proper cleaning equipment can also be costly for the company, including replacing them regularly because the employees don’t want to clean them out. When you hire a professional cleaner in commercial cleaning, there is no concern over extra cleaning expenses or materials as they come prepared with everything needed to meet the highest cleaning expectations.

For office cleaning Manchester, call on the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Do you know the difference between how your business would require certain types of commercial cleaning, and why each type is different?

It may seem pretty obvious to you which type is the most preferred, but some areas can seriously be overlooked and require more care than you initially envision. This is why it is always good practice to consult with a professional cleaning company Stockport to get the right attention your business requires.

The most common cleaning contracts fall under 3 categories – Domestic, Commercial and Office.


A domestic clean is a cleaning contract aimed at the home or rented property. This focuses on common household tasks such as kitchen cleaning, dusting and vacuuming and bathroom cleaning.

If you have a home office with the new home working model, a domestic cleaning contract can still apply to you. With many people having extensions built or outside buildings to separate work from home life, a cleaner can be employed to keep the office space tidy and sanitised as much as your home also.


Commercial cleaning encompasses the cleaning of any kind of business premises – like factories or warehouses to retail outlets and retirement homes.

Requiring a range of specialist equipment such as floor buffers and industrial cleaning tools, commercial cleaning is not just limited to huge industrial areas such as loading bays and distribution outlets – but also medical practices, nightclubs and bars fall into this category. Due to the large amounts of people who can not be calculated on a day to day basis within these areas, a larger clean is required – such as a deep clean. This ensures that the area remains clean, hygienic and fresh in the face of large amounts of foot traffic.


Office cleaning is a specialised area of commercial cleaning.

Needing a more versatile and specialist approach to cleaning due to the number of people who occupy the space daily, the cleaning of these areas can be very complex. There are delicate areas such as electronics and server rooms, kitchens and washroom cleaning, lifts, stairwells and multiple surface and fittings that need extra attention.

This also sometimes has to be done not disruptive to the workflow of employees and can be sometimes applied after work hours or over weekends. The foot traffic volume has a hard effect on office carpets that make them look tired and dirty over time, and this requires specialised carpet cleaning to bring them back to life and smelling fresh.

For more information on commercial cleaning Manchester, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Forgotten Areas of the Office in Regular Cleaning

When you ask an employee to undertake the office cleaning duties in a small office environment, you may think you are cutting down on costs but in reality, you are cutting down on effort levels and experience – which ultimately means you are cutting down on your cleanliness.

Whilst they may clean the dishes, quickly vacuum and wipe off a desk here and there, it is not what they ideally want to be doing at the end of the day – and that leads to a combination of resentment and cutting corners to finish as soon as possible.

Even with their efforts at maximum, they will miss the areas that will be on a professional cleaning company Stockport list. They will be especially noticeable when you come to move out into another office.

Simply ignoring these areas and hoping o one notices is where your biggest breeding grounds for germs start to take hold.


Emptying the bins and putting in a fresh bin liner is one thing, but how many people would clean underneath and around the area of the bin.

From staining tea bags to fruit peels and crumbs, the floor underneath and around the bin seems not as much a priority as putting that fresh liner in the bin. Many employees feel that the job is done once the rubbish is emptied and the bag replaced. What about the wall behind the bin? No doubt that has experienced drips and stains from food being tossed in with gay abandon.

Fittings and Extras

Light switches and lift buttons can build up a lot of grime within a single day if overlooked. Everyone presses them at numerous points in the day, but when is the last time you saw an employee clean them?

Seeing grubby fingerprints and dust on top of your light switches is one thing, but what about buttons on items like copiers and keyboards – they see even more interaction and little in the thought of cleaning. Another example is your office fire extinguisher which is destined to collect large amounts of dust to being forgotten about.


Keeping your office blinds clean can be a major chore that is the first to be ignored by a regular employee – which then starts to get sticky and require a deep clean later on.

Professional services in office cleaning Manchester have the experience to clean many different types of office blinds and the equipment to clean all of the above areas the right way the first time.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to undertake your office cleaning duties.