The ‘Four Cs’ of a Quality Commercial Cleaning Company

Thanks primarily to the Internet, there has never been such an enormous contingency of professional cleaning companies in operation across the United Kingdom. The reason being that technically speaking, anyone with a website and a few basic cleaning supplies can now set up and begin operating as a cleaning company. This doesn’t mean that the services they provide will be competent, reliable or even safe, but this is nonetheless how simple it is to go into business these days.… [read more]

The Dangers of Overlooking Extraction Hood Cleaning

Once again, there has been another devastating fire in a UK restaurant that has demonstrated the importance of regular and thorough extractor hood cleaning. Back in late January, a fire broke out at Bayley Lane Kitchen in the early morning, which started as a relatively minor extractor hood blaze and quickly escalated to become a disastrous incident. Not only did the fire engulf the restaurant’s kitchen, but also spread to other floors of the building and offices belonging to other brands and businesses.  … [read more]

Cleaning Communal Ovens Around the Workplace

If you happen to have one or more ovens around the workplace, you will probably be painfully aware of the fact that they can quickly become an unsightly mess. Not just unsightly, but perhaps even an outright health hazard.… [read more]

The Importance of Managing Staffroom Hygiene

A staffroom of some sort is less a luxury and more a workplace essential. For obvious reasons, members of staff need somewhere around the office to take their breaks, eat their lunch and generally relax during their free time at work.  But for equally obvious reasons, the staff room also tends to be one of the places around the office that gets the least time and attention when it comes to cleaning. As it is in use throughout the day and most people assume it is someone else’s responsibility, it has a tendency to descend into chaos in no time at all.… [read more]

5 Odd But Effective Cleaning Hacks You’ll Love

The Internet these days is full of thousands of different cleaning tips and tricks, of which most are inevitably not what you’d call useful. That being said, every now and again you find yourself coming across a handful of exceptions to the rule, which do indeed seem to be every bit as effective as they are unusual.  Arm yourself with the right shortcuts and you may just find that a variety of everyday cleaning jobs suddenly become that little bit more manageable.… [read more]

How to Keep a Tiny Office Tidy and Organised

Whether working in a conventional office building or from home, smaller offices can quickly descend into absolute chaos. Whatever kind of work it is you are into, it can often be tempting to allocate all of your time to the job at hand, leaving precisely zero time to keep the office tidy and organised. This, or you may simply think that trying to do so represents fighting a losing battle…thus no sense in wasting time.… [read more]

Seven Areas of Commercial Kitchens Often Overlooked

If you are involved in the food service industry or have a commercial kitchen situated in your workplace, chances are you believe the kitchen is kept in a good state of cleanliness. And for the most part it might be, but it never fails to surprise those working in and around such environments how commonly key areas are forgotten about entirely.… [read more]

The (Unpleasant) Truth About Workplace Bathroom Tooth-Brushing

It’s a subject that often comes up around the workplace and never fails to divide opinions. Chances are, several people around your own office use the communal bathrooms around the place to brush their teeth. Maybe upon arrival, perhaps after lunch or just before their departure to wherever. But in any case, brushing your teeth at work is the kind of thing you either don’t see any problem with whatsoever or find absolutely disgusting.… [read more]