Adding Extra Consideration for Masks Coming Off

Things are beginning to take shape for everything to get back to a sense of normality – or more like new normality. No doubt 2020 and its challenges have put everything into a spin and we have had to adapt to new ways of working and extra care in how we undertake it. Companies are making sure their office space is a clean and safe working environment for when masks are no longer required to be worn.

Offices have seen a huge shift in the way they work and will likely continue to be that way. Following the lockdowns, many businesses and employees have become comfortable with new ways of working such as hybrid or fully remote working, whilst some cannot wait to return to their office environment.

How It Will Look

With every business coming to terms with new ways of working, many places will consider flexible working. This way, the office may be utilised three days a week and home working for the remaining days. This may suit many workers who may not feel fully comfortable in a workplace environment until the virus is fully eliminated.

Having an office presence is important for processes and cultural practices, and the one huge area to provide extra levels of comfort for employees and clients to your business is within the extra cleanliness that the environment projects.

New Cleaning Measures

Keeping your business premises in a higher state of cleanliness after the pandemic is going to be vital to your standing in the public and staff perception, with stricter cleaning regimes in place to keep your employees safe.

It is not as simple as having a quick office hoover and wipes around the kitchen tops anymore, now extra consideration has to be taken on high touch point areas as well as more frequent cleaning in high traffic areas.

Whilst some buildings may have a cleaner on site, it is better to have your own cleaning company Stockport which caters to your business needs and does not work over every other surrounding business on the same day. This way you are not being compromised by any surrounding business that may pose a risk, and you have a service that is not working to a deadline to get yours and every other business clean by a certain time, missing crucial areas.

Every desk space, door handle, toilet seat and hallway requires a dedicated professional to clean regularly without cutting corners to save time, which is why businesses that turn towards outsourced office cleaning Manchester are providing the best satisfaction and safety for their staff returning to the workplace.

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How to Find the Ideal Commercial Cleaning Company

When looking for ultimate cleanliness within a business you are looking for a company that provides a squeaky clean representation for it. If you’re on the look out for commercial cleaning companies in Stockport,  your search is over. We all understand that when a business is clean at first sight, the understanding is that compassion for wellbeing and safety is at the heart of its operation.

In today’s world, this importance in maintaining confidence amongst customers and employees is more vital to company success than ever before.

With your company reputation as well as your standing with customers and employees on the line, there are high risks in not choosing the right commercial cleaning Manchester company. Choosing an in-house cleaner or the wrong provider of service can have the worst effect on your business.

What You Need from the Service

When engaging a cleaning company Stockport, you need to look into things a bit more clearly to discover if they match up to your liking.

For starters, the size of the company and how far their operations stretch is a big part of the decision. Local companies that provide cleaning solutions for businesses tend to have a greater working relationship than a national company and hold their contracts with businesses in higher regard. Chiefly you would need to ascertain that they have qualified experience dealing with your sector of business and any specific requirements that need to be undertaken. You also need to enquire how long the company has been operating for, and the level of experience they are currently working at. A new cleaning company just established may not have the best experience to handle your business.

Do They Have the Professional Tools

We are not talking about the cleaning products and apparatus, we mean the tools in place that showcase they are a professional fit.

A very professional company has a website these days, and the quality of service will be reflected on it. When you visit their website, is there anything that presents an off feeling? Maybe it does not adequately reflect a clear message of what they do, or maybe their branding is very slapdash in its look. If a company does not present itself in a good way, how could your business look? Also, you need to discover how you go about communicating with them; as in do, they have all the communication tools required to easily access them if needed. Finally, take a look at any testimonials or reviews the company has received and how long they have been receiving them, or when they last had one.

Reputation has to be built, so if they have not had any good words said for a few years, maybe they have not had anyone to sing their praises for that long.

Choosing the right cleaning company for your business is among the most crucial decisions to make post-pandemic. If you’re looking for commercial cleaning companies in Stockport, Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

Top 5 Benefits of a Clean School Environment

A clean and well-presented school atmosphere provides a huge boost in not just the school faculty, but also the lives of students and community standing, which is why you need school cleaning companies.

Schools are a place for children, and they can be messy by leaving waste papers lying around and hand and footprints everywhere you can think of. Whilst a lot of this is great for a general school cleaner to take care of, a deep clean is also essential to the successful image of a school.

With half-term ready to hit and the impending school holidays rapidly approaching, it may be time you considered that your faculty can benefit from commercial cleaning Manchester.

All Area Clean

Picking up the rubbish and quickly mopping the floor if a spill happens may be the best use of a janitor, but everything from classrooms, hallways, gymnasiums and dinner halls require a higher element of cleaning to boost student and staff productivity.

There have been proven benefits from providing your school with regular cleaning services from a professional cleaning company in Stockport.

Productive and Better Learning

A prime case of burnout for teachers is having to clean up after a long day of lessons, as they always have time after class to focus on planning lessons, grading homework and getting home at an acceptable hour.

When things are prolonged at the end of the day to clean up the classroom, it becomes a tiring exercise and heavy on the next day ahead. When you opt for a specialist in office cleaning in Manchester, you get a company that provides fewer distractions for your faculty and allows them to focus on what they are being paid to do.

It’s no surprise that a clean environment also provides an impact on learning from your students, with proof that students achieve higher grades in cleaner school environments than those that are dusty and uncared for.

Healthier Turnout

If your classrooms are fostering germs, dust and dirt then there is a good chance that both students and staff will be more susceptible to sick days.

When the classroom is cleaned regularly, teachers and students are less likely to get sick, meaning fewer substitutions and fewer class members needing to catch up or missing out on important education.

Providing a healthy and energetic classroom environment provides the opportunity for both to do their best and stay safe in the process.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, our team is prepared to provide a better landscape for learning and the healthiest environment to support education via the use of deep clean services, washroom cleaning and professional window cleaners in Stockport.

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How Do You Know Your Staff Are Happy in Their Environment?

The biggest boat that a company director can have is that their workforce loves their jobs and give their all for the business and are rewarded for their efforts. We think having a clean work environment will help achieve this.

However, some bosses think that a regular bonus and acceptable working hours are enough to keep their workers smiling all day long. Other areas sustain the happiness of employees and they do not always feel comfortable bringing them to the higher-ups attention; they would rather complain about it amongst themselves. This naturally brings about a sense of dissatisfaction in the workplace and a growing sense of us versus them in due course.

One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to employee happiness is having a clean environment for them to work within, and it drives your business much more than you would realise.


We have all seen those instances where one worker has gotten so fired up he has lashed out during a tantrum that they are overstocked or having to work around areas that are getting out of control for space. This employee is not alone, as they only feel comfortable saying it because others feel it also.

This can come from not being able to find important files or records, or even stock that has been dumped somewhere other than it should because of its original area being cluttered. If this instance is happening to your business right now, then you have fallen victim to your own worse failing – not looking after your employee’s workspace.

When employees cannot find a product, they will tend to leave it which then affects their efficiency and ability to work faster. Making sure that the workstations are clean and all waste paper and products are cleared away sure goes a long way to cleaning up that impending turmoil.

Negative Feeling

A negative thought space provides a negative impact. Unfortunately, many little areas can become a very big problem very quickly on your employee happiness.

We all know that one employee who microwaves fish at lunchtime. We all know that the bathrooms sometimes get a little messy after use and we all know that employees feel they are not paid to be a cleaner at the end of the day. When uncleanliness in these areas starts to manifest without due care, the focus on your employees suddenly shifts into negative headspace – then the job becomes a chore to sit through every day.

The best way to combat the unhappiness of your workforce is to invest in their happiness by the use of professional service in office cleaning Manchester. Employees will feel that the extra investment into providing them with space and environment to successfully achieve their daily goals, and provide satisfactory washroom cleaning and decluttered areas so they don’t feel they are taken advantage of in having to do it at the end of their busy working day.

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Regular Cleaning for the Business

Having your office floor and corners cleaned to high standards is always top of the list on your office cleaning requirements, but ensuring your company bathrooms have the ultimate in cleanliness is possibly even higher on your priorities which is why you may need a regular cleaning company.

All Kinds of Businesses Need It

You need dedicated levels of cleaning to ensure all workspaces are pleasant, which is why it’s important to have a cleaning company Stockport on hand to take charge of the entire operation.

It is the same for any kind of business, be it schools with pupils being constantly flowing through the building, to medical facilities and retirement homes where new patients and residents come through the doors to the hospitality sector that have new customers every day – ensuring that every part of your building has been thoroughly cleaned and hospitable rides high on your reputation and everyone’s peace of mind.

Eliminate the Cheap Labor

Many businesses think they are doing themselves a favour by having a family member or friend of the family handle their cleaning, but in truth, they are not always the most qualified for the job.

Sure, a quick hoover and dusting around the shelves may seem like a good bit of help for a couple of pounds a week, but they don’t have the required quality procedures in place that your business would require. You may end up in a situation where the cleanliness is not up to how it should be, then you face having to tell a partner or employee that their relative is not doing what you want, causing internal problems.

Your business may require a deep level of cleaning and smaller levels following, and possibly emergency level cleaning if any incidents occur. Having a professional company on board makes sure that all these instances can be specially taken care of when needed.

Assurance From Professionals

There may be parts of your entire cleaning operation that requires special chemicals such as washroom floors, or lobbies that have drink fountains or kitchen areas. Depending on your flooring and the regular activities, spillages and substances that flow through the area.

When you hire commercial cleaning Manchester you have an assurance that the team working on your business has the right specialist products to get the job done properly, not jeopardising your flooring with ill-equipped bleaches.

When it comes to your business, quality and assurance in front of ease and compassion, by bringing in the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services, your local regular cleaning company.

Happy Environments from Clean Workspace

As a successful business owner, you understand that company image is a very important factor in getting relationships started with clients and potential partners, which is why you may be seeking an office cleaning companies in Manchester.

But it can be very easy to overlook the impression you provide for the real gears of your business; your employees. Being happy with their pay rates is not the only thing you have to provide them with, you need to ensure they are happy to come to work and dedicate large portions of their life to the successful operation of your company.

Simple overlooking of their work environment cleanliness can have disastrous effects on company morale, so it is not just about what you show the clients and partners, it is about where your workforce has to spend the most time.

Positive Outlooks

Nobody wants to work in a place that is lacking in basic cleanliness. One untidy area soon spreads to others if not attended to, which in turn leads to various employees arguing that it is not in their job description to tidy it.

This in turn affects the overall positivity of the team that spreads much further. With the office being the core of the business, ensuring that daily or weekly cleaning is undertaken after they leave not only ensures they return the next day to a clean environment, but also a more positive strive to work harder.

A professional atmosphere is driven by a professional environment.

Focus and Productivity

If your company has a goal to grow, then it needs a plan to keep employees driven to help it achieve it.

Visible mess around desks and waste bins is a huge distraction and has a negative effect. This causes a loss of focus with all the clutter, which can easily be remedied by ensuring you have the security of a professional cleaning company in Stockport to combat the overstimulation. If the distraction is taken away daily then you have no problems with your employees being distracted by the mess.

Health and Morale

You may think these are two separate things but they play into each other to great effect.

If a member of staff becomes ill, your business is a man or woman down which affects your daily work rate. If such things as dust buildup and bacteria begin to take a toll on your workforce, it can soon spread from shared kitchen and bathroom use. If the workload dives, so will company morale for those employees still at work who will no doubt have to take on more to raise figures for the week. If the morale of these employees dives then your productivity does also, followed by your monthly figures.

The best way to combat all of these festering problems is to ensure you have a contract with a company specialising in office cleaning in Manchester, which has a focus on washroom cleaning and window cleaning also.

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How a Clean Office Provides a Radical Improvement of Business

With your business in mind, it’s not just the work ethic that provides the noticeable boost after acquiring office cleaning services. It also comes down largely to the overall hygiene and relaxing work atmosphere. It’s noticeable to you, your employees and those all-important customers.

A lot of people overlook how a clean office environment provides the drive of a successful company, from the representation of the business values to the general happiness of the staff on the premises.

Many businesses who have noticed the decline of work linked to a sloppy clean of the workplace have opted to bring in a professional cleaning company in Stockport, a solid move that saves on the loss of business and enthusiasm from staff.

Relaxed Atmosphere

When you work with a professional in office cleaning in Manchester, you are providing a deeper level of cleanliness that can be done either every weekend or at the end of a month depending on your requirements.

This means that staff members will not be finishing up at the end of a busy workday to allow the cleaners to come in and hoover around them whilst they are finishing up some important details. Typically, most office environments like telesales companies will have employees that will make a mess of the kitchen and will be adverse to taking turns in washing up any dishes or cups at the end of the day, or clean the microwave should their lunch leave a mess inside.

With a professional company, the experts not only ensure the cleaning is extremely satisfactory and provide you as a boss with a relaxed workplace atmosphere.

The Importance of Impression

Most of the time your office will be the place where existing clients and potential new ones will want to see how your business runs.

Naturally, the first impression when walking through the door should always be one of a company that has its look in hand by providing a clean atmosphere. With floors, doors and workstations organised, spotless and complete with an energised employee. This not only shows pride in your business but also respect for your employees.

This also assures the client to possibly introduce you to other businesses they deal with that would be looking for your services.

Providing More Time

As a business owner, your time is dedicated to the operations and growth of your business, and it is easy to overlook the cleanliness with so many things happening at once.

However, the surge in energy you get walking into a clean work environment every Monday morning assures you that the day starts off right and you are not picking things up leftover from last week’s cleaning blowoff. This is why every business owner should bring a professional cleaning company in Stockport into the fold to ensure the business shines throughout.

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Commercial Washroom Care

The biggest turnoff a client, customer or potential business partner can have is experiencing the disgust of a business premises washroom that is not cleaned daily. This is the main reason businesses want to find out how to clean a washroom efficiently, to help them set a good impression.

Of all the areas within your business, the washroom is the one that requires the most attention and the deepest of everyday cleaning. The negative impact of how your business is perceived is one thing, but the many different breeding germs that circle around the area will soon provide illness and manifestation around the building.

Whilst commercial washrooms take a huge chunk out of every day to thoroughly clean to the right standard, you can make the process easier.

Judge the Volume of Use

Depending on the size of your business, you can estimate the number of people using the facilities against how often it needs cleaning.

If you run an office environment with around 35 to 40 staff members then it will require less cleaning than a premises that is open to public use such as a shopping complex like ASDA or Tesco. You also need to look at the dimensions of the room in question which also plays a hand in how often it will require a clean.

Washrooms with very high levels of footfall throughout a regular day can require cleaning every 30 minutes or so. When it comes to office environments, it can be as little as once at the end of each business day.

Correct Chemical Use

When ensuring the washroom is cleaned to the proper standards you will need to know your chemical products are fit for the task.

It may sound silly but every washroom has its own distinctive requirements and you will need to have a focus on products that are formulated specifically for washroom cleaning. These chemicals will have been specially mixed to clean areas such as washrooms and tested to make certain they are fit for the environment in question, utilising antibacterial ingredients to fight stubborn germs and ensure a hygienic environment.

Air Products

The worst part of an unkempt washroom is the smell that fills the air which can spread throughout the entire building.

The smell alone tells anybody on the premises exactly why they don’t want to visit your washroom; and maybe not work with you at all. Whilst the cleaning chemicals can help to eradicate the odours; investing in some combatting air care products will fully prevent them from becoming a nuisance.

Some extra air fresheners in the washroom will make all the difference.

Outsourced Cleaners

As a fully functioning business, it is hard to pull an employee aside to undertake the cleaning and harder to employ someone full time just to do the job. Many businesses turn to experts in commercial cleaning in Manchester in order to handle this area on a daily basis, saving on employee unhappiness and those extra staff costs throughout the year.

For more information on employing a cleaning company in Stockport who knows how to clean a washroom efficiently, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services.

Why Outsourced Cleaning is Your Best Option

As businesses begin to open their doors again there are many considerations to undertake moving forward, and having the most hygienic workplace plays a key role in keeping those doors open.

We depend on extra measures of cleanliness now more than ever in order to ensure our businesses are no longer affected, but in the rush to finally open our doors we may have overlooked how to adequately keep the venue clean and safe. It is not only important to add extra care to this area, but also important that you take this time to outsource that cleaning to a professional cleaning company in Stockport.

Improve Focus

When you take on an outsourced cleaning company you are allowing more time to focus on the core areas of your business. During this start-up period, you need to be fully engaged on matters such as decision making, client service and resolution of conflicts. By having another body take on the many cleaning aspects you now need to implement, you are ensuring that adequate time is set to handle these areas.

These many cleaning aspects will no doubt fly over the head of most employees of the business, but a professional in these areas guarantees a better standard towards cleaning and not miss any of those areas that can build up with neglect.

Improve Productivity

Heightened productivity is the success drive of any business, and obviously, a clean environment is a fuel for that drive. Having a meticulously clean working environment provides the major boost of a businesses profitability and efficiency as workers feel more relaxed and focused on their work.

Cluttered desks, full bins and stains from coffee cups or dirty carpets instantly lower the pleasure levels of any employee. Even the most stubborn stains can be cleaned by a professional product which is in with the overall rate and not meaning the company has to spend on speciality cleaning products to handle it themselves.

Do Not Disturb

If you have an employee do the cleaning at the end of their working day, they are going to take shortcuts to get out quickly or complain that this should not be their job. This leads to low morale as one person with a complaint will generally do the rounds to other employees instead of airing their displeasure with management.

A business that brings in outsourced office cleaning in Manchester can not only cut this problem off at the head but can ensure that no employees will even be around when the cleaning is done by scheduling it to happen after hours.

Think of your business needs during this time and how an outsource cleaning company could help. Call Absolutely Gleaming Services for your number one choice in commercial cleaning in Manchester.

How Crucial is Commercial Cleaning?

Being a new business owner has more than its fair share of items creeping up the priority list when they launch their brand, and chances are commercial cleaning is not among the top ten in the list on any given day but utilising commercial cleaning services in Manchester can greatly improve your business premises.

It’s a good bet that when you go to sleep at night the thought of how your carpets stay lean and your meeting room stays fresh are not what you will be dreaming about.

Whilst your office cleaning in Manchester may not be the highest of thoughts on the ladder to success, it does play a major part in your company running successfully – meaning it cannot be overlooked.

The Look

In today’s business world the look is everything. If you are a blossoming business just graduating its infant year, then how it looks to new clients, investors and top scale employees will definitely play a huge part.

The old saying is obviously never to judge a book by its cover, but if that cover is stained, dusty or in a state of disrepair it’s fair to say you won’t want to pay the top price for it. Plus, if a company cannot look after itself how is it expected to look after a client’s account?

If your business ideals are for a dynamic service then it has to reflect that in its appearance. The potential loss of partners, clients and employees is all down to how you care for your own business, so it is best to look serious, meticulous and organised.


If you want your staff to be productive then you have to give them the tools for the job; which includes a clean workspace.

Studies composed in the past have shown that those businesses that have higher levels of surface dust suffer lower levels of productivity from staff – this comes down to them not feeling satisfied or comfortable in the area they should. This spreads a feeling of the company not being invested in the staff which then spreads to an equal feeling of staff towards the company.

If you want the maximum effort you need to provide the maximum satisfaction for your employees. This means daily cleaned desks, sanitized kitchens and attentive care to staff toilet spaces and washroom cleaning. Having the ultimate in clean working spaces also promotes a cleaner mindset for employees who will clean up after themselves also.

Expert Help

Whilst you may have a family friend (or those instances where your mother would come in and clean) to do the cleaning of the office, this is not usually done to a full industry standard.

Having someone take time out of their work to quickly clean the tabletops with a spray bottle and rag is also not productive, potentially leaving more germs than were there previously. What is needed is a professional and that means bringing in experts in office cleaning in Manchester.

For all the benefits of having a commercial cleaning in Manchester for your business, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services.